Online Portfolio: 10 Designers Who Got It Right

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Written by Taira Sabo, Wix Design Community Expert.

Out of all of the creative people in the world, designers have a very clear vision of what their online portfolio should look like. Their line of work demands a site that lives up to their standard, showcases the diversity of their creations, while capturing the essence of their signature. In other words: they are likely to think of their website as a piece of art in itself. As they should.

Whether you’re building your own online presence, or somebody else’s one, you need a platform that can fulfill even your wildest design fantasies. To create a website, you want to benefit from the most advanced features, intuitive to use and a platform that provides beautiful results. This way, you’re in control from design to live.

Speaking of lively results, there’s no better way to prove a point than with some stunning evidence. So without further ado, here are 10 designers who used the unlimited creative possibilities of Wix to imagine and realize portfolios that are not only functional, but serve as a true testament to their work.

1. Mike Almanza

2018 will see the confirmation of a now well-established trend: long-scrolling websites. The visual impact is great, and it fits perfectly the new mobile habits. You just need to make sure that the different strips will ‘feel’ clearly separated, while speaking the same language. This portfolio solves the perilous equation with a splash of red color that repeats on every single strip. A perfect example of how playing with only few chromas can create a memorable experience.

2. Michael Burk Studio

Like it or not, the 80’s are back – and web design is no exception, as shown by this eye-catching designer’s portfolio. The combination of a vintage computer layout and bright colors immediately gives that ultimate pop feel. The “Work” and “Info” buttons anchored on either side of the page complete the bold approach. The result? Another piece of evidence that when a website looks like candy, everyone wants a taste.

3. Hannah Jacobs 

Grid-based layouts will probably be one of the most widespread trends in 2018. Adding strips and columns helps your site to breathe, and organize the content in a more elegant way. This illustrator clearly mastered the art of composition, with her projects allocated in small boxes. For the animation, have a look at the bottom, with the film displayed in a full strip thanks to the genius tool that is Wix Video. Of course, the sketch wouldn’t be complete without the author’s signature. You’ll find it in the header, smartly transformed into the cutest and most authentic logos.

4. Dennis Krawec

Sometimes less is more. Obviously not here. This site proves that you can go crazy with colors, animations and a busy design language, and still create a fantastic-looking opus! If you happen to need a multilingual site, take some inspiration at how effortlessly this portfolio switches from English to Japanese.

5. Mild Design

Some pieces of art are so strikingly beautiful that they need very little introduction. This website went for a long-scrolling page that allows the visitors to discover the galleries gently and quietly – like in a museum. Don’t discard all textual content just yet. If you go for the same inspiration, the footer is the perfect place to stuff all your crucial information – such as your contacts and social media.

6. Candyfornia

GIF, GIF, GIF is all we can say! While the animations (and colors) may be busy, the perfectly boxed layout calms down the craze. The very prominent logo is balanced out with clean and simple “Services” and “About” pages. Another smart move: the rolling Instagram feed directly displayed on the homepage, and which looks like the most appetizing candy necklace.

7. Bruna Cristina   

A powerful portrait as the header of your website is a classic, yet efficient way to lure users in and tempt them to continue to scroll. Another great find: check out how this design challenged the standard photography portfolio structure, by showcasing the gallery in a striking two-column grid.

8. Thai Pham

You learned it in your first year of (web) design school: white space is a crucial element to draw your users’ eyes onto what’s really important. This portfolio put the theory into practice in a masterly fashion, with white borders and a vast amount of space between the images. As a result, the website looks like it ‘breathes’ – even though a lot of pictures are displayed. We also love the sharp and ‘broken’ letters of the logo, which give off an edgier feel to an overall elegant design.


9. Max Halley   

If your work involves a sense of humor and color, why not place it front and center to catch your visitors’ attention? This über-talented designer does exactly that. His fun, bright, and neon-colored animations are the most inviting. Note the clean background that helps balance out all the adventurous hues, and ease the navigation.

10. Adieu Film

Giving your website a character, if not a personality, is crucial. Somewhere between Wes Anderson’s movies and the sophisticated designs of the 60’s, this site clearly found its own language. We could elaborate for hours on this homepage that is supremely enticing, thanks to the lovely pink overlay and the slow motion video background. ‘Adieu’ film maybe, but ‘bienvenue’ to stunning web design!


Filled up with good inspiration? It’s your turn to experience creativity without limits. Start designing your website with Wix now!


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Promising European Startups to look for in 2018

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2018 is right around the corner and I thought I’d start celebrating the great year 2017 has been a list of the most promising startups in tech that you should look for in the coming year. And before I start dropping names left and right, I do want to point out that this list is purely biased and strictly based on my uneducated opinion. So without further ado here are the top 4 tech startups I’m looking forward to seeing in 2018.

1. Zentoshop

Zentoshop is a Magento based e-commerce Saas that allows store owners to go online in a matter of minutes and the guys behind the product have managed to solve one of the biggest issues I had with Saas E-commerce platforms and that would be scalability. Normally, a store you build on a similar platform would work (probably great) for the first few months, maybe a year, but the minute you hit big traffic numbers, orders or have a lot of products, the platform would crumble under its own weight. Zentoshop having Magento under the hood solves this issue, allowing the user to take advantage of all the benefits of having a Magento shop without any of the drawbacks, which are mostly the technical issues that force Magento store owners to hire one or more developers to do regular maintenance and updates on the system to ensure everything’s running smoothly.


The app is positioned by a CRM but my experience in the e-commerce field makes me look a bit further behind curtains, at the “magic behind the eDrone”. The amount of data that the system handles and the process is impressive but then they’ve created a machine learning algorithm that provides insight and allows you to take actions to increase the LTV of the customer through a number of – simple to use and integrate – tools. It has about a gagillion integrations already, from Magento, Woocommerce to Shopify and Opencart.

Oh, did I mention you can start using the app for free, so yeah, I’d strongly suggest keeping an eye out for these guys, they are definitely on to something!

3. TypingDNA

By this point, the phrase: “the future is AI” should ring true just like the notion that the earth is round which is an undeniable truth, regardless what some may think or share on their social media accounts(looking at you: B.Y.O.B!). The Romanian team behind TypingDNA are trying to shape the future in their own way by using machine learning to develop behavioral biometrics solutions. I know! That sounds soooo fancy but the applications for something like this are countless. Imagine not having to remember a password. Ever! The system can check if you are authorized by your typing patterns. There’s an interesting case study, published on their site that will help you get a better idea of what they are doing

4. SwiftKey

This is no new startup but they have been killing it the past year and have plans of introducing a number of new features in the coming year. I myself have been using SwiftKey for about a year now on all my mobile devices and it works so effortlessly across 2 and even 3 languages without having me to configure settings or change parameters. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for 2018.


There have been multiple similar products with big promises but deliver so little. Snips offers a powerful NLU which is short for Natural Language Understanding system that runs on the users device as opposed to the Cloud like all the other similar system do, which provides better security and privacy and coming next year, when the GDPR will become many companies worst nightmare, Snips is going to have no problems as it has been compliant since day 1.

6. Hundred5

Hundred5 is a hiring platform created by a small Estonian team. The recruiting tool automatically screens candidates’ abilities for the job as a first-pass filter. It makes sure the people you interview have what it takes to be successful in a remote work environment and in the role that you are looking for. 

With that in mind, Hundred5 has ditched CV as the main screening tool and replaced it with skill assessments. Besides saving tons of time, those tests also strongly predict success in real work and tell you something you can’t learn from resumes. CV’s are more about how someone is able to present themselves rather than a demonstration of their abilities, which might lead you to select the wrong applicant.

7. Teamweek

Teammweek is project management software and a team calendar. The intuitive platform enables the project manager to assign tasks on a timeline and helps the team stay in the loop with what everyone is up to. Just like Hundred5, Teamweek is also based in Estonia. The company was originally founded by Toggl, but it became a separate company on its own this year. Teamweek is a successful bootstrapped product that you should definitely keep an eye on in 2018.


These have been only 7 companies that have caught my attention in the last few months and even if the list could have gone on for quite a while, I’ll stop here and keep providing updates in the coming months.

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40 Financial Website Designs & Templates

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The financial domain is often associated with professionalism and more rigid, corporate design concepts. For example, as a financial advisory firm, you need to create a trustworthy image. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook an important aspect – the online appearance. Your website must have a concise but informative design, a proper use of images and useful content that delivers your message in a successful and effective way. Whether you’re a businessman, a financial company owner or just looking for design inspiration for a client, you should find some great design ideas and business templates in the list below.

In this article, we gathered some consulting agency, financial, marketing, business, and finance website templates and website design examples. These 40 financial website designs and templates have the power to help you represent your company’s greatest qualities and expertise, in the best way possible.

KeyPoint Credit Union

KeyPoint Credit Union is a bank in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area CA. Its blue and white site has a clean and professional look. There is a lot of content displayed, but it’s easy to read and go to the info you need with just a couple of clicks.

KeyPoint Credit Union Financial Website Designs

Justice – Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

SW Justice is a fully responsive layout which will look incredible on any devices. You can rapidly create columns to display categories and products, or you can even add links to any page, widgets, and plugins. This is a beautiful retina-ready and responsive theme business theme, designed for promoting companies. This theme has many features and allows you to edit the site quickly. It is fully customizable and allows changing colors, logo, and menu.

4 Justice Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Northeast Credit Union

Northeast Credit Union is a leading member-owned New Hampshire Credit Union with an interesting website that features on the homepage a photo slideshow.

Northeast Credit Union Financial Website Designs

My Broker 

This premium WordPress theme is ideal for your financial business and will help you successfully promote your company online. It is suitable for financial companies, investment services and much more. It is also SEO Optimized and has a full speed system.

 Business Finance WordPress Theme


Logix bank is the place where customers become members and part-owners when they open an account here. The site theme has a nice and fresh look with incredible functionality.

 smarter banking Financial Website Designs

Finance Business 

This business corporate WordPress theme is designed for business websites, for any financial and consulting offices, law offices, accountant offices, etc. Different pages can be created using a free shortcode collection, including charts and financial information texts.

Finance Business Corporate Theme

Johnson Bank

Johnson Bank is a financial services company with expertise in banking. The bank site is fully responsive and has a sumptuous theme.

Johnson Bank Financial Website Designs


This professional theme has great content that will engage and inspire future customers.  For maximum optimization, you can choose how to display your services. Includes different templates, custom pie charts, progress bars, etc.

Consulting Finance WordPress Theme


Lazard, the world’s leading financial advisory and asset management firm, has a clear and modern site, with an easy to use menu. Their choice of typography and color palette, give this website an elegant, high-end look.

Lazard Financial Website Designs


Capitalix is a multipurpose business WordPress theme. It is perfect for any business or market company. It has a bold layout and a unique style.

Capitalix Finance WP theme

St. Mary’s Credit Union

St. Mary’s is a credit union that offers banking and financial planning to New Hampshire residents and businesses. Its site is a clean and professional one, plus it is easy to browse.

St Mary’s Credit Union Financial Website Designs

Experts – Professional Theme for Finance Firms

Experts is a professional and responsive WordPress specially designed for financial companies, financial firms, investment, tax-related, consulting, or any other kind of similar business. It comes with precise corporate demos and ready to use pages. This theme can be the ultimate solution for every businesses and website owner. It is designed based on the most business trends to improve your website with everything you need. It is a mobile friendly, and retina-ready theme.

6 Experts - Professional Theme for Finance Firms

Bain Capital

Bain Capital is a global alternative investment firm based in Boston. Its site has a fully configurable and easy to use a responsive theme.

Bain Capital Financial Website Designs


Cashbook is a business and finance WordPress theme which can be a great choice for any company. It is a fully configurable and easy to use. This is a responsive theme with a lot of amazing features.

Cashbook Finance WordPress Theme

Technology Credit Union

Tech CU is a Silicon Valley-based credit union with an exciting and sophisticated business and finance site. It uses a mostly orange and red color palette which catches the visitors’ attention.

Technology Credit Union Financial Website Designs

The Firm

This is a website theme perfect for a small company website. It’s SEO optimized, lightweight and comes with a simple admin panel. The Firm theme is ideal for companies, law firms and small businesses.

The Firm WordPress theme

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

This LA Federal credit union site has a slick contextual menu in the sidebar and is easy to use. It has lots of text content which is presented in a easy to browse manner.

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union Financial Website Designs

Financia – Business and Finance WordPress Theme

Financia is a WordPress theme that is ideal for business, financial advisor, investment companies and much more. This is a modern and user-friendly theme which comes with a visual layout builder, custom posts, and portfolio. Financia is a clean, responsive WordPress theme that permits you to build a professional-looking website in a short time.  Moreover, the homepage template is powered by widget-ready areas.

18 Financia Financial Website Designs

PNC Virtual Wallet

PNC offers a wide range of services for all our customers. PNC Virtual Wallet’s page has a modern and classy look.  The illustration in the homepage slider is also very interesting.

PNC Virtual Wallet Financial Website Designs


This is an insurance agency WordPress Theme. Peace has a clean and professional layout and has a lot of features like sliders and insurance product galleries.

Peace Insurance Agency WordPress Theme

Xapo Wallet

Xapo helps you purchase bitcoins. You can then manage your bitcoin through an easy-to-use online wallet, with an imposing design. It uses large, bold typography and huge sliders on the homepage, to transmit its message in seconds.

Xapo Wallet Financial Website Designs


Fusion is a responsive WordPress theme, specially created for business and general corporate websites. This theme includes a visual composer and the necessary features for your website such as a blog, portfolio, shop, etc. It is also compatible with WPML.

Fusion WordPress Theme


BitGo is one of the best security platforms for Bitcoin, with innovative and easy to use features. It has a blue and white color palette, which makes it trustworthy and professional.

BitGo Financial Website Designs


This responsive theme was built specially for Forex traders and financial analysts. This modern template is a great solution and provides a wide set of theme options.

Forex WordPress Theme Traders


The Sprott Group offers a collection of investment managers, delivering long-term returns to investors. This responsive site is easy to use and it has an eye-catching background.

Sprott Financial Website Designs

Chairman – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Chairman is created for a variety of purposes such as corporate, shop, portfolio, construction, event, etc. It comes with different layout options for header, home page, and content elements. This theme also supports WooCommerce. It is easy to use and set up.

 Chairman Theme

Ryla – Multipurpose Single/Multi Page WordPress Theme

Ryla is a WordPress theme with a clean and stylish design. This theme can be adapted to any kind of business. Ryla is fully responsive.

8 Ryla - Multipurpose Single page theme

Law Practice

The Law Practice is a professional-looking lawyer WordPress theme designed and developed to meet the needs of lawyers, accountants and many others that need a corporate website. It includes all the necessary features to present legal services online.

Law Practice Business Theme

Old Mutual

Old Mutual Group is an international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. Its site has a fresh and green look with a very easy to use menu.

Old Mutual Financial Website Designs


This is an impressive legal theme, suited for lawyers, advocates, attorneys, etc. This is fully GPL licensed with great customization option and Jetpack plugin integration.

Forstron WordPress Theme

Sonic – Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Sonic is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which comes with e-commerce support and a sortable portfolio. It is also available with an easy-to-use Page Builder and Visual Composer.

 Sonic WordPress Theme


Goodlaw WordPress theme has a solid business design, ideal for law and financial companies. The theme features a useful list of attorneys, great blog layouts, as well as WP Booking Calendar to instantly make appointments. It includes an easy-to-use media content manager and a visual composer.

GoodLaw Theme

Field & Main

Field & Main Bank is a Kentucky-chartered community bank dedicated to serving Kentucky and Indiana customers. This is a classic, sleek site, with a clean layout and very easy to browse.

Field Financial Website Designs


Atrium is a responsive corporate theme created for business or corporate related projects. You can modify the layout, colors, and fonts. It has a built-in theme demo data installer.

Atrium WordPress Theme


Argon Asset Management is an authorized financial services provider. This site has a minimalist style with black and white colors and teal accents.

Argon Financial Website Designs

Tita 3D 

This theme is a multipurpose and fully responsive WordPress theme, you can use as a starting point for any kind of project. Easy color and image selections are available. The theme has a fully responsive design.

Tita WordPress Theme


Focuson – Business WordPress Theme

This is a fully responsive, clean and retina-ready WordPress Theme. It comes with loads of customization options and interesting design features that you will find useful.

14 Focuson - Business WordPress Theme


This finance and business WordPress theme is specially designed for business, financial advisor, accountant, law firm, wealth advisor, investment and general corporate websites. It is SEO optimized, responsive, retina ready.

Finance Plus WordPress Theme

Squarefolio – Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Squarefolio business multipurpose theme is easy to edit and modify according to your wishes. It also provides some great features like one-click demo installation, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, etc.

 Squarefolio WordPress Theme


This is a clean, responsive WordPress theme, designed for business, financial advisor, accountant, law firm websites. It comes with some interesting features for your website such as blog, portfolio, testimonial, personnel page, etc.

Finanza Financial WordPress Theme

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Easy CSS Animation Using @keyframes

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CSS Transitions and transforms work beautifully for creating visual interactions based on single state changes. To have more control over what happens and when, you can use the CSS animation property to create easy CSS animation using @keyframes. This technique has a wide range of design application and can be used to build dazzling pre-loaders, […]

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40 Best Portfolio Website Templates & WordPress Portfolio Themes

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If you work as a designer, photographer or any other type of artist, you need a portfolio. A portfolio website is an easiest and quickest way to showcase your work. Don’t focus only on having a  physical portfolio, because nowadays, a website and strong online presence are mandatory if you want to grow your business and work on your personal branding.

However, if you’re not a professional web designer, creating an online portfolio website can be tricky. There are multiple ways you can do this. The first option is to hire a professional web designer to set up your site. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option, but the result will be just as you wanted and no extra work is needed for you. Another option recommended especially if you’re at the beginning of your career, is to design the website yourself!

This is not as hard as it may sound. Working in the design niche is definitely a plus. You can look at other graphic designer portfolio websites for inspiration, use a premium portfolio website template, such as the ones in the list below, and set up the website yourself.

You will need to keep in mind some useful portfolio designing tips, such as keeping it clean and minimalist, show your personality, showcase your clients and only your best work and keep your website updated, using a blog!

Give your work that extra edge online, by using one of these portfolio website templates in this list. This list includes both free portfolio website templates as well as premium ones. Let us know which of these portfolio templates you like best in the comment section below.

Fashion Portfolio

This is a responsive, clean and minimal WIX template for fashion designers or artists working in the fashion niche. This free theme has powerful features that will help create a professional-looking website.

Fashion Portfolio

Grand Portfolio | Responsive Portfolio

Grand Portfolio is a great WordPress theme which can be used by architects, creative agencies, photographers, creative designers, musicians & bands, publishers and much more.

Grand -Portfolio Responsive Portfolio

Curriculum Vitae

This template offers you the possibility of quickly setting up your online CV, with just a few clicks and customizations. With the help of a great page builder, that is included, you can build you website in a few moments.

Curriculum Vitae
Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio is a very simple portfolio template with a javascript scrolling feature based on jQuery. This is a premium template that is highly customizable and will definitely impress your users.

Easy Portfolio

Art Director Portfolio

This is a minimalist portfolio website for artists. The minimalist design is used to give your content the focus it deserves. This template has a fully responsive design that will automatically adapt to any screen size from both desktop and mobile devices.

Art Director Portfolio


Masculine is a perfect theme for a creative agency, a modern freelancer or general businesses. It has a bold design, responsive layout, and a bunch of awesome features.

View the portfolio WordPress theme

Architect Portfolio

This simple, basic, but modern architect portfolio template comes with a highly customizable homepage template. This is a great free theme which includes the following features: a lovely fullscreen slideshow, many widgets, and more.

Architect Portfolio



This is a beautiful fullscreen WordPress theme which has the following features: custom page templates, drag & drop page builder, lots of shortcodes, responsive layout, and more.

Soho 8 Retina WordPress theme

Photography Portfolio

This visual photography portfolio is responsive. This means it will serve an optimised version of the website to your visitors who are using the ablet and mobile devices.

Photography Portfolio


Viewpoint is a single responsive portfolio WordPress theme with parallax effects. This is a stunning WordPress template with a fully responsive design that will automatically adapt to any screen size from both desktop and mobile devices.

View the portfolio WordPress theme

Graphic Design Portfolio

This template is perfect to promote your work or your business. It is compatible with all modern mobile devices. This is a great theme that you can quickly customize to create striking websites, and you can do this without writing any code lines.

Graphic Design Portfolio


This is a great, dark-themed portfolio theme with some nice jquery effects in it. This is a theme that is perfect for showcasing photos, videos, or using it for your blog.

View the portfolio WordPress theme

Fashion Stylist

This is a flexible and responsive website template with a smooth navigational flow and clutter-free approach. Use it to create your next website in a few steps, without writing any code lines.

Fashion Stylist

Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. This template includes many great features, with customizable design and user-friendly layout.

View the portfolio WordPress theme

Interior Design Portfolio

This design portfolio template lets you put your works in focus. This is the definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals! Discover its full features and use it for your upcoming projects.

Interior Design Portfolio

Fold Portfolio – Responsive Portfolio Template

This is another wonderful Portfolio WordPress theme and it is a perfect choice for creating fullscreen websites. Fold Agency is a one page clean multipurpose creative industry template suitable for any kind of creative profession.

Fold Portfolio Responsive Portfolio Template

Small Brand

This is a  well-structured website template, perfect to be used as a clean, minimalist portfolio for artists. It has a lovely retina-ready design with powerful features that will help you create an outstanding website.

Small Brand



Tower is a responsive WordPress template with a fully customizable design that you can use to build multipurpose websites with a lovely fullscreen layout

Landing WordPress Theme

Illustrator Portfolio

This is a truly versatile theme.  It is both a classic portfolio for showcasing your work and a modern Tumblr-style system.

Illustrator Portfolio


SCRN is a one page responsive portfolio wordpress theme, perfect to promote your work or your business.  This is a gorgeous fullscreen template which has a parallax scrolling effect, an image and video slider, and more useful features.

Scrn Responsive Single Page Portfolio

Scientist’s Site

This site template is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Other than the minimalistic single page design, it also has a blog.

Scientist's Site

BARTON – Smart Portfolio Theme for Creative People

BARTON is a portfolio WordPress theme, focused on minimalism, elegance and simplicity. It’s created with masonry portfolio grid.

BARTON Smart Portfolio Theme  

Outdoor Photography

This website template was designed in a clean and minimalistic style. This theme is very flexible, easy for customising and well documented.

Outdoor Photography

Paper – Creative Portfolio Theme

Paper is a simple portfolio WordPress theme, designed in a professional manner, so your visitors will only focus on the content. This is a modern WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout that will adapt to your every device.

Paper Creative Portfolio Theme

Art Portfolio

This simple art portfolio has all the necessary features for your online presence. Use it for your next website.

Art Portfolio


TheGem is a gorgeous WordPress template with a stunning design that you can rapidly customize to meet your requirements. This is a responsive, clean, unique, modern and elegant HTML5 & CSS3 template.

TheGem WordPress Theme


The Artist

This artist portfolio website template has a responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It fits perfectly for agencies, photographers, bloggers, designers, illustrators, freelancers.

The Artist

Photography | Responsive Photography Theme

Photography is a responsive clean and minimal WordPress theme for photography portfolios. It has predefined styling for photographer, creative designer, design agency layouts, which can be imported with one click.

Photography Responsive Photography Theme

Urban Photography

This is a creative portfolio template with a focus on photographers, architects and creative agencies. This is an impressive web theme with an eye-catching fullscreen design.

Urban Photography

Ad Hoc Portfolio – Agency & Photography Portfolio

Ad Hoc Portfolio offers unlimited portfolio layouts based on a grid pattern, three different tile / grid blog layouts, unique transitions and animations and distinctive typography.

Ad-Hoc Portfolio theme

One Pager Portfolio

No matter what you are going to showcase, you will find that this one-page portfolio template is a perfect fit. This template includes powerful features that you can use to build professional websites.

One Pager Portfolio

Stag – Portfolio Theme for Freelancers and Agencies

Stag’s user experience is seamless, and provides a breathtaking foundation for freelancers, agencies, photographers, bloggers, and anyone in search of a brilliant web presence. This is a multipurpose WordPress theme which includes advanced features that assist you in creating complex websites with a fullscreen layout.

Stag Portfolio Theme Freelancers Agencies

Photography Showcase

This great website template is tailored for photographers, agencies, architects and freelancers. It is packed with creative possibilities.

Photography Showcase

Inez – Clean Portfolio & Agency Theme

Inez is a modern WordPress multi-page portfolio for photo, video, illustration and design showcase designed for creatives, designers, photographers and other artists.

Inez Clean Portfolio Theme

Creative Portfolio

This creative portfolio template is packed with the features you’ll ever need to build a professional, yet modern-looking website for your business.

Creative Portfolio

Lupo / Portfolio WordPress Theme

Lupo is an easy-to-use portfolio WordPress theme for freelancers and agencies. You will be able to easily create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase your work.

Lupo Portfolio WordPress Theme

Model Book

This clean and minimalist website template was designed with the fashion industry in mind. It is perfect for models and other artists. This is a beautiful template which has the following features: fullscreen design, user-friendly, responsive layout, and more.

Model Book

Resume / CV & WordPress Portfolio

This is a clean, modern and organized material design theme with two color modes: light and dark. It comes with a fully responsive design that will automatically resize its content to fit perfectly any screen size.

Resume Portfolio

Online Business Card

This online business card template has a proper balance between UI & UX in order to offer an excellent user experience to visitors.

Online Business Card

Street Photography

This portfolio website template is easy to customize for almost all professions. It can be ideal as for creative studios and companies as for freelancers, trainers, business consultants, doctors and lawyers.

Street Photography

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20+ Outstanding Packaging Design Kits

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You can spot packaging design everywhere you look! Browsing through the products in a store, shopping online, basically every single item you buy has been through a creative design process. Generally, individuals judge the nature of an item by its remarkable packaging. This is why skilled designers have the huge power of grabbing the customer’s interest through their design ideas and concepts.

If you have a retail business and you are searching for ways to improve it, get inspired by some of the creative product packaging designs listed below. A flawlessly designed package will attract the potential customers’ attention, and also impact their buying patterns. Your products will stand out and your business will grow stronger and faster than ever!

Unlike packaging mockups, these packaging design kits are ready for print. They will save you a lot of time because this way you won’t have to think about the geometry of the boxes and concentrate more on the actual product’s design. Most of these packaging design templates have trim marks and guidelines included, come as editable AI vector files, contain die-cut lines and bleed and free fonts. The designs are easy to assemble and customize.

In this article, we put together some of the most inventive and affordable packaging design ideas with templates, for easy editing. These outstanding packaging kits will help you renew your product’s packaging design in a quick and affordable way. Don’t waste time on designing the templates from scratch, these are ready for print and all you have to do is put your own design / branding on them!

Want more packaging design kits? Check out these food packaging mockup sets! The food mockups don’t come with packaging design kits but are useful for showcasing your design work to your clients, in a professional way.

Multipurpose CD / DVD Dual Pack

This kit is easy to assemble and fully customizable. It includes 6 themes (each theme file contains a set of artworks with die-cut lines and bleed) and free font. The kit is also printable on standard A4 size sheets and on different materials.

Multipurpose CD DVD Dual Pack

Tea Box

This package design for tea boxes comes in four different color combinations. The design is ready to print on A4 paper size and moreover, it is fully resizable and color customizable.

Tea Box Packaging Design Kits

NeoSoft_Shopping Bag Packaging

NeoSoft Shopping Bag can be found in 2 different color designs with 4 colors combined.  It is print-ready, fully resizable and includes editable texts, fonts, and colors.


Label Templates For Tea

The dimension of the label is 9,45” × 5,5”  with 3 mm bleeds. The templates are organized and have named layers which are fully editable. Dimensions can be changed. Files included: ai, eps. Font used: Arial Sofia.


CD Sleeve

This easy-to-construct packaging has well-organized layers and it is ready to print and cut.  It is also foldable without glue. Recommended paper weight: 180 – 320g/m². Files included: • ai • eps.

CD Sleeve Packaging Design Kits

Pro Box

Pro Box includes .ai and EPS (CS3, CS5 ) files. It is fully resizable and very easy to construct. You can use this packaging design kit to mockup box designs for you or your clients.


GA Retro Box Multipurpose Packaging

This template is designed for a multipurpose product packet box. It is fully resizable. Files included: .ai, EPS, Vector, CMYK. It is print-ready and fully resizable. Texts, fonts, and colors are editable. Free fonts HTML links included.

GA Retro Box Multipurpose Packaging

Build A Reindeer Holiday Gift Box Template

This cute fully customizable gift box template can be printed on regular paper or card stock.  Helps you create your own graphics, and it is very useful for self-promotion or as DIY holiday gifts.

Build A Reindeer Holiday Gift Box Template


Fresh Perfume and Fragrance Package Template

This is an exquisite perfume package template. It is an ideal solution for packaging and marketing campaigns. Font used: DIN Black, Myriad Pro. Colors and texts can be easily customized. It is also print-ready, Ready to cut and includes folding guidelines.

Fresh Perfume Package Template

GA Shopping Bag Packaging v.1

This packaging is created for multipurpose business/product shopping bags. Dimensions are 35” ×12” with Bleed plus Trim Mark,  EPS, Vector, CMYK. It is print-ready, fully resizable. The texts, fonts, and colors are editable. Free fonts HTML links included.

GA Shopping Bag Packaging

CD Sleeve v2

This is a ready to print packaging, foldable without glue, with three designs. It also has editable texts. Files included: .ai and .eps. Recommended paper weight: 180 – 280g/m².

CD Sleeve Packaging Design Kits

Box Set For Business Cards

This is an ideal product for printing business cards.  It fits for standard business cards. It is fully resizable, ready to cut with well-organized layers. It is also foldable without glue. Recommended paper weight: 200-300g/m².

Box Set Business Cards

Lucky Draw Box Template

This is a nice template which comes in 2 color themes (Black and White) and includes .eps files. Use these simple box mockup templates to create awesome box designs with ease.

Lucky Draw Box Template

Socialika Social Media CD Sleeve & Sticker

This packaging is very useful for any kind of social media business CD/DVD presentation. Includes bleed, trim Mark, .ai,  EPS, Vector, CMYK. It is print-ready and fully resizable. Also comes with editable fonts, colors, and text.  Free fonts HTML links included.

Socialika Social Media CD Sleeve Sticker

Spice Package Design

This is a very fresh and clean product design. The package includes easily changeable colors, texts, background etc. The dimension of the font used (Open Sans) can be also changed. It is also Print-Ready.

Spice Package Design

Minimalistic Perfume Box Packaging Templates

This minimalistic perfume box packaging template comes in four different sizes and has unlimited color versions. It is very easy to customize and print-ready. Free font used: Playfair Display, Lora. Minimum Adobe Version required: CS 5.

Minimalistic Packaging Templates

Retro Perfume Box Templates

This box packaging template can be customized as you please. It is print-ready and includes a logo. File format included: ai, eps. You can easily use these perfume box templates to add your own designs on them.

Retro Perfume Box Templates

Men Cosmetics Box Templates

This box packaging template can be customized without restriction. It comes in different sizes and unlimited color version. It is print-ready and includes a logo. File format included: ai, eps.  Also includes organized layers and colors.

Men Cosmetics Box Templates

Mango Juice Label Template

This modern and fresh template comes in 3 color versions (Green, Orange, Silver) and has very useful specifications. It is fully editable and print-ready. Help file included. Free font used: Roboto, Aller. Size: 11.5” x 4.5”.

Mango Juice Label Template

Label Design Template Candy Bar Nutrition Granola Bar

This packaging includes labels for candy bar / granola bar / chocolate bar. The labels are in different layered graphic files format for flexible and easy editing. It is also scalable and editable. Size: 6.89” × 5.5”.


Supplement Label Template

This packaging contains two amazing label design. Files are easily editable.  Colors, images, text and graphics can be easily changed. It is fully editable with 3mm bleed. File Supported: PSD. Customer support is included.

Supplement Label Template

Salad Dressing Bottle Label Templates

These labels can be used for any homemade dressing, sauce or condiment. It is fully editable.  Colors, images, text and graphics can be easily changed.

Salad Dressing Bottle Label Templates

Juice Bottle Label Template

This template includes 7 labeled .psd file and 1 help .txt file.  All text styles are included. The main file includes images with 7 flavors: Apple, Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange and Banana.

Juice Bottle Label Template Packaging Design Kits

Shopping Bag Packaging

This creative shopping bag packaging is perfect for any kind of e-commerce or online shop business. It is print-ready, fully resizable and texts/fonts/colors are editable. It comes in 4 handmade color variations. Trim marks and guidelines are included.

Shopping Bag Packaging

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Level Up Your CSS Skills With These 20 Pro CSS Tips

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Front-end development is quickly becoming more and more focused on efficiency – faster loading and rendering through selector choice and minimizing code. Pre-processors like Less and SCSS go a long way in doing some of the work for us, but there are plenty of ways to write minimal, quick CSS the native way. This guide […]

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From Working in a Call Center to Senior Developer: Aaron’s Story

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In the 90s, coding was just a hobby for Aaron Marks and too much fun to consider as a potential career. As life progressed, Aaron began coding less and less. It wasn’t until years later when he was working at a call center – in a job he couldn’t stand and desperate for a career change – that he decided to return to coding. That’s when Aaron joined Code Louisville and began learning with Treehouse.

By the time he finished his first cohort with Code Louisville, Aaron had brushed up his coding skills and successfully landed a software support position, which transitioned into a full-time developer role. Today, Aaron is a senior developer for a law firm and an instructor at a local university where he teachers web and mobile development. In his free time, Aaron is even studying for his Master’s degree in IT and working with local non-profit organizations to help them harness the power of the web to achieve their goals.

We asked Aaron to share his experience going from a call center to senior developer and his advice with other aspiring developers.

Start learning to code today with a free trial on Treehouse.


What first encouraged you to learn to code and pursue a career in the tech industry?

Programming was a hobby for me in the 90s. I started off with BASIC on a second-hand Commodore 64 that my family picked up for me – but I didn’t see it as a career. Code was too much fun to be considered “work”. As the years passed, I wrote less and less code each day until, one day, I had basically forgotten how to program at all! My tech career started on a really bad day at my job in the call center industry. I kept hearing about these coding bootcamps that promised to make you a programmer and I figured “well, I loved this stuff as a kid and I certainly don’t like my job answering phones so… let’s do this thing”.

Code was too much fun to be considered “work”.

What were you doing when you first joined Code Louisville and started learning with Treehouse?

When I signed up for Code Louisville, I had just started my first term back in college after many years. I was working for a cable company answering phones and processing business cable install orders.

You’re now working as a full-time developer and teach coding. Tell us a little about how your career evolved since learning to code.

By the time I finished my first cohort with Code Louisville, I had brushed the dust off of my resume and successfully landed a position doing software support work for a local software company. Not too long after I was hired, my role transitioned into that of a full-time developer. The company was small which allowed me to learn a ton about web development, DevOps, and server management on the job. Honestly, this was my favorite part. I love being a “jack of all trades”.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Developer for a law firm here in Louisville and an adjunct instructor at a local university teaching web and mobile application development classes. At the firm, I am responsible for maintaining 65 – 70 custom applications written over the past 10 to 15 years that support the firm’s internal reporting and operations needs as well as a few web applications that support our clients’ need for data. Like my first job, I am able to wear many hats as I run around the office working on database servers, training users on how to use the applications we’ve created, and otherwise saving the world.

With my free time, I am working on my Master’s degree in IT and working with local not-for-profit organizations helping them harness the power of the web and data to achieve their goals. I used to mentor a cohort at Code Louisville, which I haven’t been able to in a good while. I miss that experience and plan to get back to mentoring as soon as I graduate.

What has the value of a Treehouse education meant to you?

In many ways, learning to code was self-care in that it was a distraction from a pretty tough work situation that also served as work toward an escape from a job I honestly couldn’t stand. Treehouse made the goal of becoming a developer so much easier than I would have imagined. The Treehouse teachers have a gift for making technical concepts easier to understand all while making the whole learning experience fun for their students. The high-quality education offered by Treehouse allowed me to make the career change I so desperately needed to make.

In many ways, learning to code was self-care in that it was a distraction from a pretty tough work situation that also served as work toward an escape from a job I honestly couldn’t stand.

What did you find the greatest challenge while learning to code?

The greatest challenge I faced while learning to code was trying to convince myself that I was actually a developer. Often I would find myself searching Google for the answers to tough situations with code, especially CSS issues. I thought that one day, once my dependency on Google had stopped, that I would finally be able to call myself a developer. Turns out – that dependency only grew. I still struggle with the fear that the day will come when my boss finally figures out that I’m an awful developer and fires me. 4 ½ years later and that day has still not come.

Treehouse made the goal of becoming a developer so much easier than I would have imagined.

What are your favorite aspects of working in the tech industry compared to your past careers?

I love to learn new things and tech jobs encourage and often require a great deal of learning. Recently I had to learn Angular for a project. Soon, I suspect I will be learning React or possibly Vue. Who knows? The only thing that is certain is that my job will never let me stop learning ways to create new things.

I love to learn new things and tech jobs encourage and often require a great deal of learning.

What advice would you share with aspiring developers?

Our chosen career requires us to learn a lot of things and it can get overwhelming. We all have moments where we can’t seem to wrap our heads around a particular concept or chunk of code and we get discouraged. We will seek answers to our questions and, sometimes, the folks we ask won’t be so nice about helping us. If I could tell new developers anything it would be this: you were a developer the moment you decided to write code. Don’t be discouraged by seemingly unsolvable puzzles, hidden answers, or grumpy people in the field. Write code, write better code tomorrow, and always love what you do.

You were a developer the moment you decided to write code. Don’t be discouraged by seemingly unsolvable puzzles, hidden answers, or grumpy people in the field. Write code, write better code tomorrow, and always love what you do.

Self-Taught Developer to Web Development Director: Jim’s Story

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16 Books on Our DevLearn 2017 Reading List

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Last month, we attended DevLearn 2017 where we heard some fascinating talks from interesting speakers, met great people (and customers!), and got to hear new perspectives on teaching and learning.

If you work in the realm of training, are interested in being a Futurist, or if you just want to start thinking about how best to train people at your company, here’s a reading list we compiled during the event that you should check out!

1. Superbetter by Jane Mcgonigal

2. The Signals are Talking by Amy Webb

3. TLC At Work by Donna Dunning

4. Tell & Win by Peter Guber

5. Action Inquiry by William R. Torbert

6. Radical Collaboration by James Tamm

7. Infographics – The Power Of Visual Storytelling by Jason Lankow

8. Learning In The Age Of Immediacy by Brandon Carson

9. Creative Learning – Activities And Games That Really Engage People by Robert Lucas

10. Primary Greatness by Stephen Covey

11. More Is More by Blake Morgan

12. Flex by Jane Hyun

13. Leadership BS by Jeffrey Pfeffer

14. Better And Faster by Jeremy Gutsche

15. Go With It by Karen Hough

16. The Chameleon by Merrick Rosenberg

Have you read any of these already? What did you think? Share your thoughts and recommendations for other books to add to this list in the comments below!

If you’re interested in hearing more from DevLearn 2017, the future of learning and a few tips for how to retain information better, check out our video from the event below.


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7 Compelling Reasons to Work Remotely

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Working remotely – basically working from somewhere other than a traditional office – is becoming increasingly popular with both individuals and companies. In fact, at the start of this year, The New York Times reported on a Gallup survey that stated that 43% of working Americans now spend at least some of their time working remotely. At Treehouse, 52 members (which is the majority)of our team work remotely full-time from cities across the US (and even as far as the UK). We can also confidently say that the remote aspect of our company has contributed to our culture and our success.

There are a lot of perks to working remotely, whether it’s in a largely remote company like Treehouse, as a part-time opportunity from your office job, or as a freelancer. Based on our experience over the last 7 years, here are 7 reasons we recommend you consider working remotely.

Start learning to code today with a free trial on Treehouse.

1. Explore as a digital nomad

Working remotely gives you a great deal of freedom, so if an agile workspace appeals to you, working remotely is the best way to make that happen. Provided you’re able to commit to working the hours required for your role, theoretically you can work from absolutely anywhere, all you need is stable internet. At Treehouse, some of our employees have chosen to work while traveling or spend time living abroad. This sometimes means staggering their hours to overlap with our regular US hours to allow for meetings, but in large part, the culture of our team and the tools we use facilitate the digital nomad lifestyle.


2. Embrace the flexibility

While you’re working remotely, you’re able to make decisions that work for you. You’re often able to create your own schedule in terms of how you approach your daily tasks and responsibilities. This can help increase productivity and efficiency. For digital nomads, this can be valuable, but it’s even more so for parents. At Treehouse, 48 of our team members are parents (which is more than half of the company). Due to the remote nature of the team, this allows for parents to make adjustments to their daily schedule that work around their families and routines. For example, that might mean an earlier start to the day with an earlier finish, leaving more time to spend with their kids after school.

3. Harness the tools that make a remote company culture

Although remote teams may be physically spread out, the increased popularity of the remote structure means there are an abundance of tools that help teams work productively and build a strong company culture. At Treehouse, we use Zoom for all of our video conferencing, and we spend a significant part of our week in face-to-face meetings and work sessions. Another fundamental tool for us is Slack, which we use to communicate with one another, to coordinate on team projects, and to chat on our company-wide channel.

Slack also offers a great place for the bonding aspects of our company’s culture. We have channels like “Remote Work Tips”, where we can share challenges and advice, and “Props”, a channel dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating colleagues for the great work they do to reflect our company values. What’s more, Slack has an impressive and growing number of 3rd party apps that are integrated into the tool, including Zoom, Google Drive, JIRA and InVision (all valuable collaboration tools that we use daily at Treehouse).

For more on Treehouse’s remote culture, check out this post by our CEO and co-founder, Ryan Carson.

4. Choose your ideal working environment

If you’re not drawn to the full digital nomad lifestyle, working remotely still gives you the opportunity to find or create the perfect work environment for you. That might be a home office, a co-working space or a local cafe. In many cases, remote companies will even offer a budget towards setting up your home office or working in a co-working space. Personally, after years of experience, my work space is a combination of all of the above with an office at home, a pay-as-you-go hot desking membership at a local co-working space, and the occasional afternoon spent working from my local coffee shop.

work remotely

 5. Find your focus

Whichever remote working environment you choose, the assumption is you’ll be working somewhere that has less distractions, allowing you to be more productive. Being in control of your working day with limited external influences, will naturally help you find your focus to complete projects and tasks. Although your teammates will never be hard to reach with the convenience of tools like Slack and Zoom, you may find your self reliance increases and as a result the time you spend meeting with colleagues is more focused and productive. In fact, the same New York Times and Gallup survey mentioned earlier uncovered that people who work remotely 60% to 80% of their time have the highest rates of engagement (compared to people who work full time in an office alongside their colleagues). In my personal experience, when you don’t get to see your colleagues every day from 9-5, you’ll enjoy the virtual time you do spend with them even more.

6. Expand your job search

One of the reasons so many companies are onboard with remote work is that it allows them to attract talent that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. The same applies to you. When you start to look at remote positions, you’re no longer restricted by your city or commuting distance. Most remote positions will specify if they require applicants to be in a specific timezone or country, but that could still mean you live in New York and work for a company with an HQ in Portland. Remote work removes that artificial boundary, opening up the opportunities to find the perfect position for you. What’s more, remote companies today often offer increasing competitive packages and benefits to attract the right talent to their teams.

7. Save time (and money)

Now we come to the most practical of the perks, the fact that you’ll save both on precious time and money if you work remotely. When it comes to time, there’s the obvious: no longer do you have to endure a grinding and exhausting commute. Or if you work at a co-working space, you can choose to always travel outside of rush hour. It’s also almost impossible to be late for work, which works in your company’s favor. Closely tied to saving time is saving money. As a remote employee, you’ll save on the cost of a commute, the premium cost of buying snacks and lunch five times a week (as you can rustle something up at home) and even – depending on your industry – you may even save on the cost of an office wardrobe!

Those are some of the greatest perks of working remotely, but it’s important to also mention that there are challenges to remote work. Tune in next week for a roundup of the greatest ones we’ve experienced at Treehouse, and our (tried and tested) recommendations for how to overcome them.  

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Treehouse

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