Quick Tip: How to Handle Exceptions in PHP

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How to Handle Exceptions in PHP

Learn the basics of exceptions in PHP, how to use throw, try and catch effectively, and how to write your own custom exceptions.

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Quick Tip: How to Handle Exceptions in PHP
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Scandinavian Vs Nordic Design

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I’ve always been drawn to the clean lines, muted colors, and minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian and Nordic styles. Recently, I decided to redecorate my apartment with a mix of both, thinking that they were pretty much interchangeable. But as I started to curate furniture and decor, I realized that I wasn’t quite sure of the …

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5 Plagiarism Detection Tools to Tell if Content is Written by ChatGPT

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AI is achieving new feats each day, and ChatGTP is its recent one. OpenAI’s ChatGTP has taken over the Internet by storm. From providing answers to just about any question to doing college assignments and homework, it can do a lot.

However, this has also created challenges around AI-assisted plagiarism for the academic community and content creators. So in this post, we are giving a list of online plagiarism detection tools to catch bot-generated content. Take a look to see which one’s the best to help you out in detecting AI-assisted plagiarism.

1. GPTZero

GPTZero is an online app that can detect AI-assisted plagiarism in any text. Developed by Edward Tien, it is a minimal yet powerful app that can tell if a piece is written by AI bots like ChatGPT or a human.

GPTZero tests the text entered into the app based on perplexity or randomness in a sentence and burstiness that measures overall randomness in the entire text. Meaning that the text written by humans will have more perplexity and overall burstiness.

The app is basically aimed at teachers who might want to know if their students are writing assignments with the help of AI bots.

Moreover, the app has been tested against human and GPT-generated text and has reaped quite accurate results.


Next on the list is GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room). This is an online tool based on an algorithm that can detect possible plagiarism resulting from AI-generated text written by a bot like ChatGPT.

The algorithm analyzes the text based on a huge database of predicted words and highlights the words in the text that are among the top 10 (green), top 100 (yellow), or top 1000 (red) predicted words.

So, the more predicted words there are in a text, the more likely it is that the text is bot-generated rather than human-generated.

GLTR is a joint effort of MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Harvard Natural Language Processing Group. However, the algorithm works better for detecting GPT-2-generated text rather than the more recent ChatGPT-assisted text.

3. GPT-2 Output Detector
GPT-2 Output DetectorGPT-2 Output Detector

If you want to detect AI-assisted plagiarism in a text that you suspect to be generated by ChatGTP’s older version GPT-2, then this tool can be really helpful.

GPT-2 Output Detector can highlight if the text is human-generated or bot-generated (specifically through GTP-2) with a good accuracy rate. However, the tool highlights that the results will start getting better after 50 tokens.

4. Writer.com’s AI Content Detector
Writer.com's AI Content DetectorWriter.com's AI Content Detector

Unlike other tools in the list, this AI Content Detector is actually a part of an AI-powered writing platform that also helps you detect AI-generated content.

You can either paste the content that you want to check or add the link of the page that you think has content that might be generated from an AI bot. It’ll take some time to analyze and give you a detection score as the percentage of human-generated content in a text.

There’s, however, a limit of 1500 words that you can run through the AI Content Detector at one time.

5. Crossplag’s AI Content Detector
Crossplag's AI Content DetectorCrossplag's AI Content Detector

Crossplag is an intuitive AI content detector that anyone from the field of education, publishing, or content creation can use. You can paste in any kind of text in it, and the tool will provide you information if it’s human-written, bit-generated or mixed.

The tool can detect content in hundreds of languages and curates a resource of billions of web articles for comparison. Moreover, Crossplag upholds a strict privacy policy and ensures no data leaks.

To use Crossplag, you first need to sing up of a free account and then you can paste content to be checked. However, for the free account, the word limit is 1000 per entry. For more features, you can subscribe to a paid package for an individual or educational institute.

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How to download After Effects for free or as part of Adobe Creative Cloud

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All you need to know about how to download After Effects.

OP-1 Field brought to life: A stunning 3D design showcase by Hugo Barbosa in Blender

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OP-1 Field brought to life: A stunning 3D design showcase by Hugo Barbosa in Blender
OP-1 Field brought to life: A stunning 3D design showcase by Hugo Barbosa in Blender


Hugo Barbosa’s 3D work created in Blender showcasing the OP-1 Field synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer is a stunning display of modeling, materials, motion, and render. The Stockholm-based company Teenage Engineering designed and manufactured the OP-1 Field, and Hugo Barbosa’s work brings it to life in a way that is both realistic and imaginative.

One of the most impressive aspects of Barbosa’s work is his attention to detail in the modeling of the OP-1 Field. Every button, knob, and dial on the device is faithfully recreated in 3D, down to the smallest details. This level of precision and accuracy is essential for creating a believable representation of the OP-1 Field, and Barbosa has nailed it.

In addition to the modeling, Barbosa’s use of materials is equally impressive. The OP-1 Field’s casing is made of plastic, and Barbosa has captured the texture and finish of the material perfectly. The buttons and dials have a metallic sheen that reflects light in a realistic way, and the overall effect is one of a high-quality, well-made piece of equipment.

The motion of the OP-1 Field in Barbosa’s work is smooth and fluid. The animation of the device’s screen is particularly impressive, with Barbosa capturing the fluidity of the graphical interface in a way that is both mesmerizing and engaging.

Finally, the render of the OP-1 Field in Barbosa’s work is simply stunning. The lighting and shadows are expertly handled, with the device casting realistic shadows on the surface it sits on. The reflections on the OP-1 Field’s plastic casing are perfectly captured, with the surrounding environment reflected in a way that feels both realistic and otherworldly.

In conclusion, Hugo Barbosa’s 3D work showcasing the OP-1 Field synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer is a masterful display of modeling, materials, motion, and render. The attention to detail and the skillful execution of each element make for a truly immersive and impressive experience. Fans of the OP-1 Field, as well as those with an appreciation for 3D design, should not miss this incredible work.

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

3D blender CGI design modeling Modeling3D product product design  Render visualization

For more information make sure to check out Hugo on:



PSVR 2 review: next-gen virtual reality has arrived

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PSVR 2 is the next-gen headset gaming needed.

Some More On-Scroll Typography Animations

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A second set of ideas for on-scroll typography animations.

How To Draw Fire (Easy Guide)

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Drawing fire can turn out to be a perplexing feat, but it could also be a fun, rewarding, and fascinating experience. As an aspiring artist, I vividly remember the first time I attempted to draw flames, using bold strokes and vibrant colors to create an image that was, at best, mediocre. But with practice and …

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Wondershare Recoverit 11 File Recovery Tool Review

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Recoverit 11 is an amazing piece of technology developed by Wondershare that can help you recover those precious memories and important files that you thought were lost forever.

This data recovery software is perfect for those moments when you accidentally delete a file or your hard drive crashes, as well as for small businesses, media agencies, vloggers, and travel enthusiasts who keep a record of everything.

It can retrieve files from different storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and others – in fact, they support over 2000 types of storage devices.

One of the highlights for Recoverit 11 is that they have over 35 data recovery patents, which significantly boosts the chances that you’ll get your files. As a breakdown of this, at least partially, one of their patents is focused on a data recovery method for video clip files, and another one is focused on different computer equipment, device, and storage type.

I’m not exactly well-versed on this kind of thing, but if a method or invention is patented, it means it is worth protecting because it actually works.

Who’s behind Recoverit?
Wondershare Recoverit 11Wondershare Recoverit 11

Recoverit was developed by Wondershare, a software company that develops a wide range of multimedia software solutions like Filmora, a video editing software, PDFelement and PDF Reader, diagramming and mind mapping tools, and other fully-featured utility tools for data transfer, file recovery and repair, and parental control and monitoring, to name a few.

At one point, I am certain that you’ve encountered at least one of Wondershare’s software, and if you are reading this, it’s because you are looking for a file recovery tool. Wondershare Recoverit is trusted by billions of users to save them from the disaster of losing files!

Who is Recoverit 11 for?
Wondershare Recoverit 11 enhanced featuresWondershare Recoverit 11 enhanced features

I already mentioned this in the introduction, but this deserves a dedicated section.

Wondershare Recoverit 11 is for people who deal with heavy media, a heavy flow of files, and the like. Those who actively use and abuse their devices and file storage, because no matter how careful you are, the chances of something failing due to operational error or human error is bound to happen at one point.

Professional Photographers

Photographers often deal with large amounts of data, like high-resolution images and video files, and these files are valuable to their business. Any loss of a file due to accidental deletion, file corruption, or hardware failure could directly result in financial loss, as well as loss of reputation.

By having a tool like Wondershare Recoverit 11, the damage can be minimized, if not altogether removed.

Read our previous article on How to Prevent and Recover Permanently Deleted Photos with Recoverit.

Professional Videographers

Like photographers, videographers deal with hundreds of gigabytes to even terabytes of data every single day, and losing all or partial footage due to corruption or operational malfunction can be disastrous. But Recoverit 11 can minimize the problem, and with their latest update, entire video files can even be recovered and repaired.

Content Creators / Vloggers

Vloggers and other content creators typically don’t keep backups, or if they do, it’s not to a professional degree. And as we all know, many of these video clips could be a one-time thing.

Imagine living in Canada and going to Japan for 2 weeks and losing all of your footage because you accidentally deleted or formatted your device.

The same is true for travel enthusiasts who record a lot of footage using multiple devices like GoPros, DJI drones, mirrorless cameras, and the like.

Media Agencies

Photography agencies, web design and development firms, graphic design agencies, and the like also heavily rely on their file revisions, although often they use cloud storages, but there are cases when files are yet to sync and the devices fail – in which case, a data recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit 11 could play a huge role.

That said…

What Makes Recoverit Unique…
Wondershare Recoverit 11 unique selling pointWondershare Recoverit 11 unique selling point

Aside from what’s mentioned above, when compared to other file recovery software, Recoverit 11 has three core advantages:

1. Full-scene Data Recovery

Simply put, all possible scenarios that made you lose your files are covered. Whether it’s by accident, device corruption, due to malware, or an unfortunate luck, Recoverit 11 has a high chance of recovering your files, as long as your device or storage medium is still not physically broken.

2. 3-Step Recovery: Scan, Preview, Recover

Recoverit works in 3 simple steps, basically, it will scan your storage medium first, then it will display all of the files that can still be recovered, and finally, you will be given the option to choose which files you’d like to recover. If it’s in the preview, it can be recovered.

3. One-stop Recover Solution

Unlike many file recovery software, Recoverit supports recovery of all files, whether it’s a video, photo, documents like MS office files, zip files, audio files, and 1000+ other file types and formats. Recoverit supports one-click recovery for video and photo file types!

Enhanced Features:
Wondershare Recoverit 11 NAS and Linux RecoveryWondershare Recoverit 11 NAS and Linux Recovery

Some of you may already know about Recoverit due to its popularity as the number 1 file recovery software, but just in case you didn’t know, the latest update was rolled out that boosted its performance even more.

Enhanced Recovery

While the recovery rate was already high, Wondershare still upgraded its recovery function, with focus on large video footage taken by professional cameras. Making Recoverit a must-have for professional videographers, vloggers, and travel enthusiasts.

NAS Data Recovery

Recoverit supports NAS data recovery without needing to unplug the affected disk from the NAS. This is a perfect Plan B solution for small businesses s or professional photographers and videographers, vloggers, media agencies, and other content creators that deal heavily with data and data sharing.

Linux Data Recovery

Supports Ext4 file system, which is used by the majority of Linux distributions. Unlike most software companies that just altogether skip support for Linux systems, Wondershare did a good job on this one.

As for the other new key features, Recoverit 11 supports in-depth scanning for Mac systems that run on T2 and M1 chips. This is a perfect update for creatives who work on Mac devices.

With the new update, Recoverit also now supports disk mirror or disk image recovery. This is particularly helpful for people who are active in creating mirror copies of their systems or drives.

That, along with other enhancements behind the scenes help improve the scanning quality, recovery rate, and user experience.

List of Features

Recover accidentally deleted files, even “permanently” deleted files from the Recycle Bin
Recover files from formatted media or drive
Recover files from factory reset devices
Recover files from corrupted SD cards due to improper handling of the device
Recover files from virus infection
File recovery from power outage-related issues
Supports file types and a thousand different formats for:

Archive (zip)
Web files like HTML, PHP
And other files like ACM, ACP, POL, PPD, TTF, VB, DLL, sys, lib, and more

Corrupt files can be repaired
Search and filtering options
And many more

Pricing Model

Wondershare Recoverit 11’s pricing model is pretty straightforward and for the price, it is quite affordable, a true cost performance.


Windows: $59.99/month, $69.99/year, and $119.99 for a lifetime license
Mac: $75.99/month, $79.99/year, and $119.99 for lifetime

Essential includes:

Hard Drives and Locations Recovery
1000+ file formats supported
2000+ devices supported
Disk image recovery
Deep scan and file preview


Windows: $69.99/month, $79.99/year, and $139.99 for lifetime
Mac: $95.99/month, $99.99/year, and $139.99 perpetually

Standard includes:

Everything in Essential plus:
Crashed computer recovery
Bootable disk/USB creation


Windows: $79.99/month, $99.99/year, and $159.99 for your entire life
Mac: $109.99/month, $139.99/year, and $169.99 for lifetime subscription

Premium includes:

Everything in Essential and Standard plus:
Linux PC recovery
NAS server recovery
RAID corruption recovery
Enhanced photo and video recovery
Scan and merge video fragments
Repair corrupted videos

For individuals, see the detailed product information here.

For Businesses, refer to this page.

For Students and Educators, refer to this page.


In fact, Recoverit won multiple awards for its outstanding data recovery capabilities.

Recoverit – G2 Crowd Report 2022 Fall Leader “Leader of File Recovery”
Recoverit – G2 Crowd Report 2022 Summer Leader “Leader of File Recovery”
Recoverit – G2 Crowd Report 2022 Spring Leader “Leader of File Recovery”
Recoverit: High performer in Mid Market for File Recovery

For the unfamiliar, G2 Crowd, or now G2, is a non-biased company that reviews business software and services in a peer-to-peer manner. It was established in 2011 and has 575 employees worldwide.

Just with that in mind, you know that Wondershare really spent a lot of resources on research and development of this intricate product.

To End

In conclusion, Wondershare Recoverit 11 is a powerful and user-friendly data recovery software that can do it all to an extreme degree. You can recover lost files due to accidental deletion, formatting, device corruption, malware attacks, and because of just bad luck.

The high recovery rate that Recoverit 11 boasts is no joke, given that they won multiple awards for it and have 35 patents to flaunt.

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