Collective #359

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Reflet

An elegant design with some experimental user interaction. Our pick this week.

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FullStory: See, Search, and Understand Your User Experience

Actions speak louder than interviews. High-fidelity session playback shows how real users experience your site. Searchable, shareable, flawless on dynamic apps.

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Documenting the Web together

Microsoft has started its amazing collaboration with Mozilla by contributing and redirecting to the MDN Web Docs.

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Unsplash Awards 2017

The Unsplash Awards was created to recognize the powerful impact Unsplash contributors have made through their generosity and artistry. Check out 13 photography categories that feature their work.

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A dependency-free static site generator written in Rust.

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A Look Back at the History of CSS

A great read by Jason Hoffman on the fascinating evolution of CSS.

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Free Font: Geometric

A unique font designed by Monika Gause.

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How to solve a maze using shaders

A video tutorial by Shadron that shows how to solve any maze in the form of a picture, using a GLSL shader.

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The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators

Read what the people who have contributed to the development of CSS Grid say about this important milestone in CSS history.

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Front-End Checklist

The Front-End Checklist is a list of all the important bits to have and test before launching a webpage.

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DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

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Some demos that show different web font loading strategies.

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The most essential list of resources for Front-End beginners

A multi-lingual list of great resources for starting out with web development.

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CSS Grids for Everyone

Some great Laracast episodes on mastering CSS Grid.

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Meet Horovod: Uber’s Open Source Distributed Deep Learning Framework for TensorFlow

Read about Horovod, an open source component which makes it easier to start—and speed up—distributed deep learning projects with TensorFlow.

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Moodily allows designers to gather and collaborate on design inspiration.

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But what *is* a Neural Network?

Great two part video series on how Neural Networks work.

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Improving Performance with the Paint Timing API

If you missed it: Umar Hansa explains the Paint Timing API.

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Only CSS: Not Conflict Panel

A great demo by Yusuke Nakaya of rotating 3D panels.

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Pixabay Developer API

The Pixabay API gives you free access to over a million photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos.

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Combining Graphical And Voice Interfaces For A Better User Experience

A great read on multi-modal interfaces by David Pasztor.

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Free Font: Ozymandias

A beautiful blackletter font by Sebastian Fermin.

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Design Systems

Susan Robertson’s summary of some of the interesting ideas in Alla Kholmatova’s book, Design Systems.

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Writing is a lightweight, distraction-free text editor in the browser with Markdown and LaTeX support.

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From Our Blog
Dynamic Shape Overlays with SVG

Some ideas for multi-layered SVG shape overlays that get generated dynamically with adjustable properties for a variety of effects.

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Collective #359 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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