Collective #602

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Inspirational Website of the Week: CUSP

A superb elegant look with very interesting distortion effects. Our pick this week.

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Building dark mode on Stack Overflow

Aaron Shekey talks about the work that went into the new dark mode option of Stack Overflow.

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Kontrapunkt Type

Step inside a virtual experience of the solo exhibition ‘Kontrapunkt Type’, presented by design agency Kontrapunkt, DNP and Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo.

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Watched Box

Heydon Pickering made this declarative container queries solution.

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Writing an Emulator in JavaScript (and Interfacing with Multiple UIs)

A great guide by Tania Rascia where she shares her journey of writing a Chip-8 interpreter.

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Image Compare Viewer

Compare before and after images, for grading, CGI and other retouching comparisons.

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Image Techniques On The Web

Ahmad Shadeed’s guide to including images in HTML covering various techniques.

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A set of layout components for building React Native views blazingly fast.

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How && and || Operators Really Work in JavaScript

An in-depth post that explains in examples how exactly && and || operators work in JavaScript.

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Practice time!

Practice your ukulele with this project by Monica Dinculescu.

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Generative Data Visualization

The third part of a series where Shirley Wu show how to create custom data visualizations using SVG, Vue, and D3.js.

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Bubble Tape Text

A super cool unrolling scroll effect by Matthew Rayfield.

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Prog Arp II

An arpeggiator instrument by Jake Albaugh.

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Creating Morphing Animations with CSS clip-path

Learn how to implement morphing, a technique for transforming one appearance into another, using CSS in this tutorial by Mikael Ainalem.

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How Google Ruined the Internet

Google has become a card catalog that is constantly being reordered by
an angry, misinformed mob.

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Updates to Form Controls and Focus

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome spent the last year collaborating to retheme and improve the functionality of the built-in form controls on Chromium browsers.

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A JavaScript micro-library for responsive CSS motion paths. Made by Jhey Tompkins.

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Bongo Cat Codes #2 – Jamming

A lovely animation by Caroline Artz.

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3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting

A novel method for converting a single RGB-D input image into a 3D photo.

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Making a responsive CSS grid layout with just 3 properties

Learn how to pull off a simple responsive template based on CSS Grid.

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Why you should stop using Google Analytics on your website

Here’s a look at why you should remove Google Analytics from your website and help create a more open, independent web that’s more friendly to the visitors.

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Interactive WebGL Hover Effects

A simple tutorial on how to achieve an interactive mouseover/hover effect on images in some easy steps.

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Collective #602 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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