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Have you been sitting on a million dollar idea for a movie or TV show? WriterDuet Pro will not only help you craft your amazing project, it will ensure that it's in the industry standard format. And a lifetime subscription to this helpful software is currently just $99.99.

WriterDuet is designed by established screenwriters for fellow screenwriters. Because of that, it's intuitive and knows what tools are needed to get your play, TV show or movie down on paper. 

Writing with a colleague? Working with a whole team on a script? The software allows you to work collaboratively in real time, letting you outline ideas on a collaborative corkboard and see changes filtered by who made them.

Unsure exactly how to format your work? WriterDuet has industry standard formatting, so once you're done, everyone who sees your work will take it seriously. And you can easily import or export your projects to Final Draft, Fountain, Word and more writing platforms when needed.

Though a lifetime subscription to WriterDuet Pro typically retails for $239, it's currently available at 58% off for $99.99 here.

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