6 Courses to Brush-up Your Coding Skills This Weekend

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Whether you’re a veteran developer or a coding newbie, you need to constantly be learning new things and expanding your coding skills because being a developer means being a lifelong learner. To keep up with the evolving tech industry, it’s important you keep your skills up-to-date.  With so many different languages to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what to learn next. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular courses to brush up your coding skills. Why not choose one to focus on and set yourself a learning goal this weekend?

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1. Object-Oriented JavaScript


Objects in JavaScript are everywhere. Whether you know it or not, you’ve been using them already. You can use the document object to find HTML elements and modify their contents. You’ve been using the console to log out values. However, you can make your own objects to organize your own code and do some awesome things. In this course with Andrew Chalkley, you’ll build a couple of projects to get a handle on creating your own objects.

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2. CSS Flexbox Layout

In this course with Guil Hernandez, you’ll l learn how to use Flexbox, a set of CSS properties that give you a flexible way to lay out content. With flexbox you can change the direction, alignment, size and order of elements, regardless of their original size and order in the HTML. You can even stretch and shrink elements and distribute space, all with just a few lines of CSS.

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3. Java Objects

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Literally, everything you interact with is an object, so understanding them is critical to your Java foundational base. In this course with Craig Dennis, you’ll learn how to create, use and express ideas using objects.

Check out the course here

4. Web Design Process


Going from a blank screen to a finished website can be daunting. In this course with Nick Pettit, you’ll learn about the major steps involved in designing websites. You’ll also learn how to gather information, explore potential concepts, and iterate on a design. By the end, you’ll have the foundation you need to continue your design journey.

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5. JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects

Storing, tracking and handling data is a large part of computer programming. Arrays provide a method for storing multiple values into a single variable. That makes an array a convenient way to pass around a list of items. In this course with Dave McFarland, you’ll learn how to create arrays and use loops to access their contents. You’ll also learn some advanced methods that make working with arrays easier.

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6. Python Collections


You can get pretty far in Python with numbers, strings, lists, booleans, and basic logic. Eventually, though, you’re going to need more complex containers for our data. You’re also going to need more control over lists and strings. In this course, Kenneth Love will teach you about dictionaries, sets, tuples, slices, and how to exert even more control over lists in your Python programs.

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These are just a few of our courses, in fact, we currently have over 300 courses in the Treehouse Library for you to check out!  Is there a Treehouse course you’d like to recommend to the community? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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