The best laptop cooling pads in 2019

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The best laptop cooling pads might seem like an easy find, but search results reveal a surprising amount of choice. Why? For artists and designers using these devices for long periods of time, a laptop cooling pad is essential. Cooling a laptop allows the processors to push harder and perform better, without crashing. The challenge is finding the best cooling pad for your device, which means considering size, number of fans, power, noise, portability and more. Confused? Fret not, we've got you covered. Scroll down for our pick of the best laptop cooling pads available right now. 

First, let's take a look at the different specs you'll be dealing with. Size is a big issue. You don't want to buy a pad that's not large enough for your laptop as it won't cool it enough to offer any real benefit. Number of fans presents a similar issue, although this is more a question of power efficiency – some single-fan units can still push out a lot of cooling power. Noise is a big factor for anybody that thinks a whirring pad is going to get on their nerves (especially if this is for movie binging stints without headphones). Portability is a must for anyone using their laptop on the go, so keep that in mind when comparing size to power.

Our current favourite laptop cooling pad, which incorporates all of the above, is the Cooling Master NotePal X3. It's affordable, powerful, good looking and even comes with LED lighting – all that plus it's easy to buy from most countries via major retailers, meaning you get that peace of mind too. But while that's our pick, you might need something more specific for your needs. Read on to find the best for you.

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Cooler Master NotePal X3

The Cooler Master NotePal X3 is a beast of a cooling pad that is capable of chilling laptops up to 17-inches in size. This is done using a single, giant 200mm fan that is able to spin at up to an impressive 850 RPM. That speed can be controlled using a physical scroll wheel found on the side of the pad – this allows you to find the balance between noise and chilling efficiency. The LED lighting can also be controlled here allowing you to turn it off if you need. The pad is charged via USB but does offer a pass-through port meaning you can charge your phone while using this excellent cooling pad at the same time.

Tree New Bee TNB-F003

The Tree New Bee TNB-F003 cooling pad is a highly affordable way to get an active platform that cools your laptop. This unit features dual fans and handy clips that pop up to hold the laptop in place even when propped up on the legs at an angle. Made from ABS plastic and metal, the mesh layer is strong, grippy and able to transmit the air freely for the best cooling effect on the laptop, which can be up to 15.6-inches in size. 

Tree New Bee TNB-K0025

The Tree New Bee TNB-K0025 cooling pad is a high-end option for those that want the best without pricing being and issue. While the mesh metallic top layer will draw away heat, the four fans circulate cooling air to the laptop that can be between 15.6 and 17-inches. There are also two anti-slip pads, dual legs to prop the laptop up, dual USB ports and fan speed controls. All that makes this ideal for designers that want to keeping pushing their laptops' limits without the worry of a crash due to overheating.

TeckNet Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad

The TeckNet Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad offers a whopping five fans that work at up to 1,200 RPM yet do so very quietly. The result is a super chilled laptop that can be run to its limits, for watching or editing a 4K and HDR movie, say, all while the fans remain quiet enough to avoid affecting the experience. The dual USB allows for power while still offering space to charge a device. Also the ergonomic design allows for two angles, with grips for stability – meaning maximum viewing comfort, again, ideal for movie viewing sessions.

Cooler Master Eergostand III

The Cooler Master Ergostand III is a laptop cooling pad designed for adjustability, making it ideal for designers that need to move their laptop for the best viewing angle. The super large 230mm fan is ultra silent and works in conjunction with a six-angled stand. Everything comes apart for easy cleaning to ensure maximum airflow and cooling efficiency. The four port USB hub makes charging other devices easy and everything is easily accessible, further enhancing this pad's ability to go easy on your neck and back.

Deepcool N9

The Deepcool N9 isn't the slimmest cooling pad you can buy, but it is the best slimline option for the features we think you're going to need. Not only will this support laptops up to 17-inches with its metallic and grippy two anti-slip baffle platform, but it'll cool them powerfully with its speed-adjustable 180mm fan. You can enjoy four USB ports and six angle options for ideal viewing. All that is crammed into a unit that's slim enough to take anywhere, making it ideal for pros on the move that don't want to scrimp on power or settle for anything but the perfect viewing angle.

TopMate C5

The TopMate C5 laptop cooling pad is the best for gamers who want maximum power out of their machine and maximum cooling to keep it from crashing under the strain. Thanks to a whopping 2,500 RPM from the five fans, which somehow still remain relatively quiet, this cooling pad is ideal for high-powered gaming laptops specifically. The downside? It won't manage larger 17-inch laptops, but for up to 15.6-inch devices it offers multiple angles and kickers to hold the laptop in place. A dual USB hub allows for device charging and there's also a blue LED light so you know when that quiet fan system is active. 

Game Lab Vortex E-Sport LED Cooling Pad

The Game Lab Vortex E-Sport LED Cooling Pad offers a great combination of affordability and power that makes this a top option for gamers that want to get a powerful cooling pad on a budget. You get four fans capable of an impressive 1,400 RPM, all while staying quiet, as well as LED lighting. The brightness and power of all that can be controlled using a scroll wheel. Stands allow you to prop this cooling pad up for perfect viewing angles while ABS legs hold the laptop in place on the heat dissipating metallic mesh plate. Ideal for gamers, designers and general users alike.

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