10 Fantastic Stock Sites To Find Music for Your Explainer Videos

Original Source: http://justcreative.com/2017/11/12/10-fantastic-stock-sites-to-find-music-for-your-explainer-videos/

This article was contributed by Sunny Arora.

Do you often find it a herculean task to create compelling content for your business? Do you often get the drowning to death feeling while generating leads for your business?

You are not alone.

Most businesses doing content marketing, are finding it hard to break the cutter and showcase themselves amidst the increasing noise.

Take a look at this stat:

“60% of the marketers fail to produce engaging content, consistently.”


The Power of Video

Video is an exciting medium to create story-driven content for your business. Videos grab audience attention and hook them to your content for longer. A video helps you to communicate complex and long information quickly and effectively. It is lively and provides a human touch to your brand communication.

Videos help you tell your brand story in a way that’s both informative and entertaining. They help you to communicate about the USP of your product in as little as just 30 seconds.

Have you started using videos to market your business online?

Take a look at some of these stats:

“85% of the audience in the US watches videos online.”


 Listen to audio 

“61% of businesses have started using video content marketing.” 


“E-commerce stores which use video content have an 80% higher conversion rate than those which do not.”

“By 2018, 90% of content shared by Facebook users will be video.”


The attention span of an average human being is just eight seconds.

Businesses need to create content that touches their audience on a deeper level. You need to consistently provide valuable and entertaining content to your audience.

Videos help you to breathe life into your content marketing efforts. You can create exciting video content for each of the stages of the buyer’s journey. You can create videos that:

Educate your target audience and spread awareness about your business
Talk about your products and services and their key benefits
Communicate about the success of your business through client testimonials
Thank existing customers for their loyalty

You can create animated videos, documentaries, whiteboard videos, explainer videos, testimonials, corporate culture videos, FAQ videos, personalized videos and instructional videos etc. for promoting your business among your audience.

Ready to create videos for your business? 

Make sure your video builds that connect with the people your business wishes to reach. Your video should have a story, characters, and background music that appeals to your target audience. It is essential to hire the services of a professional video production company to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a video’s background music plays a role in its success.

Why the Emphasis on Background Music?

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”
― Johnny Depp 

Good background music makes your video more entertaining and memorable. It adds to how your audience perceives your video.

It is the tune of your brand video that your audience will remember and even hum.

Take a look at this example from Apple iPod:

The music of this ad plays in your heart, long after you have seen it. The background score of your video helps you to build an emotional connection with your audience. A video with bad background music will always come across as something unprofessional.

Here are some tips to help you choose music that will work well for your video:

How to Choose the Right Background Music?

Before deciding on the music, you should be clear on goals of your video:

Is your video skewed towards being informative or entertaining?
Is it an introductory video or does it talk about a specific product?
Do you wish to create a fast-paced video or a slow paced one?

Make sure your music is aligned with your brand values and your campaign objectives. It should be according to the message you wish to convey through your video.

Decide on your music on the basis of how you want your audience to feel after watching it.

You could explore from a variety of emotions:


You must also consider factors like the preferred genre, the density of sound, the instruments as well as the tempo.

Avoid using any music that’s dark or gloomy. Remember, your music runs in the background so you must ensure that it’s not so prominent that it distracts the audience from the core message. This is especially true for videos which have a narrative or a voiceover that talks to the audience.

You can also pick up a popular song and include a section from it in your video.

Create a playlist of the possible background scores that could fit into your video. Once you have a playlist you can narrow down to one option that you will use in the final video.

You must ensure that you are using a video that you have the rights to use. Download your music from a resource that provides you with a license or a way to attribute the creator of the music.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best stock music sites that can help you find that awesome background music:

Top Free & Paid Stock Music Resources

earphones close

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube audio library has a large collection of free music for your videos. You can easily search this extensive resource for your choice of music on the basis of instrument, genre, and mood.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is another great collection of free, public domain as well Creative Commons tacks. The site offers more than 1500 tracks that you can readily download.


IncompeTech is another awesome resource to find free music for your videos. They have a variety of music genres to choose from. You can use the music from this site for free if you provide attribution else you can pay and use it without attribution.


Soundstripe is a paid resource for finding a wide variety of music for your videos. The platform has a simplified user-interface and gives you the option to choose from different music genres, moods, instruments and pace. The yearly subscription of Soundstripe costs you $135 and offers unlimited licenses.

Audio Sparx

This site provides a wide collection of royalty free music, tracks and sounds. You can sign up to create an account and start buying one off music licenses and packs. The site offers a variety of search options such as mood, instrumental, lyrical and regional.
Public Domain 4U
This resource provides you with some interesting collection of public domain music. The collection is slightly old but it is free to use without attribution.

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle is an Envato Market product and offers more than 586,000 tracks in a variety of genres. The site also offers a range of music kits and sound effects. The site offers royalty free music and the licensing starts from just $1. It has a lot of reasonably priced music options.


You can get some amazing variety of royalty free music from this platform. The site’s name is after its owner Bensound who creates all of the music himself. You can provide attribution and use the music on this site for free. You can buy the license in case don’t wish to give attribution.

Epidemic Sound

If you are looking for high-quality background music then Epidemic sound is one option that you can’t afford to miss. The platform allows you to search for the type of music you are looking for, quickly and easily. The licensing on this platform starts at $0.99.

Gerry Music

This site has music that was created by Gerry Black. The resource provides a variety of music for your business videos. You can use the music on this site for free by providing the requisite attribution. Alternatively, you can get a license to use the tracks which start at just $18.

What is Public Domain Music?

There is a lot of music out there that you can use without providing any attribution or a license fee. You can freely copy, distribute and use this type of music commercially. All such music is categorized as public domain music.

What is Creative Commons Music?

One of the most popular public copyright licenses is Creative Commons. It enables free distribution of copyrighted music. You can use Creative Commons music for free by giving an attribution to the creator of the piece.

If you have just started out creating videos for your business, then I would suggest that you go for Creative Commons music and provide attribution for it in your video. You will find some high quality Creative Commons music in the resources mentioned above. When you have the budget you can pay for the license and use it without any attribution.

Background music is the soul of your brand videos. It plays a critical role in the success of a your video marketing campaigns. Choose the right one, it will surely help you to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your audience.

20+ Fresh & Creative 404 Error Pages Examples For Your Inspiration

Original Source: https://webdesignledger.com/20-fresh-creative-404-error-pages-just-for-fun/

It’s necessary to have a beautiful and appealing 404 error page. It appeared when a user used wrong URL or broken link. Besides, it can show up when the page URL was changed or redirected.

When a user has landed on 404 page, there is a huge chance he or she will leave without having to see what else your website can offer. Thus, once it happens, you need to help them get back to the homepage.

In this list, we have collected 20 fresh and creative 404 error pages to see just for fun. Or, you can use their ideas to create some cool 404 error page for your site or blog.

1. Dropbox


2. The useless web index


3. Bluegg


4. Dan Woodger


5. Figma


6. Bitly


7. tinsanity


8. Lego


9. Airbnb


10. Grantburke


11. BrandCrowd


12. IconFinder


13. Blizzard


14. Cooklet


15. Hoppermagic


16. Template Monster


17. ShutterStock


18. MailChimp


19. Repair Pal


20. Starbucks


21. Designoholic

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20 Amazingly Creative Wedding Invitation Designs

Original Source: https://webdesignledger.com/20-amazingly-creative-wedding-invitation-designs/

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Everything has to be perfect: the wedding decorations, the dress, the cake, wedding photos, and of course, wedding invitations. A lot of work is done on wedding preparations.

Wedding invites can be printed or written by hand, in any case, they should carry a personal touch or a couple that is going to get married. In this collection, we have handpicked creative wedding invitation designs that will definitely impress you!

The designers of these invites play around witgh colors, typography, images and get amazing results. So, scroll down, see the wedding invitations and get ideas you can use for your own big day.

1. Teepee Invite


2. Wedding Invitation Design


3. Wedding invitation Design


4. Kai+Tuan wedding invitation card


5. Wedding Invite – Overall


6. Adventure for Two: Wedding Invitations


7. A Paper Record Player


8. Insta Photo Frame wedding invitation set


9. Wedding Save The Date Balloon Cards


10. Wedding Invite – Overall


11. My Wedding Invites


12. Wedding Invite Final 2


13. K+M Wedding Invitations


14. save the date invitation


15. Festive Wedding Suite


16. Love City Life


17. The Rabbit & Monday Misfits


18. Chad & Helen | Wedding Stationery


19. Save The Date invitation


20. Wedding Stationery | Ashley & Edwin


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Top Notch Web Apps for Designers and Design Teams

Original Source: https://webdesignledger.com/top-notch-web-apps-designers-design-teams/

Whatever your business or occupation, you want to make the best use of your core competencies. These might involve web design, project management, or business management.

Your responsibilities can also involve necessary, yet tedious and time-consuming tasks. If these to be done manually, can be error-prone as well.

When these tasks require frequent attention, you’re left with less time to do what you do best.

The best solution is to invest in apps that automate these tasks. In fact, a high-quality web app can make completing them easier and faster. Many of these apps, however, require installation and updating.

These web apps can be superior choices for the solutions you’re looking for. They don’t require installation or maintenance.



View video on YouTube

This web app features a powerful online CRM system that sits at the core of an integrated suite of business apps. Apptivo automates your sales and marketing tasks, and provides a total view of your customer base.

You can also access this web-based system from your mobile devices.



View video on YouTube

This web app enables you to do both design and develop custom, responsive websites — without writing a line of code, or relying on a template. It also lets you create a bespoke CMS for any website, with structured content tailored to the site’s purpose. That’s how Webflow helps creative teams break down their silos and simplify collaboration between design, dev, and content.



View video on YouTube

This full-featured management app is suitable for individual designers and developers as well as for teams. Paymo enables you to manage your projects, track your time and expenses from start to finish. It also manages your invoicing and resource scheduling.



View video on YouTube

Whether you’re an old hand at managing Agile and Scrum projects, or relatively new to the game, you’ll find Nutcache to be extremely helpful. This robust, business-oriented web app manages the total project lifecycle, and does so within the Agile set of principles.



View video on YouTube

Storing your videos, documents, photos, and other information on the cloud has its definite advantages.pCloud gives you 24/7 access to your stored information, whether it’s from your PC, tablet, or phone. It is also the first cloud storage system to offer lifetime use for a single payment.pCloud is one of the top Dropbox alternatives that you can find.


Keep up to date with the latest trends; the easy way

Every day we witness new design and project management tools appearing in the marketplace. Considering the rapid pace of development, it can be hard for a professional to keep up. Time spent on learning about the latest and greatest is also the time that’s taken away from the work at hand.

Nevertheless, you want to know about any new products that appear that can make your work easier. New tools can help you improve processes and deliverables, and boost your productivity.

If you want to save time, you’ll need to let others do the searching for you. Like that, you will still be able to improve your workflow and make your life just a little easier.

Read the reviews, study the pros and cons and find out what the potential learning curve of a new tool might be. By doing so, you can save yourself lots of time and trouble.



Design processes can vary in accordance with project types, team sizes, and the like. However, we tend to settle on a preferred set of tried and tested tools.

There is always a room for improvement. Moreover, continuous improvement should be one of the goals of any web designer.

New and improved tools, including web apps, deserve a close look. You’ll often get a significant return on your investment once you’ve put them to use.

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6 Tips for Selecting a Great Freelance Designer

Original Source: http://justcreative.com/2017/11/05/6-tips-for-selecting-a-great-freelance-designer/

This article was contributed by Nicole Letendre.

Finding a great freelance designer can seem like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: You never know what you’re going to get.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With some self-education, a little research, and a clear idea of your needs, you can find the perfect graphic designer for your project.

You see the efforts of graphic designers all around you. If you notice a design or style that speaks to you, prepare to share it as you search for your freelancer. It can start the conversation rolling for both of you to learn more about the other. You are looking for a partner to help your business succeed; the better you understand and communicate with each other, the more smoothly your project will run.

How to choose the right designer

Here are 6 six tips for selecting a great freelance designer, before you begin your search.

Determine project needs
Determine required skills
Determine budget
Do your research
Interview your shortlist
Understand the contract

Tip 1: Determine Project Needs

Designer Wall

Develop a creative brief to show freelancers under consideration. The creative brief should contain information that will help designers understand the project and whether they have the pertinent skills at their disposal.

In your creative brief, include the following:

Details about your company: what you do or sell, your culture, and your mission
The objective of the project
Specific qualifications and skills required
The project deadline
Any potential obstacles

It’s easy to forget that freelancers won’t have the same depth of knowledge or sense of your business as you do. Providing this information at the beginning will keep both you and the freelancer from wasting time on a project that isn’t a good fit or that does not fit into your schedules.

Tip 2: Determine Required Skills

Graphic designers have many applications to select from when building their designs. If you have a reason for requiring a specific application, such as Adobe Illustrator or Visual Design, make sure your candidates have experience with those tools. Get to know their expertise, specialisations and what they can offer you.

Will you provide stock images for designers to work from or do you require them to take photos to integrate into the design? Some graphic designers have preferred image sources or can help you locate appropriate resources.

For logo design, make sure the designer can provide the design in fully scalable vector format to ensure image quality across mediums and size variations.

Tip 3: Determine Budget

How much should you budget and how much can you budget? There is little in the way of standard pricing between designers, but you should be able to find someone in your price range. Many designers will negotiate their listed prices in return for consistent and ongoing work.

On the other hand, don’t stint. You get what you pay for, and this is an investment in your business. Treat it as such. Good design performs well into the future as a critical marketing tool in today’s business environment.

Be flexible in your payment options. Paypal is a popular method for freelancers as are some other payment applications. Cover the logistics of payment to set expectations of when payment is expected and what form it will take.

Tip 4: Do Your Research


An important part of identifying candidates is looking at their portfolios. Use the opportunity to look at their versatility and creativity.

Development of a concept across various media and platforms
Optimal formatting of print advertising, video, and web pages
Use of the latest web coding protocols and the ability to test a web page across multiple browsers and mobile devices for proper display

Looking over their portfolios can help you understand how each designer works creatively and whether it will complement your ideas and sensibilities. Do the graphic elements used in their portfolio designs mesh pleasingly? Does the designer pay attention to detail and demonstrate stylistic and visual integrity?

As you consider various styles and designs, be open to something edgier than usual; it can make your images and logos last longer before being refreshed in the future. If you can find a designer with some experience in your industry, it will reduce the learning curve and allow the designer to connect with your ideal customers more easily.

Tip 5: Interview Your Short List

Designer Interview

Assemble a short list of the graphic designers that most closely match your needs and who have indicated interest in your project if you received responses to a creative brief. If you can, interview in person or via video chat so you can get a better sense of the person and how you both communicate.

Video chat and screen sharing also give you a chance to share images and sketches more interactively. You get a better idea of how it is to work with each designer, an important consideration if you want a long term partnership.

If the designer persists in using jargon you don’t understand, the behavior will probably continue. If you don’t understand what the designer is communicating, you will be frustrated throughout your relationship.
The designer should be deeply interested in your business and will dive deep to learn your needs.
Language comprehension is another important element in successfully communicating and collaborating on design.

Ask them about the inspiration for specific parts of their designs; learn why they made particular choices. Discuss different brands, websites, books, or artists that inspire their work. Their key motivations will give you a sense of their style and may uncover more ideas or unique design elements for your project.

Professional affiliations may play a role in how a designer performs. Some organizations require their members to follow specific ethical standards regarding trademarks and copyright infringement. Also, ask for references and follow through by contacting those references. You need to know if the designer you are considering conducts himself or herself professionally, hits deadlines, and is easy to work with.

If you decide to ask for a small trial project, make sure to pay the designer for the time and effort. Never ask for free work from any creative professional; after all, you would expect to be paid for any of your products or services.

Tip 6: Understand the Contract


If the graphic designer has a contract, read it and make sure you understand everything it says. If the designer does not have a contract, you should write one yourself. A contract can stave off unpleasant surprises including additional expenses and scope creep. You want transparency in all your business dealings. AIGA provides a contract for free here.

Ask if the timeline and budget you are proposing are reasonable. Also, understand who retains ownership of the work.

The graphic design for your marketing, packaging, and website is the first impression your target audience has of your company. Invest in a designer who performs quality work to the highest standards. Hiring an amateur may sound like a recipe for saving money, but if the design of your website or logo looks cheap, your company will look cheap.

You dress your best when meeting with a client; dress your sales collateral, logo, and website in its best for the public to see.

Do you have any further advice for choosing the right designer?

​Videoblocks Is Giving You 7 Days of Complimentary Downloads

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Samples From VideoBlock’s Collection

VideoBlocks Lake VideoBlocks Sky VideoBlocks Bike VideoBlocks Mountains VideoBlocks NYC VideoBlocks Beach VideoBlocks Surf VideoBlocks Trees

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10 Ways to Increase Interactivity in Your Emails

Original Source: http://justcreative.com/2017/11/06/10-ways-to-increase-interactivity-in-your-emails/

This article was contributed by Kevin George.

Emails are constantly evolving. What began as an interdepartmental communication channel is now a vital marketing tool to reach the masses. Unlike a social post which is lost in a sea of updates, your emails reach your subscribers’ inbox, ready to be opened and read.

But the steps every email goes through are almost similar. Your subscriber receives your email, opens it, spends roughly 8 seconds to go through it, decides to either respond or move to the next email and repeats the same steps. Every email marketer struggles to make their emails interesting enough for their subscriber to spend more time and this increased time spent can be really pivotal in converting them into customers.

To make any email engaging, you have two options:

Make your email content engaging
Make, how your email content is presented, engaging

Email marketers have been using best practices and experimenting with email elements such as layouts, colors, email copy, visually appealing hero images, since long. Now, what if we tweaked the method of presenting the above-stated email elements so that your subscribers interact with your emails to unfold the message?

See here for the anatomy of the perfect email and how to use personalization in email.

Carter Dr.-Marten

Would you like to remind your subscriber about limited sale via text (a) or have a countdown timer (b) in your emails?

Presenting Interactivity in Emails…

Ever since the amalgamation of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) into HTML emails, the scope for including keyframe animation in emails became possible. Using keyframe, any specific element from an email can be moved, expanded, reduced, flipped, etc. The end result is super amazing elements that change according to the user interactions.

We shall look into some of the interactive email elements that are being included by brands to make their emails STAND OUT. With some minor exceptions, the below stated interactive email elements are supported well in most of the widely used email clients.

Countdown Timer

Countdown, in any form, triggers the fear of missing out in the minds of the reader. Leveraging this sense of urgency, email marketers use countdown timers in their sale promotion/ announcement By using CSS, you can enable the timer to countdown from the time the email was opened to the deadline time. Unfortunately, this is currently only supported in Apple devices and Thunderbird, but fortunately for the non-supporting email clients, a GIF of the countdown timer can be a good fallback option.

The E-commerce industry can use countdown timers to depict the expiry of an ongoing offer or even for the abandoned products in the cart.


In the above example, the countdown is right in the first fold. 

Scope of Application:

Ecommerce sites can create ‘limited period’ urgency while offering discounts on different products and in their cart abandonment emails.
Attendees to an event can be sent reminder by event companies
Automobile industry can send emails to enthusiasts with a countdown before the launch of a new car model.

Navigation Menu

Most of the brands now feature a navigation menu in the header or footer of the email. But when the email is opened on a mobile device, the content stacks up to make the email unintentionally long. This can be overcome by hiding the navigation menu within a collapsible menu so that only those interested can click on it. Moreover, the navigation when placed at the footer, shall not force the email content to shift down, as with the case in the navigation menu on the top.

This is compatible currently on Android native and Apple’s Native email clients.


As you can observe, in the above email the mobile layout features the navigation menu at the bottom

Scope of Application:

Links to extensive tour options can be offered by brands in Travel and hospitality services, neatly tucked behind menus within emails.
E-commerce websites can provide links to different product sections to showcase new product launches, recommendations and cross selling within the navigation menu.

Rotating Banner

When you need to showcase different products or variation of the same product, stacking them into columns is not a very wise decision in terms of email length. In such cases, integrating all the images into a rotating banner can be really helpful. Rotating banners automatically loop between different images, separated by a preset time interval – one image at a time. This doesn’t require any manual input from the user’s end and it keeps on running in a loop, being especially helpful when viewing on mobile devices.

Rei Ghost - Carousel

Adventure Gear retailer REI’s email features a rotating banner at email header explaining their featured product

Scope of Application:

Tour and travel companies can showcase various tour packages in limited space.
Academic and educational institutes can have a slideshow of their awards and achievements.


Counterpart of rotating banners, sliders perform a similar function but the only difference is that in sliders the subscribers can rotate the banner in either direction, based on their interaction. Moreover, you can have separate CTA buttons for individual frames to help monitor user interactions.
Nest Slider

Home Automation Nest email features the slider showcasing their products.

Scope of Application:

Technological companies can display their products/services offerings, customer feedbacks, etc. through a slider.
Retailers can show all their newly launched products in one email, courtesy sliders in email.

Scratch & Flip Effect

For a dramatic effect, coupon codes in emails can be hidden behind a silver strip that a subscriber needs to virtually scratch or click in order to reveal. This is helpful in creating a sense of mystery and raises the subscriber’s curiosity level.

In desktop, both effects will work well in Apple Mail & Thunderbird; in mobile devices, it will work in native apps only.


EmailMonks have implemented a flip in their email for Easter offer

Scope of Application:

E-commerce websites can create some drama by sending a coupon code that is revealed by a scratch effect and flip-flop a product’s image and information.
For a research company, providing stats and a brief about a research can be done successfully through a flip effect.

Accordion Effect

You can reduce the overall email length by hiding the email content behind tabs. When the subscriber clicks a tab, the content expands and any other tab shall get collapsed automatically. Really helpful when you need to share secondary information on a single product that’ll remain hidden until tapped. Although supported in desktop clients, its applications are best enjoyed in emails opened in mobile devices.


In the above email, the content is neatly stacked into tabs when viewed in the mobile layout

Scope of Application:

Publishers and bloggers can implement accordion to accommodate more content in their email newsletter.
eCommerce retailers can provide secondary information about a product that’ll remain hidden until tapped.

Integrated Forms

Integrated Forms

Instead of redirecting your subscribers to a landing page, you can embed in-line forms within your emails for lead generation purposes. By having an integrated form in email, you increase the form filling efficiency manifold. But what needs to be noted is that only Text box, Paragraph, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons are supported currently.

These come very handy when you need to conduct surveys or collect feedbacks. The data collected in the form field can be redirected to any search engine or your website database to enable search right from your email.

Scope of Application:

E-commerce websites, in their post purchase email, can add a form in which the customer can review the product.
Restaurant owners can send promotional emails to get subscribers for filling form to process the specific order or for reviewing their experiences.



Similar to the tooltips you encounter on websites and desktop applications, you can integrate a tooltip within an email. This can be really helpful for e-commerce emails, where subscribers can get additional information about a specific product by clicking or tapping on the overlay. Combined with embedded forms in emails, it can be used to provide helpful information.

Scope of Application:

Apparel and retail stores can show elaborate information on their products when the user clicks on the tooltip box.
Tourism companies can share the details about amazing destinations with related package details displayed on correct word.


The most engaging content since the popularity of Youtube and Snapchat, you can even include a video that is embedded in the email. Upon user interaction, the video can play right inside the email. Currently supported in Apple devices, Outlook for Mac and Android native clients.

In the above email, Eurostar has added a rotating banner using GIF as well as an embedded video right in their email.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing still manages to bring the highest ROI, and innovations such as these interactive elements, keep email at the top as the preferred marketing tool by most marketers. Moreover, those with non-supporting email clients are not left in the dark since all the above interactive emails designs come bundled with appropriate fallbacks in order to not ruin the user experience.

Have you ever received or sent any interactive email? Share your experience in the comments below.

About the author: Kevin, the Head of Marketing at EmailMonks – one of the fastest growing Email design and coding companies, specializes in crafting beautiful email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free master email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. 

23 Beautiful Wireframe Sketches for Web Designers

Original Source: https://line25.com/articles/wireframe-sketches

Speed up your design process, build websites and apps faster and make the whole web/app developing process a lot easier with these beautiful wireframe sketches!

In case you are not familiar with the differences between a prototype and a wireframe, here are some clarifications:

A wireframe is a low-fidelity design depiction. It lacks fine detail, it’s static, and while it often defines shape, it lacks in substance (functionality).
A mockup can be a mid – to high-fidelity depiction of a design. But while it may provide a significant amount of detail, it is also static.
A prototype, on the other hand, is dynamic. A prototype can represent a product to any degree of detail you might choose. Or any part or specific feature of an end project. A prototype can be virtually indistinguishable from a final design in terms of look and feel. But it is still only a simulation.

Prototypes can be attractive, although they don’t necessarily have to be. They need to work well enough to prove key design features.

To create a prototype:

Sketch out the page flows (how a user might navigate);
Build low-fidelity versions of each page. Run usability tests, and take note of lessons learned;
Add detail until your high-fidelity model can emulate the look and feel of the proposed design;

The focus below is on prototyping tools. Several have wireframe and mockup capabilities as well, and there is one on the list that can deliver a working product.

So, we selected here 23 helpful wireframe sketches web designers can use. These are not only for websites but can also be used for apps as well. In this list, you will find both desktop and mobile wireframes which will help you effectively build your designs on them!

These are both general and more specific wireframes. You will find some niche-oriented wireframes for entertainment and weather apps too in this showcase.

Also, these great wireframe sketches can be used to show your clients some initial ideas before beginning the whole complex design process. Get inspired and create your own based on these examples.

Wireframe Effectively on the New, Improved 970 Grid System

Wireframe Effectively Wireframe Sketches

Designing your page layout is one of the most important aspects of web design and using a grid system is a popular approach in this case. Grid systems are usually used during the wireframing stage of your design project. In this article, you’ll find plenty useful information in regards to how to effectively wireframe in the 970 grid system.

Weather Analytics Application by Michael Pons

Weather Analytics Application Wireframe Sketches

This example is the result of a hard-working team who delivered a world-class user interface which was designed to match WTI’s ambition in regard to backends and complex data information. They’ve managed to turn information into the catalyst for delivering actionable date. The user came first in this team’s design approach.

Wheel Of Om Nom Wireframes


There are many and varied ways to increase the quality of a design. Some processes can be streamlined, avoiding errors or redundant processes can also help, and awareness of what is happening from a project’s start, through to its conclusion is also important. That’s why wireframing is such an important step! Here is a very helpful example of good wireframing. Check it out and see how many things you can learn from The Wheel of On Nom Wireframes.

E-Commerce wireframe Concept design

E-Commerce wireframe Concept design

This is a really nice UI/UX wireframe which was specially designed for customers who are looking for custom solutions based on their needs and who have unique requirements in the e-commerce field. This is only a preview of the project, this wireframe has become now a default template for e-commerce websites.

Mobile Wireframe Kit PSD

Mobile Wireframe Kit PSD

This is a really nice wireframing example which could help you a lot in the features. It is definitely well designed and crafted and it comes in PSD version so make sure to download it and have a closer look at it.

Wireframe Examples

Wireframe Examples

Maybe it’s time to stop working harder, and start working smarter! Wireframing is the key! You might want to save this link as it contains various examples of wireframing. Have a look at them and get your inspiration.

Kitchenware Pro – Wireframe Kit

Kitchenware Wireframe Kit

Kitchenware Pro is also a helpful wireframing kit you might want to keep close to you. It contains various examples and one of them, if not all, might be your next source of inspiration.

Virgil App Wireframe

Virgil App Wireframe

This is an app wireframe example that could be a great starting point for future awesome apps. It was specially designed to guide users in public transportation, by sending them a notification when the buss is about to arrive. It’s got a minimalist interface and it is definitely an example worth following.

App design | Phase 2: Wireframes

App design Wireframes

This is an overview of the UX flow which was specially designed for a radio streaming platform. This example is really nice and it could be a great starting point for future projects.


Colorframes Wireframe Sketches

Have a look at designer’s wireframing project and his sketchbook and get inspired by the hard work that was put into it.

Wireframe & UI Elements

Wireframe Elements

This is a nice set of wireframing and UI examples in which you will definitely find your inspiration.

iOS 8 UX Flows

iOS Flows Wireframe Sketches

This example is part of a project. The designer was working on some iOS 8 updates and this is a preview from his wireframing process.

PSD Web Design – One Page Website Wireframes

PSD Wireframes

If you’re looking for some inspiration for one-page website wireframes then you’ve come to the right place. This site contains various examples.

Movies app wireframe by Vladimir Vorobyev

Movies app wireframe

This is a really useful Movies app wireframing designed by Vladimir Vorobyev. It is done on a millimetric paper texture and it has a minimalist design.

Vim Interactive homepage concept

Vim Interactive homepage concept

If you want to dig in into more designer’s sketchbooks check out this wireframing scheme and get your inspiration. This example is an interactive website’s homepage.



If you’re up for even more wireframing examples check out this one and the ones yet to come. This example is very detailed and it could be a great source of inspiration.

Wireframes by Evgeny Vasenev


Evgeny Vasenev chose a really nice presentation format for his wireframing process, a brochure format.

Interactive Sketching Notation

Interactive Sketching Notation

This example is part of an article about wireframing and interactive sketching notation. The idea behind this example is driven by a desire to visualize user interface states and actions in a clear and rapid manner.

Annotating Wireframes

Annotating Wireframes

This is a clean illustration of Annotating Wireframes which you can use as a source of inspiration. This is a great starting point for future projects.

Moderation Dashboard Wireframes

Moderation Dashboard Wireframes

This example contains some ideas for a moderation dashboard. Everything is very clear and highly detailed.
Basiliq – Freehand UI Kit by Cloud Castle

Basiliq Wireframe Sketches

This is a hand-drawn and designed UI Kit by Cloud Castle which might become your next source of inspiration.

Layout sketches – Eddie Lobanovsky

Layout sketches

Have a look at a designer’s project. This example contains a hand-drawn layout concept in which you’ll definitely find your inspiration.

Wiki Wireframe

Wiki Wireframe

This is only a preview of a wireframing process which includes a layer for written documentation. This example communicates the UX and UI intentions.

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Marketer Cheats his Field With Design – Creates 15 Logos in 15 Days

Original Source: https://webdesignledger.com/marketer-cheats-field-design-creates-15-logos-15-days/

Robert Katai’s first contact with the design was back in the days when Photoshop was a fun tool, used essentially for liquifying friends’ faces. We’ve all been there, on either one of the teams – the liquefiers or the liquified.

The first time I opened a design program was way back when Photoshop was only for liquifying your friends faces and edit some photos of  your crush’s in high school.

Since then, he has come a long way and today he’s a visual marketer and content strategist at Bannersnack. Even though he didn’t follow the design path as a career, he finds joy in creating something visually beautiful from scratch from time to time.

He enjoys experimenting and challenging himself, hence, he decided to start 15 days dare: to create each day a logo for a marketing buzzword.

“As every marketer who wants to do something new, something different and crazy, I thought about starting a 15 days challenge and design some marketing logos.”

Throughout the process, Robert has asked for the opinion of his fellow designers but even though he received some suggestions he decided to leave his logos chiseled.

“Well, I don’t want to make them perfect. Because I’m a marketer, not a designer!”

Check out Robert’s gallery of 15 marketing logos! Let us know what you think.


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22 New Forum Website Themes with Great Functionality

Original Source: https://line25.com/articles/new-forum-website-themes

Even though people are more into social media these days, forums are still frequently used! You can add a forum to your website and create a whole community around it. Forums for specific niches can be very helpful and can also help your website grow.

These 20+ forum website themes may come in handy if you want to build an online community or a forum! These forum themes offer advanced customization features and lightweight CMS solutions, They use various types of content management systems such as phpBB, Vanilla or vBulletin.

These forum website themes bring much more than just a beautiful design for your forum! They offer an optimum performance and are designed to provide a seamless user experience. Customization can be easily made, without too much coding knowledge.

So, if you’re thinking about adding a forum on your site or creating an online community, then we recommend you to take a look at these 20+ new forum website themes with great functionality. These new forum website themes have nice designs, user-friendly layouts and will help you build an online community in just minutes!

Here they are:

Ravaio – Modern Responsive phpBB Forum Theme

Ravaio Forum Website Themes

Ravaio has a modern and functional minimalist design which will definitely grab your attention. You can customise it to best fit your interests and even add a large horizontal image in your header and overlay some huge white typography.  This example is exactly what you need to build an online community.

Cinematix – BuddyPress Theme
Cinematix - BuddyPress Theme

Here you have everything you need to build a community. This template was specially designed for a social media website. You can use this template to build an amazing social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community. It also has a nice and colorful interface design.

BBOOTS – HTML5/CSS3 Fully Responsive phpBB 3.2 Theme
BBOOTS SHOWCASE Forum Website Themes

This theme has a clean and functional design which will look great on any devices and browsers. It was build based on a Bootstrap Framework. You can easily customise it and change colors. You’ll start your online community in no-time!

Ideal – A vBulletin 4 Suite Theme

Ideal - A vBulletin 4 Suite Theme

Ideal, as the name suggests, is an ideal premium theme for the full vBulletin 4.x suite and it was specially designed for vBulletin users who want a more clean, modern look for their project. You can edit and customised everything this template contains to make the perfect forum for your community.

Metro — XenForo Responsive & Retina Ready Theme

Metro Forum Website Themes

This template has a flat design and it can suit any kind of online community. This is a premium theme which will look great on every device and browser.

Quarto —phpBB3 Responsive & Retina Ready Theme

Quarto phpBB3 Responsive Theme

Quarto is yet another cool premium theme with a modern flat design. Do not miss the chance to use this template. It’s got amazing features and it can easily be customised.  This theme is suitable for any phpBB3 forum community.

ForumEngine, Flat Responsive WordPress Forum Theme

ForumEngine Best forum software

ForumEngine is a template that focuses on the individual and what they’re posting on your online community. This is a flat, minimalist and responsive WordPress forum theme.

Hawiki – Forum Theme

Hawiki Forum Theme

Amongst its amazing features, this template contains a W3C valid HTML + CSS, a responsive and retina ready design, various footer blocks and more! It has a minimalist and it is definitely a template worth having in your collection.

Paper – Flat Theme for vBulletin 5 Connect

Paper Forum Website Themes

This is a really nice flat theme for a forum website. The Flat Theme is a forum style for vBulletin 5 Connect and it has a modern and functional design which can easily be customised to best fit your interest and it is exactly what you need to start your own online community right away!

Paragon – A vBulletin 4 Suite Theme

Paragon vBulletin Theme

This awesome theme is cross-browser and cross-device compatible. It has a modern design and it is very easy to customize it to your forum’s needs. Paragon is also a nice vBulletin theme at which you might want to have a closer look at. It a premium theme which was specially designed for online communities so it comes along with great features.

Primus – A Theme for vBulletin 4.2 Suite

Primus Forum Website Themes

If you like modern and colorful forum themes then have a look at this customizable example. Primus is a vBulletin 4.2.4 theme which comes in five color schemes, a fixed and fluid layout, Google web fonts and many other features. It has a clean and simple design, perfect for online communities and forums.

Electron – vBulletin Forum Skin

Electron Forum Website Themes

Electron is a vBulletin 4.2.x forum with a clean and minimalistic fluid and fixed width style. It has plenty great features such as detailed documentation, XHTML and CSS3 valid, cross-browser support and much more.

Forum Plus – Responsive Drupal Forum Theme + RTL
Forum Plus - Responsive Drupal Forum Theme

If you’re looking for more amazing forum themes then check out Forum Plus, a responsive Drupal forum theme. This is a fully-responsive theme which comes with the PSD files included. It has a sleek and modern design which you can customise. Using this template will save you a great deal of time and it will help you rapidly achieve the results you want.

Vilan Corporate, Shop & Forum WordPress Theme

Vilan Corporate Forum Website Themes

Vilan is a professional business, eCommerce, and forum theme for WordPress built with Bootstrap with a flat and simple design, vibrant color variations and custom modules. On this template, you can easily use plugins such as the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.

One Click – Premium Vanilla Theme

One forum Theme

The One Click template might be just what you’ve been searching for. It has a friendly and intuitive user interface and plenty color variations. This theme offers a great user experience for all forum users.

Subway – Flat Metro phpBB 3.1 Theme

Subway - Flat Metro forum

Subway has a minimalist yet very friendly design. This theme is perfect for setting up an online community and has a design that is clean and crisp and looks awesome across all browsers and devices.

Eles – Responsive phpBB 3.2 Theme

Eles - Responsive phpBB 3.2 Theme

Eles is yet another great example of forum template. It has a nice design which is also responsive so you won’t have to worry about how your forum will look like on different devices.

FLATBOOTS – phpBB 3.1 and 3.0

FLATBOOTS Forum Website Themes

The Flatboots theme was built on a Bootstrap framework. This is a great premium theme for forums which also comes with plenty amazing features. You’ll find everything you need to build an amazing online community.

Pristine – A vBulletin 4 Suite Theme

Pristine Forum Website Themes

Pristine is yet another great example of an online community template. You can customise this theme to best fit your interests. You can also add a really nice background picture such as the one you see in the preview. It was designed to serve vBulletin users who are looking for a hi-tech forum style.

HelpDesk – WordPress Support Center Theme

HelpDesk - WordPress Support Center Theme

Helpdesk comprises in a single template everything you need for your project. This template can be easily customised, it has a fully fledged Knowledge Base which will help your forum’s users find solutions. It is compatible with all the modern browsers and it is fully responsive.

Ariki – phpBB3 Flat Theme

Ariki Forum Website Themes

If you’re looking for another cool and flat template for your website then you might want to check out Ariki. It has a friendly and intuitive user interface design.

Marina — Responsive & Retina Ready phpBB3 Theme

Marina Forum Website Themes

Last but not least, Marina is a great responsive and retina ready forum theme. The web design layout looks great and comes with a clean design, focused on readability and subtly enhanced with CSS3 effects.

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