“there’s good inside” – Method’s Inspiring New Brand Campaign

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“there’s good inside” – Method’s Inspiring New Brand Campaign

“there’s good inside” - Method’s Inspiring New Campaign

Aug 13, 2018

Today, Method Products, pbc – a pioneer in design-driven, people and planet-friendly home and personal care products – launches a new integrated brand campaign, “There’s Good Inside.” It spotlights the good inside its products, its people and its state-of-the-art, sustainable soap factory in Chicago. Brought to life with an uplifting, clean-centric cover anthem of the popular ‘90s earworm “I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles),” by The Proclaimers, the whimsical, smile-inducing campaign centers around the notion that most people don’t believe cleaning can be fun, creative or connected to their values. True to the brand’s disruptive nature, method® playfully disagree.

“When people think of method®, they often think of our beautiful designs and wonderful fragrances, but there’s so much more depth to the brand,” said Doug Piwinski, method®’s Global Chief Marketing Officer. “This campaign is meant to draw attention to the beauty of what’s inside our bottles–not only how our products are made and who makes them–but ultimately how we are connected to the homes and people who use and love method. We’re reminding everyone we can all be planet, people, and pet-friendly, and look good doing so.”

“There’s Good Inside” 2-minute video


Playing a starring role in the campaign and commercial are a handful of actual method employees, aka the Movers and Makers. The spot takes place inside method®’s factory  which is the first-ever LEED Platinum Certified manufacturing plant—affectionately known as the South Side Soapbox—and located on the south side of Chicago in the historic community of Pullman. The boldly colorful, delightfully sustainable factory provided the perfect setting to spotlight the brand’s iconic design, color and whimsy alongside industry-leading practices that exemplify what manufacturing and urban revitalization look like in the 21st century.

The method® brand’s two-minute anthem video features a harried father of twins thankful that method® is both stylish and sustainable; a chef who swoons over plant-derived ingredients and sweet-smelling soap; and a cat lady who appreciates putting the hurt on dirt without harming her furry friend. The spot culminates with some of method’s very own Chicago factory Movers and Makers dancing and singing a rousing chorus of “Scrub a dub, yeah!”

method® partnered with independent creative agency Mekanism and Mekanism’s in-house Social Media Agency Epic Signal to conceptualize and produce the content which includes the two-minute anthem video, a mix of connected TV and digital ads, social, influencer and experiential media. Directed by Chicago native Greg Brunkalla, the spot is designed to introduce method® to a larger audience than ever before. Social media activations will compel people to join the fun and creativity online using #mymethod.

“We built an idea that’s about doing good together. To show that “clean” doesn’t have to be all about elbow grease and sparkly white floor —it’s individual personalities, bold colors, vibrant factory workers, and a ‘90s track we all know and love,” said Mekanism Creative Director Laura Wimer. “Method’s “there’s good inside” campaign showcases how we clean isn’t just a reaction to a mess. There’s a way to it—whether we’re cleaning for loved ones, pets, a passion, or ourselves, we all aim to make the world a little bit better.”  

The campaign, while integrated across multiple channels, is method’s latest significant campaign driven to reach the people who love method®where they live and shop online. The ads will run from August 13th – through October in top US markets including Chicago, Washington D.C. and Denver. To view the campaign ads and learn more, visit www.methodhome.com/mymethod.


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