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Inspirational Website of the Week: It’s not violent

A fantastic sharp design that gets the message across using “textversation”. Our pick this week.

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Instanced Line Rendering

Rye Terrell shows how to tackle lines in WebGL using instanced line rendering.

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Adaptive Loading – Improving Web Performance on low-end devices

Addy Osmani explains how to use Adaptive Loading optimally to allow users get an experience best suited to their constraints.

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Lite YouTube Embed

A YouTube embed that renders much faster than a normal embed. By Paul Irish.

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Pika Registry

Pika is a new kind of package registry and code editor for package authors. Open for early access.

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Framer – Web Beta

Exciting news from Framer: Framer will offer a web-based collaborative version and you can request a beta invite now.

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Alex Pierce – Designer. Art Director. Geek.

Alex Pierce’s portfolio is a unique example of “maximalism” that leverages color, bold typography, motion, and pixel art to deliver a surprising and delightful user experience.

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Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2019

Ire Aderinokun’s roundup article that highlights the most interesting ideas and projects from the Chrome Dev Summit 2019.

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Building a Football Ticket With CSS and SVG

Learn some advanced CSS techniques from this tutorial by Ahmad Shadeed.

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Cube.js Templates

Cube.js templates are open-source, ready-to-use frontend analytics apps.

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A set of 100 free illustrations made by Vijay Verma.

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SVG favicons

An exciting tweet by Mathias Bynens: you can use SVG for a favicon in Chrome now.

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The Firefox UI is now built with Web Components

An interesting article by Brian Grinstead on how the Firefox UI was migrated to modern web standards.

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What are Microservices?

Sarah Drasner breaks down the term of Microservices.

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Lynn Fisher Portfolio

Lynn Fisher’s awesome new portfolio has a super cool resize effect!

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Tetris & Snake

Can you play Tetris and Snake at the same time? Try it in this cool experiment by Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau.

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Legra is a small JavaScript library that lets you draw LEGO like brick shapes on an HTML canvas element.

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Password Guide

A fantastic little checklist for a password input by Andreas Storm.

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Multiple-column Layout and column-span in Firefox 71

In this post Rachel Andrew takes a look at the implementation of the column-span property.

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Inspirational Websites Roundup #10

Get some website inspiration with this set of beautiful and modern site designs freshly picked over the past few weeks.

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Collective #567 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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