Learn line and wash skills with Paint & Draw issue 12

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Paint & Draw is off to the seaside this issue as we've got plenty of tutorials and workshops dedicated to the life aquatic. These features include tips for using watercolours in experimental ways, plus a look at how to paint some of the ocean's oldest inhabitants…

Our lead feature though is a workshop by artist Tony Underhill. With his advice for using inks and watercolours, your artwork will soon start bringing the outdoors in. Thanks to his tips, you'll also get a better understanding of how the two mediums can work together for maximum impact.

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Issue 12 also includes the first part of a new series dedicated to pencil drawing. Our readers have been calling out for this so we're happy to deliver. In these workshops you'll learn the essentials of how to draw with pencils, from tips on how to hold them, to different ways you can use them to make marks.

Of course, the latest issue also comes with all the news, reviews and exhibition previews you've come to expect from Paint & Draw, so make sure you don't miss it. Some more of the magazine's highlights are below.

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Fun tips for painting ammonites

Replicate beautiful ammonite textures in watercolours

In this watercolour workshop, artist and author Stephanie Law shares how to paint the intricate textures of prehistoric ammonite fossils. She also guides you through how to add some sparkle to your finish for that extra-special touch.

Flamingo painting and the power of 'negative shapes'

This workshop shows you how to bring out main features and add interest

Make your artwork stand out from the crowd with these composition tips from Marie Antoniou. With her tips for painting colours and patterns, you're sure to start giving your artwork something extra special.

How to paint realistic eyes in oils

Learn how to start painting perfect peepers with these tips

Eyes are the most important part of any successful portrait, so it's important that you get them right. With these quick tips you'll get a better grasp of the anatomy of eyes so that your faces look more lifelike than ever.

Evoke memories with a seascape

Memories of the sea can create atmosphere and energy

Artist Sarah Jane Brown reveals how she channels her previous maritime career into her art with this eye-opening workshop. With her oil painting tips, she shows how you can recreate the mercurial mood of the sea.

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