Easy CSS Animation With Transition & Transforms

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Recently, I walked you through how to create a simple landing page that used a couple different CSS animation techniques. “Animation” is a loose term, in web design usually referring to anything that involves movement. CSS transitions are one tool we are given to manipulate elements on state changes or mouse events, and when combines […]

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2018 Graphic Design Trends + Inspirational Showcase

Original Source: http://justcreative.com/2017/11/28/graphic-design-trends-2018/

Every year, some design trends fade away while others burst onto the scene. This will be as true as ever in 2018, when visual contrast dominates the digital landscape and designers seek clarity and distinction, both subtle and bold.

What are the top graphic design trends of 2018?

Intersecting Elements
Duotone & Double Exposure
Retro-modern illustrations
Creative Background Patterns
Bright Gradients
Thoughtful Animations
Isometric Design
Split Page Design
Responsive Logos (see our responsive logo guide & logo design trends)
Extra Depth (with semi-flat design)
Dazzling duotones
80s & 90s color paletes & patterns
Animated Logos
Cinemagraphs & GIFs
Bold typography & more serifs
Custom graphics & illustration
Authentic photography
Detailed vintage

Read on for a more detailed description of 2018’s design trends forecast.

2018 Graphic Design Trends Infographic

2018 Design Trends

A huge thank you to Coastal Creative for the above design trends infographic.

Intersecting Elements

Categorize this under a version of bold typography, we’ve seen a huge upswing in typography that intersects with shapes and graphics. It’s a strong visual that plays with perspective and shows confidence.

Duotone & Double Exposure

The duotone look has been a recent favorite across many design mediums, but it reached mass exposure via Spotify and their playlist images. Since duotone has risen to prominence, we’ve been seeing further iterations that layer the effect with double exposure. We expect to be seeing a lot more of this trend in 2018.

Retro-modern illustrations

Can something be both retro and modern? Yes, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with this trend that combines the sleek lines of modern vectors with throw-back color palettes. Modern illustrations with retro-respect: the best of both worlds.

Creative Background Patterns

Like wallpaper going in and out of fashion in home design, we’re seeing a resurgence of patterned backgrounds. Think of it like the grown-up version of the tiled backgrounds you may have used to trick out your very first online profile. These are often whimsical icons or custom illustrations that take the design to a personal level.

Bright Gradients

Bright Gradients

This may have been continuing for a little while, but we’re seeing this trend diversifying and holding strong since it made a strong comeback in 2017. Designers are having fun experimenting with gradient innovations using bright colors and a variety of textures.

Thoughtful Animations

Online animations have come a long way since banner ads circa 1999 that aggressively flashed “Click Me!”. These are thoughtful movements built with intention, created to delight and signal interaction. We’re big fans and hope they won’t become overdone.

Isometric Design

Perhaps as a reaction to flat design taking over the design world in past years, isometric design is making a strong comeback. Isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions.

Split Page Design

As an evolution of the now-stale hero image concept, split design juxtaposes contrasting elements for a striking effect that shows multiplicity. We embrace this fresh change for its great design and usefulness.

The below trends were outlined in 99Design’s inspirational 2018 graphic design trends post.

Responsive Logos

See here for a detailed guide to responsive logos.

Responsive Logo Trend


Gradient Trend

By Anton Avilov

Bright Gradients

by Yueyuan design.

80s & 90s color pallets & patterns

80s 90s Trend

80s Website

By Daria Kwon.

Movement: animations, GIFs, cinemagraphs


By Kit8.

Cinemagraph Trend

Dazzling duotones

Duotones Trend

By Spotify.

Extra Depth (with semi-flat design)

Subtle Depth

UI Depth

Bold typography & more serifs

Bold Type

By Nuture Digital.

Bold Type

By Vasjen Katro.

Custom graphics & illustration

Custom Illustration

By Willie H

Game of Thrones Illustration

By Alexandr Alexandrov

Authentic photography

Original Photography Trend

YOKO by Tom Arends for Bert

Authentic Photography

By Yeti.

Detailed Modern Vintage

Detailed Vintage

By DekoRatio and Szani Mészáros.

Beer Vintage

By Oscar Bastidas

Do you have any further graphic design trends to add?

Artist names have been supplied where known. Top hammer image by Steve Bullock.

Recruiting Engineers Who Aren’t Scared to Talk to People

Original Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/buildinternet/~3/3FNzNoNKMb0/

We believe to be a good citizen of the developer and open source community is to hire good engineers for One Mighty Roar. This means engineers that can build utility apps like Lantern, connected device platforms like Robin, and hardware projects like Tableduino.

Rules for hiring

When we started, we made the decision to only hire engineers who were fully capable of interacting well with fellow engineers, but can also confidently talk to clients and present at events. Here’s how we we hire tech people with a personality:

Research before setting up an interview

We look at what you have built, who knows you, how you are to work with, what reputation you have, and if folks think you are curious and engaging. We prefer doing it the hard way – talking to people, expanding out networks, looking for talent where many don’t, and ignoring resumes. There are no shortcuts to recruiting exceptional people.

Interviews are free flowing conversations.

We don’t believe in traditional interviews and industry techniques. We want you to do extensive research on us (including diving deep into our GitHub and Dribbble), play with our apps and sites, look at individual Twitter accounts.

Hire makers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior apprentice or an experienced engineer, even non-technical team members should be able to describe you as a “maker”. It shows in your open-source contributions, blogging, and many examples of applications and/or other things you have built and released.

Hire adults

Being an adult doesn’t have much to do with your age, but rather your attitude toward other people, sense of responsibility, and respect for the company. Also, if you are above pitching in to stock the fridge, cleanup, load the dishwasher, or keeping your work areas in respectable shape, these are warning signs to us.

Add people who can add another point of view

Since we are a product development company, monolithic thinking is simply not compatible with our business model. Caveat: you have to be just as comfortable sharing your insights as diving deep into how other members of the team and our clients think.

Look for people with a personal goal

Look for people who are clear on how they want to grow professionally, and who care deeply about personal “brand”. You’re the one that creates the roadmap. The company is just a tool for your growth.

Hire those who grew up aspiring to be an engineer

As we interview, we try to dig deep into when your passion for the craft started, who were your role models, and who inspires you. Those who became engineers because there is money to be made, are not for us.

Find people who can manage your own time, distractions, and workload

You need to find time to work out, eat a proper meal, and take the time-off. You also don’t require monastic environment, because we are not the kind of place.

Hire for the “after 5 o’clock” personality

We pride ourselves on a professional and respectful work environment where you don’t have to put on “corporate face”. That is an unnecessary overhead for a company comprised of genuinely nice, fun, and respectful people.

Strong team, strong company

We fully understand our methodology is not for everyone, but we strongly believe this is something that is allowing us to scale sustainably while handling a large number of projects. This hiring approach is part of what’s allowed us to remain self-funded four years in. The right team makes a company resilient.

Coding with Dyspraxia: If I Can Do It, so Can You

Original Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/coding-with-dyspraxia

Coding with Dyspraxia

As I start writing this blog, I’ve just spent the last hour on a cold November afternoon getting to grips with Saving Instance state in Android.

It was a lot of fun, challenging but fun. After watching the video a couple of times, I’m beginning to get more of a handle on what’s involved. And after testing the result,  I’ve seen that the Android Lifecycle saves the “state” of the app when I rotate the screen so even though Android creates a new instance of the app it appears to the user that nothing has changed at all.

After this, I feel empowered. This is why I spend so much time learning about new tech. The feeling of learning and understanding something new is very exciting and I’m at the top of my game.

Then, I move on to something new and I don’t know where the knowledge goes. It’s not that its “gone”, exactly, more like it’s just parked somewhere in my brain that can’t retrieve the information and I feel like I’m back to square one.

I’m Jonathan and I’ve been a Treehouse student and Community Moderator for over 3 years. You may recognize my name from a previous post on the Treehouse blog in which I shared my experience with Dyspraxia. Today, I want to talk to you about the difficulties of learning tech for neurodiverse people like me and a few techniques I use to get over those barriers.

I live in England where 5% – 10% of the UK population are estimated to have Dyspraxia. That’s 3 children in every class of 30. It’s a lifelong brain-based condition that basically means messages in the brain are “muddled” when they try to get to where they need to be. It’s a minor form of brain damage but described as an “immaturity of the way the brain transmits information”. This causes a number of challenges such as problems with movements, tasks, speech, and language and the main problem for me, perception and thought.

Coding with Dyspraxia is a difficult thing indeed. The conundrum I described above with Android is common for me and may well be for others but I feel and live with these issues every day.

Overcoming barriers

Now, I would like to explain what this means for me in terms of coding, the techniques I use to get past my problems and hopefully inspire others who have a similar condition to me.

Dyspraxia is like fog in my mind. I don’t really sit down and type code on the fly in the way I perceive (perhaps wrongly) other coders do. I think methodically, use frameworks where possible and break down projects into stages. In my life, I have always taken each day as it comes.

I need to see code to write it and I spend as much time thinking as I do coding. It doesn’t seem to matter how experienced I become with programming concepts. For example, I have worked with WordPress long enough and have coded the WordPress Loop countless times, but I still don’t remember it from scratch. However, I recognize it when I see it and I know how to implement it.

It’s not about not understanding what I’ve been taught; it’s about what my brain does with the understanding.

Now I do this a lot. I look at a problem before me or a project that I’m about to begin and it seems like the goal is at the top of a massive mountain, followed by the unshakeable thought that I’m not good enough for the job.

When this happens it is because I’m making comparisons to others; Treehouse teachers, students, my peers who are in similar jobs to me. This is a folly and a folly I’m still trying to teach myself to get around. I recently read a tweet from @CodePenHull about a talk by Treehouse alumni Andrew Chalkey and thought: could I learn to do that someday to0? How can I learn to do these things and retain the knowledge do to another similar project? How do people retain their programming knowledge?

Visual thinker

I’m very much a visual thinker in this respect. When I’m developing with Sass for example, I like to write out CSS and then convert to Sass rather than go straight into writing Sass. So I’ll prepare a Sass configuration file and break up the code into partial files.

Doing it this way means I can quickly use my CSS knowledge to put something visual into the browser and then I can visualize how the Sass is going to work in my mind. It allows me to take away the blank canvas issue and build the code from lines and lines of CSS to a more professional project.

I also spend a lot of time inspecting elements behind the scenes and even testing new styles via the browsers development tools (my favorite being Chrome DevTools). I would encourage others to do the same.

I try and take the same approach when I’m learning programming.

Some encouragement for you all

Lastly, I want to encourage the rest of you – especially if you have a learning difficulty like Dyslexia or Dyspraxia – who are struggling with your confidence. This post of mine in the Treehouse Community received a lot of positive feedback. In it, I describe the 5 things I remind myself when studying to make myself better at coding: learn to code from memory, keep code snippets, remember concepts, ask for help and take time to practice.

I know I get down at times when I’m trying to learn code and sometimes even wonder why I’m putting myself through it, and I’ll probably go through that cycle again… But if I can keep up my resolve and determination and if I can learn to code, I’m pretty sure you all can too.

I hope this post has been helpful and encouraging. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you would like to see some of Jonnie’s projects and follow his progress, check out his awesome portfolio here. Or if you’d like to learn about Dyspraxia, you can also read more here. 

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Webinar recap: Creating customized training programs

Original Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/webinar-recap-creating-customized-training-programs

Deciding on a curriculum can be the hardest part of starting a new training program, especially when the topics covered are highly technical and need to fit your business’s specific tech stack. That’s why we dedicated an entire webinar to help you define and build customized curriculums.

If you couldn’t make it to the webinar, don’t worry – you can catch the on-demand recording of it here.


Matt Krzyzynski, our Customer Success Manager, and Matt Moss, our Product Manager, hosted the webinar, where they clarified why custom curriculums can seem daunting, but are ultimately easier to maintain in the long run. Because technology is always evolving, your technical training curriculum needs to be able to adapt to changes in your tech stack and help your teams take advantage of new digital tools. Customizing curriculums puts you in control of the content learners interact with and helps you use their time efficiently, while training them in only the tools and skills you need them to learn.


Matt Krzyzynski works with Treehouse customers every day, helping them to define their training programs. During the webinar, he gave real-life examples of the custom tracks he’s built tailored to solve the unique problems that each business is trying to solve with their training programs. By grouping the examples into three common problems, he makes it easy to see exactly what the hurdles were, and how we recommend solving them with best practices, alternate tiering or pacing solutions, and training in specific topics. At the end, Matt Moss outlined your next steps and shared a handy worksheet for you to use as you build your training programs and create your tailored technical curriculum.

If you’re interested in hearing how we solve three of the most common problems our customers are trying to solve for with their training programs, see real-life curriculum examples, or want access to the training program worksheet, watch the full webinar here.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to register for the last live webinar in our series, where we’ll cover how to structure your technical training programs to support your learning goals and desired outcomes.

Webinar series: How to launch an effective technical training program

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How to Tackle The 5 Big Challenges of Working Remotely

Original Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/how-to-tackle-the-5-big-challenges-of-working-remotely

People tend to have an idealistic view of what it’s like to work remotely – especially when it comes to working from home. But, with the unique freedom and flexibility of working remotely, there are also some unique challenges. The majority of the Treehouse team are remote, and over the past 7 years, we’ve collectively gained a lot of experience for how to successfully work remotely. Whether you’re working from home, a co-working space, coffee shops or the limitless other locations you may choose, there are a few common challenges that you’ll likely encounter at one time or another. Here’s our list of the 5 most common challenges of working remotely, and more importantly how to overcome them.

Start learning to code today with your free trial on Treehouse.

1. Keep your motivation

Whether you work remotely as a freelancer or for a company, ultimately you’re the manager of your own time. Not having someone overseeing your daily work can be an empowering perk of working outside of a traditional office, but at the same time, that level of trust comes with the added pressure to keep yourself productive and efficient. Finding ways to self-motivate can be very challenging, especially if you’re new to working remotely. But, I can assure you that with time, you’ll establish routines and ways of keeping yourself on track.

Maintaining motivation can be one of the greatest challenges of working remotely, but the good news is that most of the tips shared in this post will help feed into your motivation. However, there’s one particularly valuable piece of advice that I find helps, and that’s to think carefully about your working environment. By establishing an ideal workspace for yourself, you’ll find yourself working comfortably, but productivity. For me, that’s a spacious and uncluttered desk space and a window view, which is something I’ve created in my home office, but I can also replicate in a coffee shop or at my co-working space.

2. Fend off distractions

One of the benefits of working remotely is you don’t have the challenge of dealing with office distractions. But, working in other places can present an entirely new set of distractions. For example, just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you should catch up on house chores. Treat working hours as exactly that, working hours. Keeping that strict division is something you should establish at the start as it sets the right precedent to keep you focused on your work.

Similarly, working in a coffee shop or co-working space may come with the distractions of a loud, busy environment. If you’re anything like me and can find that very distracting, so invest in a good set of noise-canceling headphones and rely on a few go-to playlists that help you focus. When you aren’t in an office setting, also remember that trust from your employer and team plays a big factor. Be self-disciplined and accountable for your time. Make the most of the awesome flexibility you’ve been given by working as effectively as possible.

3. Avoid working in isolation

Working remotely – especially from home – can sometimes lead to working in your own “silo”. It can be easy to fall into the pattern of starting work in the morning and powering through the day on your computer, which can take a toll mentally. While this might feel like you’re being productive, it’s important that you also take short breaks through the day to give your mind and your eyes a chance to refresh (and no, that doesn’t mean scrolling through your social feeds). When working from home, I find the best way to do that is to get out the house first thing in the morning or at lunchtime for a walk. It helps me reconnect with the world around me and once I’m back at my keyboard I feel refreshed.

Joining a co-working, even if it only means working there a day or two a week, is another great way of ensuring you don’t work in too much isolation. Today you have countless options to choose from, so be patient while you search and find a space that’s right for you: Look for somewhere that feels like the right working environment, speak to other members to get a feel for what the culture is like, and ask about events at the space.

Another related challenge of working remotely is that you’ll likely miss company culture and human interaction. Co-working spaces can help remedy that. But in addition, most remote-friendly companies today are aware of that and put extra measures in place to ensure their culture reaches all of their remote team. For example, at  Treehouse we rely heavily on tools like Slack and Zoom to keep our team connected, encourage individuals to join co-working spaces and even bring our team together in-person for company-wide Meetups. But there are also things you can do for yourself to help with the challenge. Make the effort to get to know other people working in your co-working space, or attend local Meetups and networking events. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many other people work remotely, and it’s great to connect with others to share advice, experiences, and to socialize!

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Aside from the mental challenges of working in isolation, parking yourself at a desk all day is also bad for your health. You may not notice it at first, but trust me, over time it will have an impact. So instead, keep yourself moving through the day. One great and practical recommendation is to invest in an adjustable high desk (we use GeekDesks at Treehouse), so you can stand and work for part of your day. I also rely on my FitBit to remind me to keep moving through the day. It’s also important you try to commit to a healthy daily routine. Given you’ll likely be saving time not having to commute, why not use that time to exercise in the morning before work or after you wrap up in the evenings? Working from home also means you’re not restricted to having to grab lunch on the go. Instead, whip up something healthy for yourself, there’s really no excuse with your own kitchen at your disposal!

5. Know when to disconnect

One of the hardest parts of working remotely (especially from home) is “switching off” from work. Instead of an office structure with 9-5 hours, you can access your virtual office at any time of the day or night. That can make it hard to justify ending your workday when there’s still more to be done. The temptation might even be to head offline in the evening, only to return later to complete a quick task… fast forward to 11.30pm and you may find yourself still working. Of course, there will be times when that is necessary, but really try not to make a habit of working late as ultimately it will burn you out. One of the most effective ways to avoid this is to ensure you keep your work environment at home (and your computer) separate from where you spend your free time. That way, when you come to the end of the working day, you can close the door on that space, disconnect and switch off until tomorrow.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. If you work remotely, we’d love to hear about your experience. Are there additional challenges you’ve faced? How have you overcome them?

7 Compelling Reasons to Work Remotely

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2017 Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals for Graphic & Web Designers

Original Source: http://justcreative.com/2017/11/19/2017-black-friday-cyber-monday-deals-for-graphic-web-designers/

After the success of 2015 & 2016‘s compilation, I’ve again compiled some of the best 2017 Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales for graphic designers, web professionals, creatives, freelancers and more.

I will be updating this page frequently until all sales are over. If you have your own deal, email me and I’ll update the post with your deal.

Please share the love with your fellow designers!

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When is Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday is on November 24, but sales generally run from November 24-27.

Cyber Monday is on Monday, November 27.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Top Black Friday Deals Overview

For full details, valid dates & coupon codes you must scroll on further.

Online Courses from Udemy – $10-$15 (90% off)
Skillshare Premium Membership – 2 Free months
Shutterstock Stock Photos & Vectors – 20% off
StockUnlimited – 97% off 3 year subscription
MyFonts – Best Sellers & Special Offers – 20-80% off
Adobe Creative Cloud – 20% off
Booking.com – $15 Free
NordVPN – 75% off
Web Hosting with BlueHost – 66% off
The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook – 35% off
IconFinder – 2 Million Icons – 60% Off
Amazon – 10-80% off
Getting A Mentor As a Designer Guaranteed Book – Free Audio Book
SleekLens Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Products – 20-30% Off. Code BLKFRIDAY
35,000 Icons: RoundIcons – Everything – 50% Off
Mockup Zone – 70% Off
FontBundles.net Marketplace Items – 50% off
InkyDeals – 25-95% Off + extra 60% Off Site Wide
MightyDeals – 25-99% Off
DesignCuts – 25-99% Off
MyDesignDeals – 25-97% Off
CreativeMarket – 20% Off
CodeCollege – 50% Off all memberships and courses. Use code BLACKFRIDAY2017

 Many more deals are listed at the very bottom of this post and will be updated as they come in.

Master A New Skill with an Online Course from Udemy – Just $10
Udemy Black Friday Deal

Master a new skill with an online course from Udemy for just $10 which gives you up to 90% off any particular course!

SkillShare 1-2 Months FREE Premium Membership
Skillshare Classes

The second most popular deal from last year is the FREE 2 month Premium Membership from Skillshare. These classes are much more ‘snack-sized’ than Udemy’s in-depth courses. So, learn a new skill today, enroll in a class from Skillshare. With this deal you will get 1 or 2 free months of Skillshare Premium membership.

Adobe Creative Cloud – 20% Off All App Memberships

Adobe Black Friday

20% discount on Creative Cloud all apps membership (US$39.99 instead of US$49.99 )
Stock Bundle US$39.99 All apps + US$29.99 for Stock
Lightroom Bundle US$39.99 All apps (includes new Lightroom) + 200GB Storage add on

Available until Nov 24.

StockUnlimited 3 Years Access – Image Subscription 93% Off

Stock Unlimited Black Friday

93% OFF on Photos, Vectors and Illustrations with Promo Code CYBER17. Offer valid till 01/12/2017.

AppSumo – 5x Awesome App Deals 75-99% Off

AppSumo Black Friday

AppSumo have got 5 great deals going for Black Friday 2017! Deals go live Nov 24 at 12:01am EST.

Grum – (95% Off)  – Schedule your future Instagram posts directly from your computer.

DesignBold (97% Off) – Create professional quality designs in just minutes.

Brain.fm – (75% Off) – The ‘Get Sh*t Done’ app that helps you focus better and sleep deeper using incredible

Invanto (98% Off) – Create, market, and launch products with this intuitive business platform.

KingSumo – (75% Off) – Get the tool that AppSumo used to grow our list to 750K email subscribers.

Envato Market Place – 50% Off


Get 50% off over 500 digital assets, templates and files from Envato’s sites including Themeforest, Codecanyon, Graphicriver, VideoHive and AudioJungle. Plus 34% off annual subscriptions. Until Nov 29. No coupon required.

Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Week
Amazon Cyber Monday

Amazon have an awesome Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals week page that lists everything from electronics, toys, kitchen tools, pet supplies, and more.

I recommend using their Electronic Gift Guide and Holiday Gift Guide too.

iStock – Save 20%

iStock Sale

Save 20% on Photos, Videos, and Illustrations with promo code NOV20. Offer valid 27/11/17 to 01/12/17.

MockUp Zone – 70% Off Site Wide
Mockup Zone

Mockup Zone gives you realistic and easy to edit mockup files for your portfolio designs or design presentations. Get 70% off until 28 November.

Shutterstock Stock Photos & Vectors – 10-20% off

Get over 60 million stock photos, vectors, videos and music tracks from Shutterstock.

Get 20% off 750 image subscription plans with the code ‘SSUB’ or get 10% off any order with code ‘SS10’.

MyFonts Best Sellers & Special Offers
MyFonts Deal

Browse the MyFonts best sellers and special offers page and grab some great Black Friday deals deals!

Need a Vacation? Get US $15 off any booking at Booking.com

Booking is my favourite online hotel booking engine, due to all of its features and simplicity. And today, you can get US$15 off your next stay!

> Click here to get $15 off your next Booking

The $15 will be refunded to you after checking out of your hotel. Booking.com will send an email with the refund. You must have a Booking.com account to get refunded. Have any questions? See their FAQ.

DesignCuts Marketplace Black Friday – 40% Off 

DesignCuts 40% Off

You can save a massive 40% on the best quality creative assets from some of DesignCut most popular designers. Valid to 12PM, Tuesday 28th November, UK time.

TheHungryJPEG.com – Different deals every day!


Home to premium design resources for designers, crafters, newbies, seasoned graphic design ninjas and well, anybody with an interest in the design world.
Up to 99% OFF, plus 5 days of different deals from Nov 23 to 27. Check in every day for a brand new deal (especially the last day).

SmartMockups App – 35% Off 


Smartmockups is exactly what it sounds like… A smart mockup tool that gives you the power, speed and resources you need to create stunning photo-realistic mockup designs, in just a few clicks. Save 35% off between Nov 22nd-29th.

NordVPN (75% Off)
NordVPN Laptop

NordVPN is the easiest to use VPN provider out there. You can watched previously banned TV from other parts of the world, while increasing your online privacy.

Get an exclusive 77% discount on a 3 Year Plan making it just $3 a month. Use code ‘3ydeal’ to claim, until November 29.

BlueHost Web Hosting + FREE Domain – 66% Off

BlueHost is my recommended web host for small to mid-sized businesses. Easy to use, great value, great support and my first choice for clients. Just Creative readers save 66% off their hosting and a free domain. See my tutorial on how to set up your own website. Valid Friday 24 to 27th at 11:59PM MST.

Totally Artistic, Vector Supply Kit, for 99% Off

Artistic Vectors

Fantastic quality vectors are fundamental building blocks for all designers. That is why it is so important to have a great selection of vector tools at your disposal, and this bundle gives you just that and so much more! DesignCuts have teamed up with the best vector designers in the business to bring you this all-new bundle with 1000s of the best quality vectors you can find today, without the hefty price tag!

This vector supply kit would typically cost you $2995, but until Dec 5 it’s available for you for just $29!

The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook – 35% Off
Kyle Courtright Logo eBook

The Ultimate Logo Design eBook by Kyle Courtright is the “definitive guide to logo design”. This eBook would go for $29 however you can get $10 (35% off) the book, making it just $19. This is your chance to up your logo & branding game – there really is no other resource like this. Use coupon code ‘JUST10OFF’ at checkout.

IconFinder – 2 Million Icons 60% Off 

IconFinder is offering Just Creative readers 60% off the first month of membership. Get it here.

LogoWave Awards Competition – 20% Off

LogoWave BlackFriday

LogoWave entries get 20% off for any entries from Black Friday through 12/1 with promo “WAVE20“.

Getting A Mentor As a Designer Guaranteed Book
Ram Castillo

Ram Castillo is one inspiring dude and he has two great books, his latest is based on finding a mentor to allow you to “see blind spots and succeed faster”. Get the free audio book with the purchase of the paperback (please email Ram after purchasing and he will send it to you). Also see Ram’s other book, How to Get a Job as a Designer Guaranteed.

SleekLens – Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Products – 30% Off


Receive discounts of up to 20-30% off on select products for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Simply use the promo code BLKFRIDAY during checkout. Get the deal here.

50% Off All Marketplace Items at FontBundles.net
Font Bundles

Get 50% off all marketplace items at FontBundles.net between Nov 25-28. Browse items.

Smart Slider 3 Responsive Slider for WordPress  – 60% Off


Smart Slider 3 is the perfect responsive slider for WordPress. You can create beautiful sliders and animated blocks easily with the next generation visual editor. You don’t have to think about any technical details, the drag&drop interface will help you. You won’t believe how easy it is! We are excited to offer a huge 60% discount on all plans! Head over to smartslider3.com and enter code BF2017 at checkout! Valid from November 23rd to 28th.

Taco Shop  Shirts & Swag – US Free Shipping

Taco Gear

For taco lovers out there, get free shipping in the USA for Taco Gear products.

Creative Market – 20% Off


Get 20% off stock resources from CreativeMarket.

Elementor Pro Page Builder – 25% Off

Elementor Pro

Create stunning professional websites in minutes. Get 25% off with code ‘blackfriday2017’.

React, Node & ES6 Courses – 50% Off

Wes Deal

Take 50% off all courses and skill up before the year is over.

Learn React for Beginners
Learn Node
Learn ES6+

MotoCMS – 55% Off Plugins, Themes, Membership

MotoPress offers 55% discount on everything – all professional WordPress themes, user-friendly plugins like the WordPress Page Builder plugin and all other products! Use MPBESTBUY discount code during checkout. The deal is valid from November, 23 until November, 27.

123RF.com – 15% Off Stock Imagery 

123RF Black Friday
Download from 90+ million stock photos, vectors, videos and music tracks at 123RF.com. Get 15% off image subscription plans / 15% more credits with the code “HYPERCYBER”. Get started!

More Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Online Courses from Udemy – $10-$15 (90% off)
Skillshare Premium Membership – 2 Free months
NuSchool – All classes and book are on sale for $217. $197 discount. Until Nov 29.
CodeCollege – 50% Off all memberships and courses. Use code BLACKFRIDAY2017
Codeschool – 51% off a year membership

Graphic Design Assets / Marketplaces

MightyDeals – Design resources 25-99% Off
DesignCuts – Design Marketplace 25-99% Off
MyDesignDeals – 25-97% Off
CreativeMarket – Graphic design marketplace 20% Off
Envato – 50% off 500 items, and 34% off annual subscriptions
InkyDeals – 25-95% Off + extra 60% Off Site Wide
Designmodo – 70% off. Coupon code: BLACK
FontBundles.net Marketplace Items – 50% off
Craftwork UI Assets – 50% off all products.
CraftBundles – 20% Off
MasterBundles – 50% OFF. Use code “BlackFriday2017” 23 Nov till 28 Nov
Ramotion – 50% discount for all mockups. Coupon: BLACK17
Vecras – Product mockups, vector cut outs, graphic packs – 30% off. 25-27th Nov. Use code SPECIAL30%OFF
Mockup Zone – 70% Off

Stock Photography & Vectors

Shutterstock Stock Photos & Vectors – 20% off
StockUnlimited – 97% off 
iStock – Save 20%  – with promo code NOV20
123RF.com – 15% Off Stock Imagery

Hosting, Domains & Web Dev

BlueHost – 66% off and free domain.
Flywheel Web Hosting – Get 3 months free, that’s 25% off. Use code flyday17. Nov 20-28.
Namecheap – 70% off on domains, hosting, SSL, and emails. Black Friday
Oonie Web Templates & Development – 50% Off (email enquiry@oonie.co.za)

Web Apps / Software

Unclutter – 50% off – Mac three-in-one productivity app will be 50% OFF. Nov 24-29.
Framer – 40% off + iPhoneX giveaway. Create interactive designs from scratch
Proto.io – 30% Off all annual plans. Create fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes.
FontSelf – 30% OFF Create your own fonts in minutes from Illustrator & Photoshop CC!
RightFont – 30% off on Black Friday
Elementor Pro – 25% off – Create stunning pro websites in minutes. Coupon: blackfriday2017.
PureVPN – 75% Off on Cyber Monday
ActiTime – Time Tracking Software – Cyber Monday 50% Off
Content Snare – Helps designers and digital agencies get content from their clients. 20% off all Plans with code BF17. Expires Nov 28.
Webflow – 75% off any template till 11/30 with the code #000FRIDAY
Optimage – Advanced image optimisation – 40% off
Design + Code – Pre-order for $30 with discounts for Sketch and Angle and 6 months free of InVision.
WrapPixel – 25% off on Premium Admin Dashboard Templates


AstuteGraphics – 20% off selected Adobe Illustrator plug-ins
Design Plugins Plugins down to $5
SketchKeys –  Accelerate your design and development workflows. Use code just-creative-friday 


Futuramo Icons – 40% off Icons PRO 1-year subscription. Coupon: 40WBN8E1WYMNJWH2
IconJar – 30% off at checkout
IconFinder – 2 Million Icons – 60% Off
35,000 Icons: RoundIcons – Everything – 50% Off
SwiftIcons – 50% off


Lagom Magazine – 25% off + 25% to charity. Code BF17.
O’Reilly Books & Video – 10 day free trial
MyFonts – Best Sellers & Special Offers – 20-80% off
The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook – 35% off
Amazon – 10-80% off
Getting A Mentor As a Designer Guaranteed Book – Free Audio Book
SleekLens Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Products – 20-30% Off. Code BLKFRIDAY

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Other Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Compilations

Designer News compilation
TemplateMonster compilation
CreativeBloq Black Friday compilation 
CreativeBloq Cyber Monday compilation
Web3Canvas compilation
eWebDesign compilation
WeFunction compilation

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The Best Cyber Monday Yet with Great Deals for Designers

Original Source: https://line25.com/web-development/best-cyber-monday-yet-great-deals-designers

Welcome to the 12th edition of Cyber Monday! This is a special online shopping day that gives the brick-and-mortar Black Friday a run for its money.

Cyber Monday has been an unqualified success. It gives you the opportunity to realize some great savings of yours. You can spend them on a variety of online web design products and services.

These aren’t clearance or inventory-reduction items either. These are top-quality and premium items. These are the kind of products and services you may have been looking for. Now, that you’ve found one or more at significant savings, it certainly can make your day.

We’ll start with one of the most useful, feature rich and popular web design products on the market – and go on from there.


A prototype can often be built more quickly, and provide superior performance, when compared to wireframes or mockups. Proto.io is a multi-featured, high performance design aid that enables its users to quickly and easily create prototypes of any desired fidelity level. It is used by more than 500,000 users from the world’s hottest startups and leading Fortune 500 companies.

With Proto.io, you can quickly put together a low-to-medium fidelity model to demonstrate a design concept, or to demonstrate progress in the early stages of design. A high- or ultra-high prototype, can be invaluable for user testing and design sign-off, and to provide helpful information to the developer.

Proto.io is a “must have” for projects relying heavily on rapid prototyping. Changes can be made quickly, based on sharing and feedback, and version control is strictly maintained by this application during periods of rapid and multiple design changes. Plus, no coding is needed.

Wait, that’s not it – Proto.io offers an extra feature right now – you can now prototype for Virtual Reality straight within Proto.io.

Because of the value it provides, Proto.io represents a tremendous bargain when offered at its regular price. You’ll get an even better bargain Cyber Monday; as this design aid is being offered at a 30% discount for all annual plans.


Creating useful and attractive tables and charts is often one of the most time-consuming activities when building a website. This can be especially true when massive (read millions of rows of data need to be managed), or the manner in which the data has been, or is to be categorized is particularly complex.

wpDataTables makes table and chart building almost ridiculously easy. This WordPress plugin is so fast and efficient, that non-WordPress designers have switched over to WordPress, so they can use it.

wpDataTables-created charts are not only attractive and informative, they are responsive and easy to edit as well. Users can calculate sums, averages, minimums and maximums, and perform other calculations, as well a highlighting columns, rows, or cells of data, in color.

For Cyber Monday, his remarkable WordPress plugin can be yours at a 50% discount until Wednesday. 29th.


$49 to meet your image needs for 3 years? Why not!

Still struggling to find affordable yet professional quality graphics? You obviously have not heard of StockUnlimited!

This intuitive and user-friendly website has an entire library of outstanding graphics, images, vectors, fonts, templates, and icons – all royalty-free. Once you pay the subscription fee, you get unlimited access to over 1 million superior quality photos for personal and commercial use!

Want a HUGE Cyber Monday discount on top of that? Upgrade to a Premium account (3-year subscription) for only $49 with this promo code: CYBER17  

It’s not every day you come across a deal of this value, so we suggest you don’t miss it! Deal ends Dec 31, 2017.


Cyber Monday is that time of the year where you can realize some significant savings. What Themefuse offers in terms of a discount, might be better described as awesome. Whether you place a single item in your shopping cart, or several, the discount’s the same – a whopping 70% off the regular price for premium themes (45+ of them), the Themefuse Developer Plan, and the Lifetime Plan.

The promo code is cybermonday2017.


If there ever was a specialty theme that hit it square on the button, it’s Houzez. This premium WordPress theme is the perfect solution for building websites for realtors and real estate agencies. Everything is there to create websites that have all the features and functionality clients in this sector want and expect. Congratulate yourself for being a smart shopper on Cyber Monday, with the purchase of Houzez at a 35 % discount.


Here are three nice little packages, any of which could make your day on Cyber Monday. ThemeIsle is offering each of its three web design plans at a 25% discount. You’ll gain access to 30+ WordPress themes, 10+ premium plugins, shared hosting, updates and new releases, and excellent support.

Check out the plans to see which of them is best for you.

7. NomNom

Whenever you need to uncover issues your customers may have, gather evidence to support a new marketing campaign, or share findings with others, NomNom has your back. This customer feedback management tool gives you instant visibility into what your customers are saying.

NomNom is trusted by product teams at Usertesting.com, Contentful, and Booking.com. Sign up for any plan and receive a 35% discount for 6 months, and start 2018 strong! Use discount code NOMNOM18.

Orion Icon Library – 68% off Pro account

This Cyber Monday offer is a good chance to not only gain access to the Orion Icon Library’s inventory of more than 4800 free icons, but have the opportunity to access an additional 1431 premium icons and unlimited functionalities, and procure a commercial license; all at a 68% discount over the regular price.


Designing a website might be a fun activity, but when it comes to coding, not everyone is a pro. However, there is a quick fix for that – Goodie has gathered a community of great web developers who are keen to provide you with an error-free coded website for $999 this Cyber Monday.

Your design, Goodie’s web developers – and voila, the pixel-perfect website is ready in no time!


If you missed pCloud’s Black Friday special, you get one more shot at purchasing either of these secure Swiss cloud storage packages at half price.

Prices are for a one-year subscription.

Premium 500 GB storage and pCloud Crypto normally sell for $47.88 each. The Cyber Monday price:$47.88 for both.

The Premium Plus 2TB storage/pCloud Crypto combination normally sells for $143.76. To celebrate Cyber Monday, it can be yours for $71.88.


Cyber Monday is a time for bargains. As a web designer, you have a great opportunity to find premium products or services you need or can use.  The best part, all of them will be available at bargain prices!  Impulse shopping can be dangerous, as you might be tempted to overload your shopping cart.

Yet, you can pick one item from this list. Choose between amazing WordPress themes, design tools, storage services, and other website-building aids!

Believe us, it can still make your day! Happy Cyber Monday!

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How to Say “Thank You” in 12 Programming Languages

Original Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/12-programming-languages-thank-you

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful community of students! Each and every one of you inspires us every day with your dedication and all that you accomplish. As our CEO and co-founder Ryan Carson said last Thanksgiving “Thank you for putting in the hard work to learn to code and change your life. We created the school, but you did the hard work of learning. We love what we do and come to work every day for people like you.”

In fact, this year, we’re so grateful for all of you that we wanted to say a special “thank you” the best way we know how, with code!

So why not set yourself a mini coding challenge this Thanksgiving? Can you recognize and name the 12 programming languages we used to say thank you in the video below? Once you’ve noted down your list, scroll down for the answers.

Join the Treehouse Community today.

“Thank You” in 12 Programming Languages (in order of appearance)

1. Python
2. Ruby
3. C++
4. Binary
5. PHP
6. Java
9. C#
10. SQL
11. Fortress
12. Pascal

Treehouse Students: Thank You for Inspiring Us Every Day

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6 Courses to Brush-up Your Coding Skills This Weekend

Original Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/6-courses-to-brush-up-your-coding-skills-this-weekend

Whether you’re a veteran developer or a coding newbie, you need to constantly be learning new things and expanding your coding skills because being a developer means being a lifelong learner. To keep up with the evolving tech industry, it’s important you keep your skills up-to-date.  With so many different languages to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what to learn next. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular courses to brush up your coding skills. Why not choose one to focus on and set yourself a learning goal this weekend?

Start learning to code today with a free trial on Treehouse.

1. Object-Oriented JavaScript


Objects in JavaScript are everywhere. Whether you know it or not, you’ve been using them already. You can use the document object to find HTML elements and modify their contents. You’ve been using the console to log out values. However, you can make your own objects to organize your own code and do some awesome things. In this course with Andrew Chalkley, you’ll build a couple of projects to get a handle on creating your own objects.

Check out the course here

2. CSS Flexbox Layout

In this course with Guil Hernandez, you’ll l learn how to use Flexbox, a set of CSS properties that give you a flexible way to lay out content. With flexbox you can change the direction, alignment, size and order of elements, regardless of their original size and order in the HTML. You can even stretch and shrink elements and distribute space, all with just a few lines of CSS.

Check out the course here

3. Java Objects

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Literally, everything you interact with is an object, so understanding them is critical to your Java foundational base. In this course with Craig Dennis, you’ll learn how to create, use and express ideas using objects.

Check out the course here

4. Web Design Process


Going from a blank screen to a finished website can be daunting. In this course with Nick Pettit, you’ll learn about the major steps involved in designing websites. You’ll also learn how to gather information, explore potential concepts, and iterate on a design. By the end, you’ll have the foundation you need to continue your design journey.

Check out the course here

5. JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects

Storing, tracking and handling data is a large part of computer programming. Arrays provide a method for storing multiple values into a single variable. That makes an array a convenient way to pass around a list of items. In this course with Dave McFarland, you’ll learn how to create arrays and use loops to access their contents. You’ll also learn some advanced methods that make working with arrays easier.

Check out the course here

6. Python Collections


You can get pretty far in Python with numbers, strings, lists, booleans, and basic logic. Eventually, though, you’re going to need more complex containers for our data. You’re also going to need more control over lists and strings. In this course, Kenneth Love will teach you about dictionaries, sets, tuples, slices, and how to exert even more control over lists in your Python programs.

Check out the course here

These are just a few of our courses, in fact, we currently have over 300 courses in the Treehouse Library for you to check out!  Is there a Treehouse course you’d like to recommend to the community? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

10 Beginner Courses to Introduce You to Coding

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