Upcoming Online Workshops: January – May 2022

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You might already know it: We regularly run friendly online workshops around front-end and UX. And, well, we have a couple of exciting new ones coming up in the next few months. You can join us right from the comfort of your own desk, and to make sure the workshops fit into your busy schedule, we break each one of them down into 2.5h-long sessions across several days. This way, you always have enough time to take it all in, try things out, rewatch a session, and think of questions you’d like to get answered when we meet again.

We are super thrilled to announce what’s awaiting you in the coming months. So, may we present…

Accessible Front-End MasterclassCarie Fisher5 sessions Jan 20 – Feb 3 devNew Adventures In Front-End, 2022 EditionVitaly Friedman5 sessions Feb 3 – Feb 17 devFront-End Testing MasterclassGleb Bahmutov4 sessions Feb 8 – Feb 16 devEarly birds!Building Modern HTML EmailsRémi Parmentier4 sessions Feb 24 – Mar 4 devEarly birds!Ethical Design MasterclassTrine Falbe5 sessions Mar 1 – 15 uxEarly birds!Architecting Design SystemsNathan Curtis4 sessions Mar 3 – 11 workflowEarly birds!DevOps MasterclassDenys Mishunov5 sessions April 4 – 18 devEarly birds!Designing For Complex UI MasterclassVitaly Friedman4 sessions April 6 – 14 uxEarly birds!Deep Dive On Accessibility TestingManuel Matuzović5 sessions April 7 – 21 devEarly birds!Creating and Maintaining Successful Design SystemsBrad Frost5 sessions April 18 – May 2 workflowEarly birds!The TypeScript MasterclassStefan Baumgartner5 sessions April 19 – May 3 devEarly birds!Data Visualization MasterclassAmelia Wattenberger5 sessions April 21 – May 5 uxEarly birds!Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2022 EditionVitaly Friedman5 sessions May 2 – 16 ux5× Tickets BundleSave $500 off the price.5 tickets No expiry Smashing!

What Smashing Workshops Are Like

There are plenty of things to expect from a Smashing workshop, but the most important one is focusing on practical examples and techniques. The workshops aren’t talks; they are interactive live sessions, with conversations with you, the attendees, and sometimes with challenges, homework and teamwork.

No matter if you’re at the office, at your kitchen table, or on the couch, in our workshops, everybody is a slightly blurry rectangle on the screen; everybody is equal and invited to participate.

In every session, there is always enough time to bring up your questions or just get a cup of tea. We don’t rush through the content but try to create a welcoming friendly and inclusive environment for everyone, with time to think, discuss, and get feedback. Of course, you get all workshop materials and video recordings as well, so if you miss a session you can re-watch it anytime.

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Workshops span multiple days, split into 2.5h-sessions.
Enough time for live Q&A every day.
Dozens of practical examples and techniques.
You’ll get all workshop materials & recordings.
All workshops are focused on front-end & UX.
Get a workshop bundle for 3, 5, or 10 tickets and save between $255 and $1250.

Thank You!

A sincere thank you for your kind, ongoing support — for being smashing, now and ever. We’d be honored to meet you in one of the upcoming workshops.

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