JotForm PDF Editor: Your Questions Answered

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Here at Inspired Magazine, we’re always looking for tools that make the lives of our readers easier- which is why we love JotForm PDF Editor.

JotForm listened to the concerns of their customers and responded with new features and benefits.

Prior to JotForm’s PDF Editor, users had to sift through the information collated in their online forms manually. Usually, copying and pasting each response into a Word Doc and arranging the data into a professional looking PDF document.

Luckily for you, this long and tedious process isn’t necessary anymore.

This is what Aytekin Tank, JotForm founder, and CEO had to say about their PDF Editor;

“Our users told us about wanting a better way to present and distribute their form data,”

“Our new PDF Editor makes the entire process significantly easier. The best part — anyone can use it, even without any technical skills.”

How awesome is that? With all that in mind, let’s delve into meat and potatoes of this review.

Jotform PDF Editor

What’s Jotform PDF Editor?

As you may have already guessed, PDF Editor is a tool that makes editing PDF documents online, easier.

Simple right?

JotForm is an industry leader for creating easy-to-use online forms for business owners.

Their simple drag-and-drop customizing tool is part of what’s helped make them so popular. Within a matter of minutes, you can have an interactive form up and running- without having to write any code yourself!

What’s JotForm Used For?

These online forms are great for:

Collecting payments online
Customer contact forms
Job applications
Lead collection
Client/ Staff surveys
Registration forms
Online booking forms
Event registration

You get the idea!

Just name the online form you need, and JotForm probably has a template with your name on it.

Jotform PDF Editor

Where Does JotForm PDF Editor Factor In?

JotForm’s taken things further by adding PDF Editor into the mix. You can now combine their fabulous online forms and integrate your responses to form one comprehensive PDF file- with incredible ease.

When Does This Come In Handy?

This is just one of many situations you might resonate with:

You launch a customer survey using a JotForm. However, you want to collate all your responses in one place. Not an email, not a copy and pasted Word Doc, or an Exel file- but a stylish PDF that reflects your brand.

Typically this requires a lot of time and effort on your behalf. This is where JotForm PDF Editor comes into its own. In no time at all, you can create numerous PDFs displaying all the data you’ve collected from your interactive forms.

Each document presents the information in a uniform design that exudes professionalism.

It’s safe to say, JotForm has officially taken this burden off your shoulders.

Jotform PDF Editor

Why Do Teachers Love This Tool?

Here’s another quick situation to consider.

All teachers have to edit PDFs at some point or another. Whether its a hand out for the class, or a complicated parental form- teachers are always utilizing PDF documents.

However, it’s time-consuming editing all these kinds of files. This is why teachers love JotForom PDF Editor; they can create a professional looking PDF document from scratch or modify an existing doc without needing any coding or tech skills- how cool is that? JotForm also has a nifty guide on editing PDFs, which is a helpful resource for educators.

Jotform PDF Editor

What Features Come With JotForm PDF Editor?

JotForm provides all the fields you need to customize your PDF. You’ll be hard pressed not to be able to create a document to suit your needs.

It doesn’t matter which payment package you opt for; you can insert as many fields as you like (even in the free Starter package)! You can also have the option of allowing users to add their electronic signature- how neat is that?

Any signature you receive via a JotForm form can be neatly displayed on your PDF doc. If your business involves a lot of contract signing, this feature’s a godsend. Users can even send an online signature using their smartphone!

Plus, you have the ability to edit each individual element to ensure that every inch of your finished product exudes the voice of your brand.

You can:

Add new sections,
Edit colors,
Upload photo and logos,
Choose fonts,

Jotform PDF Editor

If you’re unsure where to begin in terms of design, not to worry, JotForm provides hundreds of PDF templates for you to choose from.

Then, once you’ve set up your PDF template, it’ll automatically update each time you get a response through from your digital form. It really is as simple as that!

Then, once you’ve collated all your data, you can easily share the info with your team. Or, you can pick individual team members to send the PDF to (it’s entirely down to you).

This ensures your staff’s notified as soon as they’re able to access the information they need to complete their tasks- eradicating the need to continue forwarding emails to the relevant parties.

If you’re handling personal information, you can increase your privacy settings by password protecting your PDF documents. This works wonders for ensuring you don’t accidentally leak any of your customer’s private details- not cool!

Plus, PDF Editor integrates seamlessly with other major programs such as Google Drive, and Dropbox. Once you’ve set up these integrations, any new PDFs you create will automatically save onto these online storage services.

Again, this is another handy feature that enables your team to stay informed with all the latest info you’ve pulled from your online forms and gives them access to the most updated documents, immediately.

Are There Any Drawbacks to JotForm PDF Editor?

There are a couple of improvements JotForm PDF Editor could make.

For example, some users complain that JotForm could do a better job organizing survey responses.

For example, you can create a graph displaying the results of your digital form. However, it looks a little distorted. We’re sure this just a bug that needs ironing out, but for now, this is an area that certainly needs improving.

This means if you need to conduct extensive surveys that require you to plot graphs displaying your results- this might not be the best software (at the moment).

Jotform PDF Editor

Customers also said JotForm Editor could improve by offering users the option to create default email formats. Presently, you have to select an email template for each form you create.

This involves manually adding your logo and other defining features. To be fair, this doesn’t take up a lot of time, and it’s still pretty easy to customize- however, this update would still be much appreciated (really and truly, at this stage, we’re just nit-picking!)

Last but not least, if you own a Shopify store, you might be trying to get feedback from your customers. At the moment, users can’t integrate their JotForms with a Shopify popup plugin to get feedback after someone’s made a purchase.

What Are Other People Saying About JotForm PDF Editor?

On the whole, we think this software’s pretty awesome.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. I took the liberty of scouring the internet to get the opinions of those who frequently use this tool.

This is a small snapshot of what customers had to say:

‘This is a so much wanted feature by many of us who are regular Jotform users. I appreciate the effort to make it so easy and intuitive to use, that is why I say: Way to go! Just another awesome product from the Jotform gurus!
Jeanette BM has used this product for one week.‘- Jeanette BM, Multitask manager

‘I think this product will enable especially small and medium businesses to send beautifully designed, automated PDFs both internally and to their customers.’– Çağrı Sarıgöz, Digital Marketing & Analytics Consultant

Final Thoughts

All in all, JotForm PDF Editor‘s super simple to use. If you’re a business owner, you should definitely try their free Starter package. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try- especially if your team’s wasting hours copying and pasting data into PDF documents!

Like most products, there are a few things that could be improved. However, on the whole, this tool provides a comprehensive solution to a genuine problem.

If you have any questions, comments, or direct experience with JotForm PDF, please feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment box below; we always love hearing from our readers!

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