50+ Useful WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

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Understanding computer keyboard shortcuts can drastically elevate your productivity. In a similar vein, if you’re acquainted with specific WordPress keyboard shortcuts, your workflow can become notably smoother. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer not to toggle between the keyboard and mouse. Hence, for such users, these shortcuts can be invaluable.

WordPress offers an abundance of shortcuts for tasks like editing content, performing specific actions, or even simple navigation. In this article, we’ll delve into a detailed list of nearly all the WordPress keyboard shortcuts to enhance your efficiency.

Basic Navigation

Navigation in WordPress is akin to browsing through any other website. The essential keys you need for this are Tab, Arrow, Enter, and Backspace. Below, we elaborate on each of these keys and their functions.


By pressing the Tab key, you can move to the subsequent clickable link or option on the page, starting from the top. By pressing it successively, you can navigate from one option to another. If you need to navigate backward, simply hold Shift and press Tab.

Arrow Keys

Utilizing the arrow keys – ←, →, ↑, and ↓ – will enable you to scroll through the content of the post.


To confirm a dialog box or access a specific option, all you need to do is press the Enter key.


The Backspace key lets you navigate back to the preceding page. For forward navigation, hold the Shift key and press Backspace.

Post Editing

Here’s where the excitement truly kicks in. Mastering the post editor shortcuts can significantly streamline the process of editing and formatting your content. Below is a comprehensive list of shortcuts for content management, editing, and formatting – all the tools you’ll require to craft content on WordPress efficiently.

Content Management

Windows Shortcut
Mac Shortcut

Highlight content per character
Shift + ← / →
Shift + ← / →

Highlight content per word
Ctrl + Shift + ← / →
Option + Shift + ← / →

Highlight above/below line
Shift + ↑ / ↓
Shift + ↑ / ↓

Select all content
Ctrl + A
Cmd + A

Paste content without formatting
Ctrl + Shift + V
Cmd + Shift + V

Content Formatting


Strikethrough text
Shift + Alt + D
Shift + Option + D

Insert link
Ctrl + K
Command + K

Remove link
Shift + Alt + S
Shift + Option + S

Apply heading 1
Shift + Alt + 1
Shift + Option + 1

Apply heading 2
Shift + Alt + 2
Shift + Option + 2

Apply heading 3
Shift + Alt + 3
Shift + Option + 3

Apply heading 4
Shift + Alt + 4
Shift + Option + 4

Apply heading 5
Shift + Alt + 5
Shift + Option + 5

Apply heading 6
Shift + Alt + 6
Shift + Option + 6

Apply paragraph formatting
Shift + Alt + 7
Shift + Option + 7

Start bullet list
Shift + Alt + U
Shift + Option + U

Start numbered list
Shift + Alt + O
Shift + Option + O

Shift + Alt + Q
Shift + Option + Q

Apply code formatting
Shift + Alt + X
Shift + Option + X

Apply Address formatting
Shift + Alt + 9
Shift + Option + 9

Align center
Shift + Alt + C
Shift + Option + C

Align right
Shift + Alt + R
Shift + Option + R

Align left
Shift + Alt + L
Shift + Option + L

Shift + Alt + J
Shift + Option + J

Add media
Shift + Alt + M
Shift + Option + M

Toggle toolbar
Shift + Alt + Z
Shift + Option + Z

Insert Page Break tag
Shift + Alt + P
Shift + Option + P

Insert Read More tag
Shift + Alt + T
Shift + Option + T

Enable/disable Distraction free mode
Shift + Alt + W
Shift + Option + W

Open help
Shift + Alt + H
Shift + Option + H


WordPress provides specialized shortcuts for the comment moderation section to facilitate easier comment management. However, it’s imperative to first enable these keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation prior to utilizing them. Let’s walk through the process:

Begin by navigating to your WordPress user profile. Once there, select the option titled “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation”. Activating this option will make all the shortcuts mentioned below functional. It’s essential to note that each user must individually enable these shortcuts for them to work.

Enabling keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation in WordPressEnabling keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation in WordPress
Comment Navigation

The keys J and K are all you’ll require to seamlessly navigate through comments.

By pressing J, you can scroll downwards through the comments. If none are highlighted, it will select the topmost comment. Conversely, K allows you to move upwards.

Moreover, upon reaching the last comment, pressing J will take you to the next page of comments, whereas K brings you back to the previous page.

Comment Actions

The following shortcuts, which only require a single key press, become operational when a comment or multiple comments are highlighted:

Windows and Mac

Approve comment

Mark as spam

Move to trash

Undo recent action

Unapprove comment

Reply to comment

Enable quick edit

Open comment editing screen

Apply Actions in Bulk

WordPress comes with a set of shortcuts designed specifically for executing bulk actions in the comments section. The following table provides a comprehensive list of these shortcuts:

Windows and Mac Shortcut

Select all comments
Shift + X

Approve all selected comments
Shift + A

Trash selected comments
Shift + T

Permanently delete selected comments
Shift + D

Mark selected comments as spam
Shift + S

Unapprove selected comments
Shift + U

Restore select comments
Shift + Z

Ending Thoughts

Utilizing these keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity when managing your WordPress website. Personally, I seldom resort to using the mouse during the editing process, and, despite a brief lag in highlighting content, I’ve encountered no issues.

If you’re acquainted with other handy WordPress keyboard shortcuts or WordPress tips and tricks, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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