Collective #344

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AR Experiments

A growing collection of augmented reality experiments.

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Guide to building layouts with CSS Grid

A place to learn and prototype with CSS Grid.

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Bringing Sketch and After Effects Closer Together

Josh Fleetwood introduces two new animation workflow tools from UX Motion Design at Google.

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The Complete Guide For Web VR and immersive experiences

Yuval Keshtcher interviews Austin Knight about virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

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CSS Checkbox Library

Lots of custom checkboxes with many styles to choose from.

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An easy-to-use CSS animation library.

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User Interfaces for Variable Fonts

Andrew Johnson writes on how to structure design tools to adapt to the new advantages variable fonts provide us with.

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Crystal Caves

A light and shadow experimentation with 2D projections in canvas by Huw.

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Getting started with Puppeteer and Chrome Headless for Web Scraping

Emad Ehsan has put together this starter guide on Web Scraping in Chrome Headless.

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Git Cheatsheet

A great reference for Git with useful links and resources. By Ashish Rawat.

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Breaking Down a CSS Grid Layout

An article by Tim Wright where he dissects a CSS Grid Layout.

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Make Medium Readable Again

Matt Baer made a Chrome extension to neutralize some bad UI on Medium-powered sites.

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So you need a CSS utility library?

An article on CSS utility libraries with lots of resources by Chris Coyier.

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Your logo is copied

Ferdinand Vogler writes on how after a few years in design you eventually find out that everything has been done before.

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Remembering a 3500 km journey through Google StreetView. By Lionel Tardy.

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Manual priority control of resource fetching

Addy Osmani suggests that there should be a value in exposing a way to manually specify the priority of resource requests.

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Free Font: Alexana

Mark Mora designed this interesting display font.

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Curl Noise

A mesmerizing demo by Misaki Nakano.

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What does it take to build a chatbot? Let’s find out.

Vanco Stojkov shows how straightforward it is to build a chatbot.

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The Web in 2050

Jacques Mattheij has a gloomy outlook on the future of the web. Something to think about.

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Designing for the Arab User – Basic Arabic UX for Business

Some great insight to designing layouts for Arabic interfaces. By Anna Rubkiewicz.

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CSS Camera

A great demo of an animated CSS only camera by Cassidy Williams.

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Collective #344 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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