iMessage for Android

iMessage for Android

iMessage for Android iMessage Description

There was no word about it anywhere, iSheep followers were stunned, what happened you ask? iMessage for Android was released by Apple. Wait, no it wasn’t by Apple, it was by a guy named Daniel Zweigart (Alias?). What he did is pretty remarkable. He took what I could only assume propitiatory code, rewrote it, created his own server (in China of course), created valid handshakes, and got iMessage to function with individual Apple logins. Pretty impressive. The only problem is, the information is floating back and forth on a server located in China and so is your Apple login information.

How does it look aesthetically, well its remarkably familiar to those who have used iOS before:

iMessage Aesthetically

Thus far the reviews have been either fantastic or awful within the Android community:

iMessage Android Reviews

If you have used the application I would suggest to reset your Apple password, I would even go as far in saying to remove the application from your handset.

How long will the application be on the Google Play store is difficult to say. I’m actually shocked its still there.

iMessage for Android

UPDATE: As of 6:00 PM (EST) the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

Canada Spectrum Auctions 700 MHz band

Today is the day where the mobile applications must apply to be part of the auction which takes place January 14, 2014. The applicants must submit beneficial ownership, associated entities information along 5% deposit which could be in the millions.

The word is Wind Mobile, Telus, Bell and Rogers are currently the only players in the auction. The hope is that there will be a foreign entity involved. As you may recal Verizon was the early entrant who backed out after they staked into Vodafone.

We won’t find out who the players are until October 22, 2013 who the entrants are, unless they somehow leak it. On November 8, 2013 we should know the actual publication of final list of qualified bidders.

Even if a foreign entity does win an auction, builds a telecom, and then finally starts to roll out the service, we will not see any discount and they will submerge as the other 3 (Bell, Telus, Rogers).


  • less towers required to cover the required space vs. other bands
  • penetrates objects such as walls easier vs. other bands
  • compatible with 4G


My Thoughts: Apple iPhone 5C Pricing (Canadian)

I’m honestly a bit confused. The point of releasing iPhone 5C was to complete with cheaper Android models. Looking at website the 5C will be sold for $599.00. Essentially are there any cheap Android handsets that cost $600.00? It sounds to me that its priced too high to appeal to the “other” consumer. If you are going to spend $600.00 to begin with, whats an additional $120.00 to get the proper iPhone 5S? (iPhone 5S is listed at $719)

True Apple Fanboys will continue to purchase the high end product, iPhone 5C was supposed to be for “everyone else”. I doubt people will buy it for a mere $600.00.

I wasn’t going to speak about the specifications, but thus far it appears that 5C is a cheaper version of the original iPhone 5. Therefore, you are better off purchasing a brand new (or used) iPhone 5.

My current assumption as you gather by the short notes above is that Apple completely missed the mark on the pricing of the iPhone 5C.

The true price point should have been $399.00.

I know what you are going to say. People won’t buy the expensive version if it was that much cheaper. I disagree, as I previously stated the Apple fans will continue to purchase the high end product and with a price point of $400.00 you would get “everyone” else to buy into it.

Only time will tell, but I don’t foresee iPhone 5C a hot seller.

Rogers Trade-Up Program (cash for your phone)

Ever wanted to avoid or and just go to your local Rogers store and trade your old phone for cash. Now you can. Of course the trade-in value is not as high as you would get on the website mentioned above, however there are no hassles. As long as the screen is responsive, the phone powers up and it actually works, you will get the cash.


Some common devices/prices:

Rogers iPhone 4 (16GB) = $90.00

Rogers iPhone 4S (16GB) = $185.00

Rogers iPhone 5 (16GB) = $280.00

Samsung S4 = $160.00

Blackberry Z10 = $150.00

Blackberry Q10 = $170.00