Visual identity for an alternative investment broker

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Visual identity for an alternative investment broker
Visual identity to an alternative investment broker


Klave is an alternative investment broker that turns content producers into assets and fans into investors through an easy-to-use platform – transforming the act of investing into something more fun and passionate.

The aim of the project was to create a relaxed brand, but pass security. That refers to creativity and is not boring like a bank. Considering this and the brand’s personality (Male / Adult / Contemporary / Technological) Monga Design created an identity that mixes strong and bold typography for the logo and texts, with a highly readable sans serif for the supporting texts. They also created patterns and shapes that add more personality to the brand and defined the yellow circle as a representation of digital currency. In addition to the main colors, a secondary palette was created to strengthen the fun side of the brand and also represent its main editorial lines: video, music, stream and paid content. 

The letters «a» and «v» in the logo form two arrows betting in opposite directions, representing a financial transaction movement (the investment being made and the money going to the investor).


Nowadays, more and more young people have been interested in and have access to the investment world. This, together with the popularization of cryptocurrencies and NFTs and the consolidation of artists, gamers and content producers as idols and digital influencers, gave our client the idea of creating a broker/distributor that unites it all: fans (especially young people) become investors, and idols become investments: the fan invests in his idol, helping him in his professional career, and at the same time the fan earns a financial return from it. All this in a simple and uncomplicated platform.


Project created and shared by Monga Design (via Mateus Yuzo e Michel Refatti). Original article on Behance. 

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