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Inspirational Website of the Week: Limnia

A true masterpiece that brings together modern elegance and sophisticated interactions.

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Case Study: 2019 refresh

An excellent case study by Lynn Fisher on the process behind the 2019 redesign of her portfolio.

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How to Overlap Images in CSS

A great article by Bri Camp Gomez where she shows how to overlap images with CSS Grid and provide a fallback for non-supportive browsers.

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Alyssa X made this minimal JavaScript library for creating beautiful flowcharts.

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How I created 488 “live images”

Ire Aderinokun shares how she created “live images” for each feature on

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Does JavaScript keep you too busy to care about CSS? Here are recent features you want to know about!

Pawel Grzybek recaps some new and interesting features that are available in CSS.

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The Third Generation of Interfaces

Dzianis Pomazau writes about what the next generation of interfaces might be.

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Using CSS custom properties to reduce the size of your CSS

Learn how to use CSS custom properties to create abstractions and optimize your CSS in this article by Sebastiano Guerriero.

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CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications

Mike Riethmuller explorations into modernizing learnings from CSS architecture and how to apply them in the context to modern JavaScript applications.

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Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors

Bruce Lawson gives some practical tips on how to avoid the most common accessibility errors.

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Machine Learning Systems Design

A booklet on machine learning systems design with practical exercises.

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A categorized collection of trending and most commonly used libraries and components for ReactJS developers.

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Accessibility drives aesthetics

In this article Alex Chen rebuts the claim that accessibility and aesthetics are at odds with each other.

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From Milliseconds to Millions: The Numbers Driving Web Perf

At this talk Harry Roberts takes a look at some of the numbers powering the web performance industry.

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Peekobot is a simple choice-driven chatbot framework in less than 100 lines of JavaScript. Made by Ross Wintle.

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The Benefits of Orthogonal React Components

Learn how striving for orthogonality in React component design can help make a system flexible and adaptable to change.

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Who Can Use

Find out who can use your color combination by checking the WCAG grading and contrast ratio.

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Animated CSS Background Generator

Vincent Will created this neat customizer of animated CSS backgrounds.

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Realistic 3D Photo Cards (Hover Effect, Vue.Js)

A beautiful demo by Jouan Marcel.

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Creating a Distorted Mask Effect on an Image with Babylon.js and GLSL

Learn the basics of GLSL while creating a distorted mask effect on images using Babylon.js.

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