Black Friday MacBook deals: the best MacBook Pro and Air offers right now

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Black Friday MacBook deals have arrived. If you’ve been holding out, waiting for the best MacBook Pro Black Friday deals, a big MacBook Air price cut or even a huge discount on the older 2018 Macbook – today is your day. We’re working around the clock to bring you the very best MacBook Black Friday deals on all models, as soon as they drop (and you’ll find the best MacBook Cyber Monday deals here on this page next week, too).

We’re seeing some fantastic discounts on the 2019 MacBook models at the moment. There are also some great 2018 MacBook Pro deals, as retailers look to shift their stock after the launch of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Read on for our pick of the best Black Friday MacBook deals right now – and once you’ve found the lowest price, have a browse of our best Apple Black Friday deals too. 

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook Pro deals: US
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The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook Pro deals: UK
The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook Air deals: US
Jump to: UK Macbook Air Black Friday deals
The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook Air deals

Can't see exactly what you want in the deals above? The widget below will pull in the best prices across a range of MacBook models, in your region. We'll also be updating the section above with any good new offers as soon as they appear, so bookmark this page and check back. 

Alternatively, browse our ultimate guide to the Apple Black Friday sale, or our general Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals page, or check out our product-specific guides for the best Black Friday iPad deals, AirPod deals, Apple Pencil deals and Apple Watch deals. 

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2019: Our predictions

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook

Don’t expect to see many serious price cuts on the standard MacBook

The standard MacBook is a popular choice, and it's easy to see why. If portability is your thing, it's worth noting that the most up-to-date 12-inch MacBook is both thinner and lighter than the old 13-inch MacBook Air, with better specs and a Retina display.

What this popularity means, though, is that you're unlikely to see much in the way of massive Black Friday or Cyber Monday MacBook deals on the standard models. However the introduction of new 2019 models means there may well be great bargains to be had on last year's still highly capable models. Keep your eyes peeled, and be prepared to act fast, as these deals are likely to get snapped up quickly.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: MacBook Pro predictions

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro is available with a Touch Bar, for a price

It usually a safe bet that the biggest bargains will be on slightly older models. The good news is that Apple has just launched a brand new 16" MacBook Pro, which means we're likely to see some price drops on the previous 15" MacBook Pro (2019) as retailers seek to shift stock.

The MacBook Pro's high price – especially on, say, the Touch Bar models – means it's easier for retailers to deliver a huge temporary price cut and still turn a profit, so if you're looking for a powerful creative laptop it's worth bearing in mind. You'll still be paying out quite a bit for it, but it'll be worth the expense.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: MacBook Air predictions

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: MacBook Air

It’s getting on a bit, but the older MacBook Air could be a good bargain option

The MacBook Air was refreshed in July 2019, which means we'll likely be seeing some offers on older models. We expect there to be some fantastic Black Friday MacBook Air deals on offer this year as retailers clear out their old stock. 

The downside to choosing an older Air is that it's the least powerful MacBook you can get… it's not even the thinnest and lightest any more. However if you simply have to have a MacBook but you're on a budget, it's a strong choice. These are the best savings we saw last year…

How to get the best MacBook deals on Black Friday

The best advice we have for you is this: be sure to decide just how much you want to spend on a Black Friday MacBook deal (or a MacBook on Cyber Monday, of course), and if you see one within that budget, go for it. The best deals can be gone in minutes, so don't waste time if you know you're looking at a solid gold bargain. Bookmark this page and check back to make sure you know what to expect and you can jump on the best Black Friday MacBook deals before they sell out.

Preparation is key when it comes to getting good Black Friday MacBook deals, or picking up a MacBook Cyber Monday bargain, especially when you bear in mind that a lot of retailers can't wait for Black Friday, and so start shipping their bargains well in advance of the big day. In the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday we'll be keeping tabs on new deals as they appear, so keep checking back for offers that you won't want to miss.

You'll need to decide whether it's a standard MacBook you want, an Air or a full-fat MacBook Pro. If you're planning to use your new MacBook as an all-round work machine then it's worth holding out for a good deal on a Pro as it'll be able to cope with just about everything you throw at it. If you're less of a power user then the ordinary MacBook should suit your needs, and while the older Air's more limited it should be the one to go for if you want a MacBook at rock-bottom prices. The latest Air may also be for you if you prioritise a portable and thin machine over screen size.

Beware of older models – they're likely to see the biggest discounts but they'll be packing less power than more up-to-date machines. Although you could consider getting an SSD to speed things up. And of course, use a bit of common sense while shopping; look out for cashback offers, always check the guarantee and make sure you keep your receipt in case of faults or buyer's remorse.

MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air features and specs that creatives should look out for

Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals 2018: features and specs

Many MacBooks are severely lacking in ports; bear that in mind when make your choice

There might only be three main models of MacBook to choose from, but there are plenty of variations in the line that are well worth noting when you're looking for Black Friday MacBook deals. 

Firstly, the CPU: the MacBook Air's is the least powerful of the lot, although the most recent 2019 version improves things with an 8th-generation Core i5 processor, with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz. Older models feature an old Intel Broadwell chipset running at 1.6GHz, or 1.8GHz for more recent models. 

Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro boast beefier 8th and 9th generation chipsets; with the latest Pro really turning up the heat: up to 2.7GHz quad-core Core i7 in the 13-inch Touch Bar model,  while the 15-inch Touch Bar version goes up to a 2.9GHz six-core Core i9.

Lower end MacBooks – the older Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro – only give you 128GB SSD, which is likely to mean that you'll need to invest in some external storage; the new MacBook Air starts with 128GB but can be specced up to a whopping 1.5TB SSD if you have the budget. All other MacBook models feature 256GB SSD; bear in mind that if you work with large files then you'll probably burn through that pretty quickly.

If you're going to need to plug peripherals into your new MacBook, check the number of available ports; the standard MacBook only has one USB-C port, while most MacBook Pros have four. The latest MacBook Air features a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports, while the older model has three ports: they're USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2, and while they shouldn't give you any problems, bear in mind you might need an adapter for more recent peripherals.

Display-wise, all the MacBooks apart from the original Air feature crisp Retina displays. And they'll all serve you well in terms of battery, but watch out for MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar; Apple claims that this makes no difference but our friends at TechRadar have found that the Touch Bar can take a fair toll on battery life.

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The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook Pro deals: US

Free Bootstrap Website Templates Worth Checking Out

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Web developers have long been using Bootstrap to create unique, beautiful websites. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework offers an easy-to-use and even easier to implement toolkit for designers and developers to create responsive websites.

And where there’s a framework, there will always be free templates built by developers for anyone to use. Here are some of the best general-purpose Bootstrap themes online, totally free to download and edit for your own websites.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: Email, admin, landing page & website templates



Example of Creative

This simple yet beautiful one-page theme is made for small businesses. With a full-screen header, clean design, and working lightbox gallery, it makes a perfect mini-portfolio for any creative startups.


Example of Grayscale

Grayscale is an elegant multipurpose theme with a minimal dark palette. The template would work well to show off a project or introduce your brand. A beautiful header with a call to action button scrolls you right down into a small portfolio, followed by a newsletter subscription box and social media links.


Example of Freelancer

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll like this portfolio template. The flat, cartoony design is very appealing and will certainly make you stand out. And the portfolio section includes popup lightbox windows with room to describe all your projects, plus a contact form you can get working with a few PHP tweaks.


Example of Resume

Professional and elegant, this template is perfect for an online resume. The clean theme features fixed side navigation and sections to list experiences and skills, with a design that gets to the point while still being aesthetically pleasing. A great way to impress future bosses and clients.

New Age

Example of New Age

Need a template with a pop of color? New Age is filled with bright and vivid designs, including a beautiful header gradient that’s sure to capture attention. The modern one-page design was made to showcase your app, product, or anything else.


Example of Tabler

Looking for a build-your-own Bootstrap admin panel with a clean dashboard interface? There are plenty of interface pieces and useful components already made for you. Just put them all together to create a unique template.

Coming Soon

Example of Coming Soon

Got a big project but aren’t quite ready to reveal it? Coming Soon is a great landing page, with room for a short blurb, newsletter sign-up, social icons, and a huge video background. The video includes a fallback image for mobile users so you don’t need to worry about performance.


Example of NewBiz

This professional business template comes with everything a startup will need. Eye-catching scroll and hover animations keep users interested, while each section has something unique like a lightbox portfolio or a scrolling slider. This is definitely a more feature-packed theme.


Example of Regna

Regna is a business-oriented template that opens with a beautiful header and transitions to a clean, professional look. There are plenty of animated effects, useful sections, and even a sortable portfolio gallery. The pro version comes with a working contact form and removed attribution.


Example of CoreUI

Every business needs a good admin panel, and CoreUI lets you build your own. Use their customizable components to put together a dashboard that has everything you want. Widgets, charts, cards and popups – and the pro version comes with even more elements.


Example of Rapid

Rapid offers a light and sophisticated template made for businesses of any kind. Elegant animations are found on every scroll, and the theme includes all the sections you’ll need to present your brand. There’s a filterable portfolio, pricing section, contact form, and plenty more.

Beautiful Bootstrap Templates

Thanks to Bootstrap template designers, you don’t need to build a website from scratch. Just install one of these themes and tweak the images and text, or build on them to add your own elements. It’s a real timesaver. Try one of these beautiful, functional Bootstrap themes and make them work for you.

Collective #569

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Limnia

A true masterpiece that brings together modern elegance and sophisticated interactions.

Get inspired


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Remote teams? Get on Clubhouse.

Easily collaborate with anyone in your organization and focus on what matters: building products that customers love, together.

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Case Study: 2019 refresh

An excellent case study by Lynn Fisher on the process behind the 2019 redesign of her portfolio.

Read it


How to Overlap Images in CSS

A great article by Bri Camp Gomez where she shows how to overlap images with CSS Grid and provide a fallback for non-supportive browsers.

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Alyssa X made this minimal JavaScript library for creating beautiful flowcharts.

Check it out


How I created 488 “live images”

Ire Aderinokun shares how she created “live images” for each feature on

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Does JavaScript keep you too busy to care about CSS? Here are recent features you want to know about!

Pawel Grzybek recaps some new and interesting features that are available in CSS.

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The Third Generation of Interfaces

Dzianis Pomazau writes about what the next generation of interfaces might be.

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Using CSS custom properties to reduce the size of your CSS

Learn how to use CSS custom properties to create abstractions and optimize your CSS in this article by Sebastiano Guerriero.

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CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications

Mike Riethmuller explorations into modernizing learnings from CSS architecture and how to apply them in the context to modern JavaScript applications.

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Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors

Bruce Lawson gives some practical tips on how to avoid the most common accessibility errors.

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Machine Learning Systems Design

A booklet on machine learning systems design with practical exercises.

Check it out



A categorized collection of trending and most commonly used libraries and components for ReactJS developers.

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Accessibility drives aesthetics

In this article Alex Chen rebuts the claim that accessibility and aesthetics are at odds with each other.

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From Milliseconds to Millions: The Numbers Driving Web Perf

At this talk Harry Roberts takes a look at some of the numbers powering the web performance industry.

Watch it



Peekobot is a simple choice-driven chatbot framework in less than 100 lines of JavaScript. Made by Ross Wintle.

Check it out


The Benefits of Orthogonal React Components

Learn how striving for orthogonality in React component design can help make a system flexible and adaptable to change.

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Who Can Use

Find out who can use your color combination by checking the WCAG grading and contrast ratio.

Check it out


Animated CSS Background Generator

Vincent Will created this neat customizer of animated CSS backgrounds.

Check it out


Realistic 3D Photo Cards (Hover Effect, Vue.Js)

A beautiful demo by Jouan Marcel.

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From Our Blog
Creating a Distorted Mask Effect on an Image with Babylon.js and GLSL

Learn the basics of GLSL while creating a distorted mask effect on images using Babylon.js.

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Collective #569 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

75% Off: Get the E-Commerce Bootcamp for Only $29

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There is money to be made online. As more and more people prefer the convenience of online shopping, more and more businesses are putting their products online. If you’re interested in being your own boss and selling products you are passionate about, now would be the best time to start an e-commerce business. Even as […]

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Transform Your Design with Unified UX

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a tinfoil hat for the last few years, you probably know that UX and UI are not the same thing because “UX is more ergonomic”, or some such nonsense. But what about the unified part? Normally speaking, I’ve got very little patience for hipster acronyms and nit-picking, but actually it turns out there’s more to this than fake specs and chai latte.

Imagine you’re standing outside two different coffee shops. They both sell pretty much the same coffee at pretty much the same price. How do you choose? Well I’ll bet you a unicorn frappe it’s not one specific thing that sways you, more a general “feeling” that “it’s better”. And you know what? That’s UX.

It’s probably time to rethink everything

It’s probably time to rethink everything. Experience has become much more important to users than product, and from a design perspective, this puts software in pretty much the same space as coffee shops.

For the service industry, each user-brand interaction is a touchpoint. It’s not important where or how that interaction happens: seeing the shop, opening the door, speaking to someone at the counter, whatever. The aim is to create a feeling of familiarity, ease and comfort for the target user.

Now imagine scaling that experience. Say you wanted to take your coffee shop into a mobile vending unit. How can you make sure that your users get the same feeling of comfort and familiarity that they had in the high street? That’s Unified UX.

The Broader Context

Unified UX is much more than a DLS or style guide. In fact, you’d be better off thinking about tools like Atlassian and Sketch as…well, tools, to help you achieve the broader aim of unity.

It’s more than responsive design and digital ecosystem too. If you’re still thinking in terms of “mobile”, “tablet” and “desktop” configurations, you’d do well to heed the words of design guru Cameron Moll who urges us to recognise that, for today’s users:

The best interface is the one within reach

Take the Galaxy Fold, for example: Phone, tablet, phablet or plain old monstrous? What about Echo, Dot and Alexa with no screen at all? Or Apple Watch? As Cameron points out in the same talk, the concept of “TV” has also become pretty loose. Do we mean the content, or the device it’s viewed on? Is “mobile” a noun, a verb or an adjective? How is a native app different from a mobile browser experience?

The point is, from a unified UX perspective, it doesn’t matter. The job of the UX team is to create that “brand feeling” across all platforms and in all facets of the design.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines’ “Virtual Booking Desk” from — wait for it — 1998; laugh all you want, but remember that back then, most people were completely new to the internet. Seeing a familiar scene gave users a sense of confidence, which is (still) integral to the Southwest brand.

What Goes in to Unified UX?


It starts with deep awareness of the needs, expectations and current experience of the user. Watch people using your stuff. Talk to them afterwards about what it felt like. You’ll definitely learn something. If it’s a new project, do focus groups, then do some more. Co-create if you can.

From there, develop a design principles framework. The key concerns of your user group should shine through in every single aspect of their brand experience.

Broadly, there are two key concepts to unify:

Form and Function – Yes, you need both!
Data Symmetry – Data should follow users.

Here are some questions to consider:

Available Media

How do your users want to interact with the brand?

Android/iOS app;
Voice Interface;
Live Chat;
SMS integration (very popular in the US);
Print Media;
Face to Face.

A website doesn’t work for everyone!

Look and Feel

Does your framework include:

art direction;

Do your choices work everywhere? How do you balance unity of UX and compatibility? How do you merge native OS elements with brand-specific ones?


Guide users to the content they’re looking for. Will their needs change across:

user journey?

How do you balance usability and unity of UX on small screens?


Are some features device specific?

Location Services;

If so, is this what users want? How will interactive behavior transfer?

Responsive Behaviour

Remember the device continuum – it’s usually best to think in terms of


(Not specific devices.)


Important for:

Written copy;
Voice Interface;
Phone Help;
Face to Face;
Text or Automated Chat.

Does the tone need to change in certain situations:

call to action;
specific user groups?

Are you using dated words like “click” when “tap” would be a better choice?


If the user starts an interaction on one device and transfers to another, does their data follow them? If shopping cart items, elapsed time, favourites etc are consistent across interfaces, you’re doing it right!

Single Sign-On is one of those features that’s bound to make your users smile. With this in mind, are your protocols up to scratch? If you’ve got a native app, you need LDAP or similar, for example. Don’t try and use cookies! Is the backend architecture able to handle the load?

Development Environment

As you probably see by now, unified UX isn’t something you can do by yourself. The better organised your resource repository, the easier it will be to onboard new team members and maintain consistency. Consider:

Coding and File Naming Conventions;
Standard Elements Repo.

Upgrades and Integration

How will you update legacy material and add new elements as the design evolves?

Who’s Doing it Well?

Yes, unified UX can be a pretty large and expensive undertaking, and even the giants still get it wrong. That said, here are some nice little highlights from a few unexpected places:


No surprises here in terms of the company’s size, and sure, their UX is (arguably) pretty slick no matter where you find it. But what really caught my eye today is their commitment to their backend and support for third party developers.

This gives Spotify users enormous scope to enjoy a highly integrated, reliable and ever-expanding ecosystem that always feels the same.


Not only do they have great cross device, cross platform consistency, their famously chirpy tone and loveable mascot are instantly relatable. What’s even cooler is that, when something goes wrong, the tone subtly changes.

This isn’t surprising because they have a really extensive style guide for new writers.


Primarily a web-based translation application, their iOS app is a real favourite of mine. It not only offers dictionary-style definitions, but use-in-context translations as well, which really helps to avoid the classic google translate failures. It’s understandable at a glance on both small and large screens… and it’s free!

Good evidence that simplicity and functionality often win out.

Conclusion – Why Bother?!

Well, in a nutshell, because it’s what your users want. Yes, to really nail a unified experience is a big undertaking, particularly if you’re coming into an old project and dealing with legacy code, but the fact is, it’s the future.

The range of available devices is growing rapidly, and users want whichever one is closest. At the same time, we’re becoming more and more sensitive to experience, and less tolerant of inconsistency or nuisance. Smaller companies must find ways to provide the kind of unified experience that customers expect, or face being swallowed by giants.

As independent developers, it’s in our interests, and within our ability, to find ways to make UX unified.


Featured image via DepositPhotos.


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.alignleft {float:left;}
p.showcase {clear:both;}
body#browserfriendly p, body#podcast p, div#emailbody p{margin:0;}

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

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That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois
That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

abduzeedoNov 22, 2019

For the past few years, or I dare to say decade, we saw a resurgence of the 80s in fashion, movies/TV and design in a way. Look at the work of amazing people like James White for example. However, I have noticed a slow shift to a new trend. We are moving ahead and beginning to see an influx of 90s inspiration. There are a ton of references already in plain site. There’s an amazing movie called the Mid 90s, the blockbuster Captain Marvel is supposed to take place in the 90s and of course, I started to see more projects on Behance, especially from students, capturing the style of that incredible decade. That’s the case of the projects that Dylan Levionnois have been sharing on his profile.

Dylan Levionnois is a graphic designer from Vire, France and his projects definitely have a lot of 90s references. From the dirty/grunge look using some patterns or texture, to probably the most classic reference, the typography. Dark looking images and simple color palettes, white on black, perhaps with a pop of red. The 90s had a lot of the David Carson, End of Print look and Dylan brings that back on projects like Print – NIKE x BSMNT x ALCH.

One of biggest criticisms of some of the 90s look in terms of graphic design was how difficult things were to read. There was definitely an accessibility issue there. I hope the new designers that take that style and are capable to solve this problem and create a totally inclusive design, yet with that awesome 90s look.

Graphic Design Examples

90% Off: Get the Insta-Famous Photography Bundle for Only $19

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For those who have a passion for photography, your social media feed can serve as your portfolio. This is the perfect landscape for getting exposure. With today’s smartphone, you can take stunning photos. If you want to level up your mobile photography and improve your Instagram feed, then the Insta-Famous Photography Bundle is for you. […]

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Adobe Black Friday Creative Cloud sale kicks off with MEGA 40% discount

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Black Friday is almost upon us, and the Adobe Black Friday sale has arrived. If you want to pick up a bargain subscription on the industry-leading suite of creative software, now is the time. Adobe is known for making its offers region-specific, but this time it's treats all round: you can get 40% or more off a CC subscription wherever you are in the world.

For more deals and advice, take a look at our guide to nailing Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, or explore our roundup of all the Adobe Black Friday deals.  

The price reduction applies to the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which encompasses over 20 different apps. That includes all the big players – photo editing favourite Photoshop, digital artists' go-to Illustrator, video editing software Premiere Pro, web prototyping tool Adobe XD and motion effects creator After Effects. You'll also be able to explore the new additions to the Adobe family, tablet-based art app Adobe Fresco, and Photoshop on iPad. 

If you need any extra encouragement, remember that when you buy Adobe's full All Apps package you're also getting 100GB of cloud storage (with the option to upgrade to 10TB) and premium features like Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark.

Created on Illustrator by Karan Singh

The programmes are fully integrated, so you can switch between them (and jump from one device to another) seamlessly – whether you’re out and about or in the studio. Built-in templates help you jump-start your designs, while step-by-step tutorials will help you sharpen your skills and get up to speed quickly.

This deal will be available until 29 November 2019, so if you want to save big on Adobe's entire suite of creative software, grab it now.

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Collective #567

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Inspirational Website of the Week: It’s not violent

A fantastic sharp design that gets the message across using “textversation”. Our pick this week.

Get inspired

Instanced Line Rendering

Rye Terrell shows how to tackle lines in WebGL using instanced line rendering.

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Black Friday Is Coming

Not only do you get the best deal ever on Divi memberships and upgrades, but you can also win a Mac Pro worth over $6,000!

Enter now

Adaptive Loading – Improving Web Performance on low-end devices

Addy Osmani explains how to use Adaptive Loading optimally to allow users get an experience best suited to their constraints.

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Lite YouTube Embed

A YouTube embed that renders much faster than a normal embed. By Paul Irish.

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Pika Registry

Pika is a new kind of package registry and code editor for package authors. Open for early access.

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Framer – Web Beta

Exciting news from Framer: Framer will offer a web-based collaborative version and you can request a beta invite now.

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Alex Pierce – Designer. Art Director. Geek.

Alex Pierce’s portfolio is a unique example of “maximalism” that leverages color, bold typography, motion, and pixel art to deliver a surprising and delightful user experience.

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Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2019

Ire Aderinokun’s roundup article that highlights the most interesting ideas and projects from the Chrome Dev Summit 2019.

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Building a Football Ticket With CSS and SVG

Learn some advanced CSS techniques from this tutorial by Ahmad Shadeed.

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Cube.js Templates

Cube.js templates are open-source, ready-to-use frontend analytics apps.

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A set of 100 free illustrations made by Vijay Verma.

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SVG favicons

An exciting tweet by Mathias Bynens: you can use SVG for a favicon in Chrome now.

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The Firefox UI is now built with Web Components

An interesting article by Brian Grinstead on how the Firefox UI was migrated to modern web standards.

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What are Microservices?

Sarah Drasner breaks down the term of Microservices.

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Lynn Fisher Portfolio

Lynn Fisher’s awesome new portfolio has a super cool resize effect!

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Tetris & Snake

Can you play Tetris and Snake at the same time? Try it in this cool experiment by Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau.

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Legra is a small JavaScript library that lets you draw LEGO like brick shapes on an HTML canvas element.

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Password Guide

A fantastic little checklist for a password input by Andreas Storm.

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Multiple-column Layout and column-span in Firefox 71

In this post Rachel Andrew takes a look at the implementation of the column-span property.

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Inspirational Websites Roundup #10

Get some website inspiration with this set of beautiful and modern site designs freshly picked over the past few weeks.

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Collective #567 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

10 Useful Firefox Developer Tools You Should Know

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Firefox being “developer’s browser” has many great tools to help make our work easier. You can find more on its tool collection on the Firefox Developer Tools webpage and can also try their…

Visit for full content.