Designers: Endless Client Revisions Got You Down? 260+ Pre-built Websites Are The Solution

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When you think your client is finally satisfied, here comes another revision request. This time, it’s because he’s just come across a font he believes better fits in with the company brand.

That would be acceptable, except it’s the third time it’s happened! You find yourself stuck with the same project for a few more days, instead of moving on to the next one.

There are a couple of things you can do about it:

You can use a tool that gives your client exactly what he wants early on;
Use the tool that allows you to make changes easily.

Here’s one that does both.

Be Theme delivers what your clients need – the first time.

Be Theme offers a selection of more than 260 pre-built websites. Thus, it’s not hard to find one that’s a perfect match for your client’s needs or niche.

These pre-built websites are completely customizable. Moreover, you have a wealth of design options to work with. So, it’s easy to a make a change in the unlikely event of needed revision.

Even better, you can respond to your client’s request for a website in as little as 4 hours.

See how easy you can install Be Theme by watching this cool 40-second video.

10 Be Theme template examples that can get the job done.

Be eLearning

For clients who sell online courses.

This attractive pre-built website provides a great starting point to build a website for a client with online courses to sell, or is creating an eLearning platform. Although plenty of white space is used its design, Be eLearning supports a large amount of content.

Be Craftbeer

For small business owners

A client who is selling handcrafted products will want a website that features attention-getting images, like this one in Be Craftbeer. Its structured, well-balanced design, cool JavaScript effects, and clever display of buttons should please even the pickiest client.

Be Tiles

For interior designers and architects

Be Tiles lays the groundwork for a client wishing to showcase visual effects; the type of website often associated with architectural firms and interior design agencies.

Give the client a few examples of stunning portfolio styles, and you’re not likely to be bothered by revision requests.

Be Artist

For clients working in creative industries

Be ArtistBe Artist

A client who has high standards and exquisite tastes, can be difficult to satisfy, as he or she will expect the same in the website you deliver. Be Artist will put your fears to rest.

Parallax scrolling and neat JavaScript portfolio filtering effects allow you to display the client’s creative talent in exceptional ways.

Be Burger

For clients working in the catering industry

Be BurgerBe Burger

Here’s your chance to design a website for a client in a catering or food service business that stands out from the crowd in this highly competitive niche.

Mouth-watering images, easy-to-order forms, and a simple menu structure should satisfy any food service client.

Be Sports club

For clients in the fitness & wellness industry

Be Sports clubBe Sports club

This dynamic and interactive pre-built website is a perfect match for the niche it represents. Clients owning or representing a sports club, fitness center, or health and wellness center, will like this modern design, with its clean lines, clever parallax effects and attention-getting animations.

Be Hotel2

For clients in the travel and lodging industry

Be Hotel2Be Hotel2

Be Hotel2 illustrates how large cover images, and well-designed galleries showing spacious hotel rooms and other amenities for guests, can trigger a desire on the part of a visitor to pick up the phone and book a room.

You can build a complex website like this in 4 hours.

Be Restaurant

For restaurant or bistro owners

Be RestaurantBe Restaurant

You don’t see many websites for restaurants as charming as this one. Be Restaurant2 was designed from scratch to meet a variety of needs.

It will serve equally well as a basis for an upscale restaurant’s website, or for a client who owns a small, neighborhood bistro.


For your IT clients


This website is modern, clean, and well-structured, which is what an IT team or company will expect from you. Be VPN’s corporate look isn’t hurt one bit by providing a friendly, human touch. The juice glass looks like it belongs where it’s been placed.

Be Car

For clients who sell luxury products

Be CarBe Car

This pre-built website has elegant and tasteful details coupled with intuitive design. It offers everything a client selling luxury items might expect in a website.

A hero image surrounded by plenty of white space is an excellent way to shine a spotlight on a luxury product.


How does Be Theme eliminate those bothersome client revisions?

You have the largest number of pre-built websites on the market. This makes it a no-brainer to find one to match your client’s needs.
With Be Theme, it’s possible to deliver a complex website with text, images, and the works. It will take as little as 4 hours of your time.
The fact that Be Theme is a Top 5 ThemeForest best seller speaks for itself. This theme ensures the quality your clients will see in your deliverables. Thousands of designers and developers agree with this fact.
The pre-built websites are customizable and easy to work with. This makes them easily adaptable to any client’s needs.
The designs are beautiful, intuitive and come with well-structured content. The functionality is embedded in each pre-built website along with other features.

No more time wasted working on revisions that tend to pile up in your inbox. All that’s required of you is to meet your client’s needs the first time around.

This will not be hard to do when you have 260+ themes and the Be Theme 1-click installer to work with.

You may still get a request for a revision now and then, but you’ll never again see them in the double digits. Besides, with Be Theme, you can make the most demanding clients happy with your initial works.

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