Wireless Wars Rogers, Bell, Telus

Has anyone observed wireless priced plans on August 7 vs. August 8? Lets say that in one day data dropped from 6gb to 500mb and voice stayed the same. Oh and the price somewhat stayed the same. Why the change? Well it’s a tactic used by the big 3 telco’s to stick it to CRTC for lowering 3 year plans to 2 year max and by not allowing the big 3 to bid on the upcoming spectrum. Who got screwed? In the end the consumer did of course. Nothing new there.

What’s frustrating is that if you look at Bell Mobility website vs. Rogers wireless the pricing and the offering changed on the same day. Do the telecoms sit in one room and decide what they will offer? Isn’t that somewhat price fixing? I assume its legal, gas stations have been doing the same for decades.

Best part is the website Fair For Canada, it’s a complete joke full of lies and deception. Guess what, all 3 telecoms were in on the website as well.

In conclusion, I doubt that Verizon would lower the priced plans but at least it’s an alternative choice to the big 3, and my hope is that they don’t sit in the same room to decide what prices they will offer the following day.

Rogers wireless offering as of August 22, 2013


Bell mobility offering as of August 22, 2013



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