Unlock Your Team’s Potential With Teamstack

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Teamstack is a password manager for your whole team. Running in the cloud it allows you to manage your tools and resources, and seamlessly scale your teams’ access, from a single, easy-to-use control panel.

Teamstack is powerful, and secure with multi-factor authentication, single sign-in, SAML and form-based authentication. It works with desktop and mobile apps, and in the browser.

Teamstack means easy access for your team, zero access for everyone else.

Why Use Teamstack

All of your data is locked away behind log-ins, in licensed apps and secure databases. Those tools are business assets, and when it comes to mission-critical apps like project management tools, CRMs, or messaging channels, your livelihood depends on them staying secure.

Your data, especially your sensitive data, is the lifeblood of your team. Without the data you hold — be that a codebase, a series of strategy decisions, or even contact details for your clients — your team will struggle to function.

Teamstack not only secures your data, but makes accessing it a breeze for anyone who should have access; making team management a whole lot simpler.

Agile Teams Use Teamstack

Whether you’re onboarding new staff, or managing a stable of freelancers you’ll need a solution to the endless spreadsheets with usernames, passwords, and license keys.

Teamstack is a single-source of truth for your team’s secure log-ins. It works by channelling every log-in through its API. When a team member signs into their Teamstack dashboard they’re granted access to the apps and services that you’ve allocated; a single log-in gives them access to everything they need to do their job, improving security and efficiency.

Teamstack’s particularly useful for project managers working with freelancers

Teamstack’s Cloud Directory is perfect for busy managers; it allows you to manage your team’s access to all of your company’s authentication in a simple-to-use web interface. It’s a huge time-saver for everyone. Especially if your team is forced to work remotely for any reason. And Teamstack’s particularly useful for project managers working with freelancers. Onboarding can take hours, even a whole day, which is less than desirable if you’re working short-term with a freelancer who bills hourly. With its one-click provisioning and group permissions, you can grant access to team resources in seconds.

Just as Teamstack enables simple onboarding, it also enables simple offboarding. When a member of your team leaves, simply cancel their access and they’re locked out across the board.

You can even break your team down into different groups, meaning that full clearance can be granted to execs without exposing your sensitive data to your whole staff, and that different teams can have dedicated policies and access.

Whatever kind of team you’re managing Teamstack gives you fast control over your team’s access.

Teamstack Integrates with Hundreds of Applications

If you’re managing a design studio, tools will be an even more essential part of your process than for the average business.

Teamstack works with over 500 applications, and these are tools you’re probably already using: Adobe Creative Cloud, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Asana, G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, AWS, Github, and hundreds more are all integrated right out of the box.

Teamstack can even integrate with your own custom-built applications, giving everyone on your team access to your own software and systems, with none of the overheads involved in maintaining case-by-case security protocols.

Keeping Data Secure with Teamstack

In many territories, securing your business data — which inevitably includes customer data — is not just good practice, it’s a legal requirement with fines for data loss running into the $millions.

your applications are secure, even when your team is working remotely

Most teams can’t afford to deploy enterprise-level security, but with Teamstack you can rest assured that your applications are secure, even when your team is working remotely.

Using Teamstack’s control panel you can vary authentication requirements across your team. You can set up multi-factor authentication like WebAuthn, or Google Auth, restrict access to context-specific factors (like requiring log-ins to be from your office IP address), and setup IP blacklists to block any threats. All of this means that low-risk groups like your marketing team can log-in quickly, with high-risk groups like your accounts team having additional security in place.

Should you run into trouble, Teamstack maintains a complete audit trail so you can check every log-in attempt across all of your tools. If something looks off, block the user instantly to keep your data secure.

Try Teamstack for Free

WebdesignerDepot readers can get Teamstack’s basic plan, including all add-ons, entirely free of charge for six months. Take take advantage of this generous offer, signup using the coupon code “webdesignerdepot”.

If you find Teamstack as indispensable as we think you will, plans with generous allowances start from just $3 per user per month.

Head over to www.teamstack.com today to claim your free account.


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