Why Is My Printify Order On Hold?

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After an order is placed with Printify, the system will provide status updates as the product passes through the pre-production phase to production and shipping–and until it reaches the customer.

When an order is ‘on hold,’ it means production has not started. The hold may be due to the order not being completed and submitted, or that there is an issue that requires attention.

Order Statuses Explained

Any time you place an order on a print-on-demand platform (e.g. Printify or Printful), you can check the platform at any time to confirm the status of the order. With Printify, the possible order statuses you might encounter are:

Pre-production statuses:

On hold: Submit order

Sending to production

On hold: Action required

Production statuses:

In production

Has issues

Canceled: Canceled by Print Provider

Canceled: Various

Shipping statuses:

Ready to ship


On the way

Available for pickup

Out for delivery

Delivery attempt

Shipping issue

Return to sender


An ‘on hold’ status can happen during the pre-production stage.

A Closer Look at Pre-Production

Before an order is sent to one of Printify’s print providers, the system will verify that all necessary information was entered correctly, payment was processed, the products are available, no claim to intellectual property was filed, and that Printify vendors can deliver to the address provided.

If there is an issue and you have Printify Premium benefits, you can contact Printify Connect. This is a customer-support program that handles issues related to orders connected to your Premium account.

More About ‘On Hold: Submit Order’

Depending on the order approval settings of your account, the order may be automatically submitted or held for a designated period before being sent to Printify.

When you create an order manually, you can also submit it immediately or wait. During either of these scenarios, the order status will show as ‘On Hold: Submit Order.’

When an order is on hold, you can edit it (e.g., quantity, color, etc.) before submitting it. After submitting, the order status should be updated within a few minutes.

If it doesn’t show as ‘Sending to Production’ after thirty minutes, contact the Printify Support Team to ensure it went through correctly.

More About ‘On Hold: Action Required’

If you see this status pop up on an order, there is a problem. Check the sub-status for more information about what the issue is and how you can rectify the situation. Here are the possible reasons for an ‘On Hold: Action Required’ status:

Payment not received: Set up a payment method and ensure enough funds are available. Resubmit the order. If it happens again, try another payment method.

Out of stock: Cancel the order or select a replacement product or print provider.

Discontinued product: Cancel the order or select a replacement product or print provider.

Address issues: Correct the address and resubmit the order.

Canceled – IP reported: This status means your product was flagged as infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. You can remove the product in question and resubmit the rest of the order (if there is more). If your product is unique and you think it should not be flagged in error, submit an appeal with Printify.

Shipping restrictions apply: There are some locations in which Printify vendors can not deliver products.

What Happens Next?

After the ‘on hold’ status is removed, the order will be sent to production. If you are curious about how your experience stacks up against other print-on-demand platforms, read the reviews posted by ecommerce-platforms.com.

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