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Whether you are a business owner willing to establish secure web presence or a user aiming at finding co-thinkers on the web, you will hardly go without a website of your own. It takes time to create a functional and appealing website, but what if you need the one right now and you don’t have time to look for professional web designers? What if your budget is limited to hire the experts, while the need to get a website is still urgent? In this case, you are bound to find out more about website builders. These services have grown in popularity, which is no wonder, taking into account the amount of non-techies struggling with niche competition nowadays.

Advantages of Website Builders

Readymade Templates. Most website builders, as it mentioned by Howard Steele at, come with their own collections of readymade templates and many powerful customization tools that make it easy to edit the template and feel it with the content of your own. These templates are usually divided into thematic categories, which also contributes to the simplicity and speed of the web building process. What’s more, many templates are responsive and adjust to any mobile devices.

No Coding. Successful website building frequently implies the knowledge of HTML basics and coding in general. If you are a newbie, this may be a challenge for you. Website builders are useful tools in this respect. They are easy, convenient and require no coding at all. Just follow the guidelines and enjoy each minute of your web creation process.

Customer Support. Website builders are often created with the needs of newbies in mind. Thus, they frequently come with reliable customer support, which is available any time of the day. This is quite handy, if you face certain problems in the process of creating a website and can’t find answers to your questions.

Top Website Builders to Create a Website in a Short Time

This website builder is very easy and allows creating a quality website without any hassle and notable time investment. It comes with a handy WYSIWYG editor, responsive thematic-based pre-designed templates, a rich set of modules, powerful web customization tools and other features that make it possible to create different website types. What’s more, the service now offers a convenient multilanguage tool, which is a must when it comes to creating different website language versions.


uKit is another cloud WYSIWYG website builder that is a nice choice for building small business websites. The service offers a decent collection of responsive templates, which also fall into thematic categories, customization features, extensive web design functionality as well as nice eCommerce options and an Ecwid plugin that may be used to create online stores. This is one of the best website builders in its niche.


Mobirise is the downloadable software users have to install before getting involved into the web creation process. The system is free, but it implies extra payments for additional features and tools. Mobirise is block-based and users have to choose the required set of blocks needed for their websites. All in all, there are more than 400 readymade blocks here. The system makes it possible to use extra web design features, such as background video integration, parallax effect, hi-res images, Google fonts and what not.


Ucraft is a cloud block-based website builder, which has a nice collection of responsive templates and tools you can use to customize the design of your website. The system has user-friendly interface and even a newbie can cope with the web building tasks when using it. Ucraft is also known for its multilanguage feature that makes it possible to create several language versions of one and the same website.


uCoz is a universal website builder that offers a broad range of web design options. It’s not difficult to create a website with this system, but if you expect extensive functionality, you should be ready to master coding skills and HTML basics to launch a website here. uCoz has two types of templates (standard and responsive), several plans (including a free one), lots of modules to choose from, social network synchronization and other features that make it one of the most popular website builders nowadays.

Bottom Line

Many people face the necessity to build quality websites nowadays and lack skills, budget or time to do that. Website builders can become the best solution to the prevailing amount of web building problems, granted that you know how to choose and use these services properly. With so many website builders available out there, the choice of the one that adheres to your needs and requirements most of all can be a challenge. Look through the options reviewed above to make the right choice you won’t regret afterwards.

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