3 different Comodo SSL Certificates (new & renewal)

  • SSL Name
  • Our Price
  • Vendor Price
  • Comodo PositiveSSL
  • CA$29.00
  • US$49.00
  • Comodo InstantSSL
  • CA$109.00
  • US$139.95
  • Comodo EV SSL
  • CA$209.00
  • US$449.00

Differences between 3 Certificates

PositiveSSL Certification (Domain Validation) is issued within 2-4 hours and there is no major validation that is required. Recommended for personal use or start-ups.

InstantSSL Pro takes 3-5 days to be issued and Comodo team will confirm that your business is legitimate. Upon validation, your certificate will contain your business name within. Recommended for mid-sized businesses.

EV SSL certificate can take up to 7 days for it to be validated. It is the only certification that will make the browser bar turn GREEN. It is the most respected certification and the highest you can obtain for your website. Recommended for mid-large sized businesses.

Does Google Favor SSL over non-SSL?

Should Google favor sites with SSL in their search results? Matt Cutts thinks so.

He is the very public head of Google’s Webspam team and works on search engine optimization issues. In recent weeks, Cutts has expressed his opinion at various conferences and public settings that Google should update its search algorithm to reward sites using SSL in its search results. This would help drive traffic to those sites, putting non-SSL users at a disadvantage. Cutts is advocating for the change within Google, where it has become a matter of some debate.Mr. Cutts is probably the most well-known and most public figure within Google, outside of Chairman Eric Schmidt himself. His strong pro SSL views should carry some weight.

In fact, Cutts has advocated for several years that more web sites should be secured with SSL. He has assured site operator’s that changing their addresses from http to https will not have a significant effect on their Google ranking and that the benefits in protecting users from being snooped on by hackers is enormous.

Regardless of how SSL factors into Google’s famed search algorithm, which is a closely held secret, using SSL can have a positive impact on site traffic because it assures e-Commerce customers that their transactions are safe. SSL certificates that provide high levels of organization assurance protect users from doing business with unauthenticated, and therefore potentially risky, web merchants.

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