The Best Printify Alternatives for Print on Demand in 2022

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In this article, we’re going to be exploring the best Printify alternatives, for those who want an alternate solution for POD selling. For Print on Demand, there are some names which often stand out more than others. Printify is one of the better-known companies in the POD landscape.

However, it’s not the only option. Like dropshipping, print on demand has emerged as an extremely popular business model in the current market. This has led to an influx of reputable POD resources appearing worldwide.

Alternatives like Printful give companies a range of options for where they can source their products, ideal for situations where Printify might not have the items you’re looking for, or the quality of service you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Printify alternatives on the market today.

1. Printful

printful - best printify alternatives

Printful is possibly the most popular print on demand company in a lot of countries today. Known for it’s wide selection of products, excellent shipping times, and handy mock-up generator, Printful has a lot to offer. Printful offers a host of ways to make your brand stand out when you’re producing POD products too, with solutions like cut and sew, sublimation printing and embroidery.

Part of what makes Printful so attractive is a commitment to helping companies dive into the POD world as quickly and easily as possible. Everything is simple and straightforward, from the moment you sign up, you’ll be guided through the process of finding the products you need. There’s even a handy mock-up generator, where you can add your designs to the products you want to sell.

You’ll be able to integrate Printify with your online stores, to help with speedily listing products. You can even add things like branded labels and unique packaging inserts into the mix, to help ensure you make the right impact with your brand image. Overall, it’s an excellent alternative to Printify.

Printful also promises excellent customer service, so if anything does go wrong with your shipping or printing process, you can reach out and get answers as quickly as possible. This is crucial in a POD landscape where your customers are reliant on you to deal with problems.

Pricing ?

There’s no monthly or setup fees included when you start using Printful. Similar to Printify, the amount you spend will depend on the kind of products you want to order for your customers, the branding options you choose, and the speed and destination of shipping. There are various calculators on Printful to help you estimate costs.


Lots of branding and customization
Fulfillment centers around the world
Great customer service and support
Huge range of products
Mock-up builder helps with designing products
Sample order discounts
Integrations with leading website building tools


Can be difficult to establish shipping settings
Profit margins are a little low

Who is it Best For? ✅

Widely considered one of the top print on demand products available, Printful offers a huge range of products and excellent customer service for companies from all backgrounds. There’s even a mock-up generator for creating your designs.

? Read our Printful review.

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2. Print Aura

One of the leading printing services on the market for simple but effective apparel printing, Print Aura offers an affordable and easy way to start your online store. There are tons of items to get started with building your product selection, with options like aprons, hats, masks, and mugs. You can even create phone cases, children’s clothing, and pillows.

Print Aura is also wonderfully efficient. The average turnaround time is usually around 3-to-5 days, which is excellent if you’re trying to deliver the best possible experience to your target audience. There’s also a wide range of customization options, to ensure your brand stands out.

While Print Aura may seem a little basic at first glance, compared to other market leaders like Printify, it’s an excellent pick for many business leaders. There are no minimum orders, and the printing quality is always excellent. You also get the added benefit of global and US shipping.

Print Aura also gives you a number of assets to help with starting your sales online. Alongside a design tool for mock-ups, you’ll also get a range of how-to guides, amazing customer support, and plenty of tips. The Print Aura Guarantee ensures every print is high quality.

Pricing ?

Print Aura’s pricing will depend on the kind of items you’re going to be purchasing and shipping to your customers. Keep in mind you’ll spend a lot less if you’re choosing simple items with simple branding options. Sweatshirts, for instance, will cost around $8.50 on average, while pillows are around $11.50. Though some of the items are pricey, you do get an excellent shipping calculator, and high-quality products.


Lots of branding options to make your products stand out
No setup or subscription fees
Mockup generator to help with your designs
Track customer items whenever they ship
No minimum order requirements
High quality products


Customer service responses can be slow
Some shipping costs are expensive

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a wide range of excellent products and decent delivery speeds, Print Aura is a great choice. There’s also the added peace of mind which comes with a product guarantee to ensure you’re getting good quality.

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3. Gooten

Gooten is one of the better-known names in the Print on Demand market. Known for offering a wide variety of easy-to-use services, Gooten makes sure you can get your designs on the web and selling as quickly as possible. This fantastic product ensures you can sell your own designs with speed. There’s also the option to purchase designs of other artists too.

Once you sign up for an account with Gooten, it’s simple to start selling. There’s plenty of tools like a mockup generator for checking out what your product is going to look like. There’s also an automated system for delivery and order tracking.

Gooten has more than 150 product options, and integrates with leading website creation tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Etsy. There’s also excellent speed of service with Gooten. Not only can you send products to more than 70 global routing locations, but you’ll have access to 2.8-day average production, and 3.9 day average shipping.

Gooten has earned a lot of recognition over the years for its excellent service and fantastic selection of high-quality items. You can even print products you might not find elsewhere, like yoga mats and gym bags.

Pricing ?

Pricing for Gooten will depend on what you want to sell. There aren’t any set-up or monthly fees. You simply calculate the product costs, add in your shipping costs, and determine how much you’re going to spend on branding.


Excellent broad product selection
Easy to use with lots of great tools
Integration with top website builders
Global shipping and fast shipping feeds
Fast production times
Automated order tracking


Prices can be somewhat high
Not a lot of marketing tools available

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you want to transform your existing website with POD technology, Gooten integrates with a huge selection of website builders, to help bring your dream to life. The company also offers some of the fastest shipping and production times.

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4. Teespring

Another fantastic Printify alternative, Teespring offers a wide range of beautiful print-on-demand items, for affordable prices. There are plenty of famous brands and influencers already selling their merchandise on Teespring, so you know it’s trustworthy. While the company started out selling only custom T-shirts, today’s entrepreneurs can sell everything from mugs and stickers to artwork.

Similar to most POD companies, TeeSpring simplifies the process of building your ideal business. You can use the mock-up generator to estimate what your items are going to look like before they reach your online store. There’s also plenty of room for experimentation with branding options to make your products stand out.

You’ll be able to cross-sell your products across a range of channels, download images of your mockup products, and even donate your profits to charity if you like. There’s even the option to add multiple people to a Teespring account, which is ideal if you’re running a business with a handful of employees all working together.

The Boosted network offered by TeeSpring is fantastic if you need extra help reaching potential buyers too. This allows you to highlight your items to customers on places like Amazon and Etsy.

Pricing ?

Similar to may POD solutions, you’ll be able to start selling on TeeSpring for free, paying just the costs of making and shipping your items. You will have access to options like “rush shipping” in some cases, which can cost more.


Lots of products to choose from
Plenty of marketing help with the boosted network
Straightforward fulfilment and ordering
Easy-to-use mockup generator
Rush shipping options
High-quality products


Can be a little tricky to get used to at first
Limitations on customization

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a print on demand company to help you start making an impact online, Teespring could be the ideal choice. The boosted network is great when you need help drawing attention to your products as a new brand.

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5. Spreadshirt

A beautifully straightforward solution for print on demand, Spreadshirt is a German company with a host of fantastic products on offer. There are more than 200 items to explore, and you can sell in up to 12 different languages. The range of customization options on Spreadshirt is great too, with step-by-step guidance to ensure you make your products look amazing.

Spreadshirt stands out as one of the more appealing solutions on the market due to its versatility. If you don’t have any ideas for a product yourself, you can simply use one of the designs made by the artists in Spreadshirt’s community. There’s also a number of eco-friendly production processes in play, to ensure you’re not having a negative impact on the environment.

Spreadshirt simplifies the process of selling gifts, clothes, apparel, and more. It’s also one of the few print-on-demand companies with transparent manufacturing methods. With items from photos and t-shirts, to Christmas gifts, you’ll have no problem finding things to sell. Plus, you can boost your chances of getting a sale with the Spreadshirt marketplace.

Pricing ?

The price you pay when selling on Spreadshirt will depend on which items you want to ship to customers, and how you’re going to customize them. You’ll also need to pay for the storage and shipping costs associated with creating your products.


Excellent for finding existing customers
Lots of ways to customize your items
PayPal payments are available
Artists to give you extra design options
Easy-to-use environment


You’ll deal with most of the marketing yourself
Some products can get quite pricey

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for an easy way to start selling online, even if you don’t have your own designs already available, Spreadshirt is a great choice. Thanks to the available artists on the platform, you should have no trouble building a product portfolio.

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6. Modalyst

modalyst - best printify alternatives

Another great option for building your e-commerce business via print on demand, Modalyst connects your existing website to drop shippers all around Canada, Europe and the US. You can build an ecommerce business quickly and easily with Modalst, creating custom products from scratch, without compromising on quality.

The vast supplier network from Modalyst allows you to add a range of products to your ecommerce platforms, such as bags, t-shirts, hoodies and more. You can experiment with custom printing options, and get samples sent to your home so you can test the quality of everything you make.

One of the best things about this Print on Demand service, is Modalyst only ever connects you with high-quality suppliers, so you never have to worry about a low-quality print provider ruining your business reputation.

Pricing ?

Modalyst has a selection of pricing plans, all available on Monthly and Yearly plans. The first option is “Hobby” for $0, then there’s “Start-up” at $35 per month, and “Pro” for $90 per month. The different packages give you more access to a higher range of trending products from top t-shirt printing companies and creative providers.

A higher priced package can also help you to reach your customer base across the USA and Europe faster, as the dropshippers offer faster delivery times.


Very reliable dropshipping services
Great for finding and selling trending products
Fulfillment centers around the world
Merch, leggings, home decor, and many other options to choose from
Rapid order fulfillment


Can be expensive to access some unique products
Hefty transaction fee on a variety of products

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a dropshipping solution that can offer a wide range of product designs upfront with no compromise on quality, Modalyst is a great choice. The solution will give you access to leading luxurious brands – but you will need to be willing to pay the price.

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Choosing Your Printify Alternatives

There are no shortage of Printify alternatives to choose from in the current dropshipping markets. Each solution comes with its own benefits, from templates for your designs to reduce the hassle of creation, to extensive integration functionality for your existing Wix or Shopify store.

The right Printify alternative for you will offer more than just competitive prices for your dropshipping products. You’ll also need to find something you can trust to deliver excellent, high-quality items to your customers as quickly as possible.

Beginners will need a service that’s convenient and easy to use, while developers and tech-savvy business owners may want more advanced features like API access and connections to platforms like eBay and Amazon. Good luck finding the service that works best for you.

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