Collective #426

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Inspirational Website of the Week: OGINO

Pure and perfect design with smooth interactions. Our pick this week.

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Using JavaScript modules on the web

Addy Osmani and Mathias Bynens explain how to use JavaScript modules which are now supported in all major browsers.

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Building a Fancy Countdown Timer with MomentumSlider.js

Luis Manuel shows how to code a really nice looking countdown timer.

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How you can improve your workflow using the JavaScript console

Riccardo Canella shows how to use the JavaScript console to write, manage, and monitor JavaScript in the browser.

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A retrospective of the greatest jerseys worn during soccer worldcups from 1930 to nowadays, as pattern designs.

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Vibora (beta)

A very efficient, asynchronous Python web framework.

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Introducing Teleport: Over-the-air hot reloading & debugging for PWAs

Eric Simons introduces Teleport, a fast dev-server proxy for simple and painless PWA debugging.

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Centering: The Newest Coolest Way vs. The Oldest Coolest Way

Chris Coyier updates us with the freshest way to center items using CSS Grid.

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Understanding Redux: The World’s Easiest Guide to Beginning Redux

A comprehensive and easy to understand guide to Redux by Ohans Emmanuel.

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Terrazzo Abstract Patterns

A set of 16 modern patterns for your next stylish design. By Pixelbuddha.

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Voronoi Airports WebGL

A fantastic WebGL experiment showing all airports in the world as a Voronoi diagram. By Callum Prentice.

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Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools

A tutorial by Kayce Basques where he shows how to use Chrome DevTools to find ways to make your websites load faster.

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I discovered a browser bug

Jake Archibald tells the interesting story of a huge browser bug he ran into.

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iOS 12 Dark Mode Notifications

Gabrielle Wee created this beautiful design for dark mode notifications on iOS 12.

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Three.js & Video: A love story

Read about a great experiment of interactive video in HTML5 using Three.js by Héctor Monerris.

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Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute

Read why Eric Bailey urges developers to stop using the placeholder attribute.

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Three Grids

Tobi Reif made three different responsive layouts that show the awesomeness of CSS Grid.

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Open Logos

Some lovely free logos for your open source project.

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SVG Drip Loader

A fun SVG loader by Chris Gannon.

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Drawing Zone

Michael Shillingburg updated his fun doodeling tool.

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