Website Design & PHP Coding Services in Oakville, Burlington, Milton

Web Development Idea

Website Design is usually created in 3 different languages which are: HTML, PHP and ASP. Many designers have dropped HTML and turned to either PHP or ASP for their main core of creating a website. Needless to say HTML is not dead and has conveniently converted itself to HTML5 which is still used today in different platforms.

ASP is more commonly used on Windows servers. We have had a handful of clients request a website in ASP.

PHP is one of the most popular scripting language on the web and if you need a dynamic website, its likely just what you’ve been missing.  Along with Javascript, PHP is what brings the business to your business website. PHP works with things like databases to make your company’s website much more than just a static online advertisement. It makes possible a wide range of functionality and allows your website to actually be useful for much more than just letting the world see your logo, list of services and hours of operation!

Many companies rely on their internal staff or ill-equipped external developer for PHP development with less than stellar results. If you are serious about having a website work as it should or developing that amazing new website feature that will blow your competition out of the water – we can help make it happen!

PHP Related Services that we offer

  •     Professional level PHP coding
  •     Zend PHP custom programming
  •     Helping PHP to “talk” to other protocols such as: LDAP, IMAP
  •     MySQL database work
  •     The collection and manipulation of captured form data
  •     Setup your website to generate dynamic page content
  •     Send/Receive Cookies

Assistance in:

  •     Apache
  •     IISFastCGI PHP binary
  •     Lighttpd
  •     Nginx
  •     Object oriented programming (OOP)
  •     Libswf and Ming generation
  •     ODBC extension
  •     cURL, sockets (CouchDB)
  •     SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM, etc
  •     Perl
  •     Server-side scripting
  •     Command line scripting
  •     CGI or server module work
  •     and much more

Explore our website design calculator to estimate the potential cost of your website. Allow us to assist you in constructing or reconstructing the website you’ve always envisioned.