Are Print-on-Demand Stores Profitable?

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Yes, print-on-demand stores can be immensely profitable. The key is to balance costs and margins and find a market niche. Products must be competitively priced while leaving enough room to cover costs plus a profit margin.

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Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the profitability structure of a POD store.

Understanding Costs

Print-on-demand shops have a huge advantage over traditional print services because they are cheap to set up. There’s no need to purchase large printing and manufacturing machines–all that’s required is a few designs and a website to sell them on.

Still, it is important to manage your costs. Here are a few of the key costs of a print-on-demand shop:

1. Material Costs

Both a huge advantage and a caveat, the material cost is whatever the print company decides to charge per item produced. Bulk discounts are important here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of transparency in what makes up the cost the manufacturer charges. Therefore, there is little room to negotiate. Then again, there is no need to purchase a $50,000 printer, either.

2. Production and Fulfillment Costs

This is often wrapped up in the per-item cost charged by the POD service or added as a separate fee. Still, it is much cheaper than having your own factory or fulfillment center to ship everything out. Sometimes, not having to deal with the headache is worth the hit to the bottom line.

3. Sales and Marketing Costs

This is where the majority of print-on-demand shop’s non-material or shipping expenses are. In order for there to be a market for the product, people have to be aware of it.

Online marketing is the way to go for raising awareness, but be careful when choosing a niche. Some target keywords are more expensive than others, and this can quickly drive a marketing budget out of control.

There may also be a sales team involved that needs to be paid commissions on the sales they make. This is just another slice of the profit pie the business has to give up.

4. Design Costs

AI art is swiftly driving down design costs, but it still has difficulty matching a human’s eye for detail. Reasonably priced artists and designers can be found all over freelancing sites like Fiverr. You can also design and ship your own items with print-on-demand using Canva.

Where Is the Profit?

Profitability can be achieved in two ways: sell many items priced at a small profit margin, or sell a few items priced at a large profit margin. The demand for the product and the number of competitors will help determine which strategy is best.

If the POD shop has a niche that no one else is currently targeting, then prices can be set high. There just needs to be a steady demand.

If the market is crowded with competitors, POD shops must continually slash their sales prices to underbid the competition. Those in the latter category must be careful, as small mishaps can cause terrible damage to businesses with a low-margin product.

Low-margin POD shops do best when using multiple print-on-demand companies. This way, they can get their coffee cups at the best price from one while buying their t-shirts from another.

The key is finding the right cost to sell your products while having enough left over to keep the lights on. It is a tricky balancing act, but one that many businesses find highly profitable.

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