To celebrate #WorldEmojiDay ❤️, Adobe released its Emoji Trend Report

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To celebrate #WorldEmojiDay ❤️, Adobe released its Emoji Trend Report
To celebrate #WorldEmojiDay ❤️, Adobe released its Emoji Trend Report

AoiroStudioJul 17, 2019

It’s #WorldEmojiDay! To celebrate this visual digital language that changed the way we communicate, Adobe shared it’s Emoji Trend report that can be viewed here. It’s basically the results from a survey they conducted with 1,000 users and you will be surprised by some of its results. We shared some of the highlights right in the article so give it a look and make sure to send an Emoji to that special someone (or more) today. ?

In their words

This World Emoji Day, we’re excited to unpack the cultural phenomenon of emoji with the release of our first-ever Emoji Trend Report. In this year’s report, we surveyed 1,000 emoji users in the U.S. to learn more about the impact of this emerging digital language….

To celebrate #WorldEmojiDay ❤️, Adobe released its Emoji Trend ReportImage Courtesy by Adobe

Some highlights from Adobe’s Report:

Emoji users’ top three favorite emojis are ? (#1), ❤️ (#2), ? (#3). Love, happiness and sadness are the top three emotions users express through emojis.

81% believe those who use emojis are friendlier and more approachable.

65% of emoji users are more comfortable expressing their emotions through emojis than a phone call. This is especially true for Gen Z’ers (83%).

When emojis are used at work, the majority of emoji users feel they positively impact likability (78%), credibility (63%) and make positive news more sincere (74%).

Emojis’ greatest benefits include the ability to communicate across language barriers (94%) and instantly share thoughts and ideas (90%).

73% wish they had more emoji customization options to better reflect their personal appearance/identity.

64% are more likely to open an email from a brand with their favorite emoji in the subject line.

Full Report here
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