The best Apple Black Friday deals in 2018

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It's that time of year already. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 are just a few short days away now, and many deals have now been leaked or are live, which is great for those looking to nab a Black Friday bargain. For those looking more specifically for an Apple Black Friday deal, the news is mixed. While some retailers have announced discounts on products such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, MacBook Air and iPad Mini 4 – more on that below – others have been quiet on the Apple Black Friday front.

What does this mean for those looking to snag an Apple Black Friday 2018 discount? Should you wait for the big day before you grab a bargain or act now while the iron's – or the deal's – hot? Read on to find out. 

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Does Apple give Black Friday discounts?

From Apple itself, Black Friday discounts don't usually come in the form of money off products, so you're unlikely to get a cheap Apple laptop directly from the Apple Store. Instead, in 2017, the tech giant offered money off further Apple spending, with gift cards given on purchases made over Black Friday. 

Last year, if you bought a MacBook or an iMac, you got the maximum gift card of £120/$150, if you bought smaller Apple products, such as a Apple Watch Series 1 or iPhone SE, you got a £20/$25 gift card. We expect Apple to offer a similar deal this year, and while this could be a great way to save if you're an Apple super-fan, there are plenty of other ways to grab yourself an Apple Black Friday discount that may be more satisfying for your bargain-hunting instincts and your purse strings. 

Also note that the newest products didn't come with any gift cards, so if you're after the latest iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Air or Mac mini, you're unlikely to get any money off from Apple – or much off from anyone at all, if we're honest. 

However, Apple's latest product announcements do mean you could be more likely than ever to get a good deal on older Apple products.

Apple Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the best deals

While we expect the Apple Black Friday sale in 2018 to look similar to last year, with gift cards offered for some products, such as the MacBook (2017) and iPhone 8 (but not the latest ones like the iPhone XS), other retailers such as Amazon, Target, Currys, Costco, Sam's Club and John Lewis are likely to slash their Apple prices over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of them have already announced they'll be doing so, and some have even started offering early Black Friday deals. Here's more on what we know so far.

Apple Watch Black Friday US deals

Since the Apple Watch 4 landed we've been seeing discounts on the older Apple Watch models, such as the Watch Series 3, and we expect to see prices drop even further this Black Friday. Keep an eye on the prices of the Watch you're interested in. If you see a price increase over the next few weeks, it's likely that price will then drop down on Black Friday. So be vigilant! 

Below is the best deal we're seeing on the Apple Watch Series 3, with more deals expected soon. Note that all deals are available while stocks last so get in there quick.

Apple Watch Black Friday UK deals
Apple AirPods Black Friday

Despite the rumours, at Apple's latest launch event in New York, there was no announcement of an AirPod update, leaving it uncertain whether they'll get a makeover before the end of the year. That is good news, however, for those coveting the original AirPods, as we are more likely to see discounts on them this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

In the US, we've only seen one Apple Airpods Black Friday deal so far and it was an early one from Sam's Club, which had various discounts on 10 November. There was $30 off Apple Airpods, and that's about the best we expect you'll be able to see. Keep checking back here as we'll post more deals when they become live.

In the UK, there aren't really any Black Friday Apple Airpod deals worth shouting about yet. In the meantime, here's today's best deals on Airpods.

Apple 4K TV Black Friday

If you'd like to turn your TV into a smart device with gorgeous imagery and Dolby Vision support, then the Apple 4K TV is the way to go. If you don't need all of that, but just want your TV to become 'smart', then older generation models such as the Apple TV 3rd generation may suit you better, and these are the ones most likely to be discounted over Black Friday. We have yet to hear any announcements about discounts on Apple 4K TVs on Black Friday, but here are the best deals right now.

Apple iPad Black Friday US deals

Those who are after an iPad are in luck. Following the recent announcement of the new iPad Pro 2018, which comes with either an 11-inch or a 12.9-inch screen, and the updated Apple Pencil, it's likely that older iPads will be on sale over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Last year we saw discounts on even the newest iPads, including the iPad 9.7-inch 32GB, which was down to around £300 from £339, and the iPad Pro 10.5, which had £50 off on Amazon. We aren't so optimistic as to expect an Apple Black Friday sale on the latest range of iPads, but we can dream… 

This year, we expect the older models to have their prices slashed further, and we're already seeing some fantastic US deals on a range of Apple iPads: we've listed our favourites below. 

Apple iPad Black Friday UK deals

If you're not sure whether you want the very latest Apple iPad product, or just want to check what all the fuss is about, then see our review of the new new iPad Pro 2018 here. Also check out our post on Black Friday iPad deals for more info.

Apple MacBook Black Friday

Apple's latest event included the news that the MacBook Air is receiving a welcome update, with a Retina display seemingly aimed at creative pros, and even the MacBook Pro got a refresh with the announcement of new AMD graphics options. What does the mean for Apple Black Friday deals in 2018? It's unlikely to be good news in terms of price if you're after the very latest tech, but if you're happy to get an earlier MacBook model, you should see some discounts. 

Apple MacBook Black Friday US deals
Apple MacBook Black Friday UK deals

Last year, John Lewis offered between £50 and £200 off selected MacBooks and iMacs, and we're already seeing some MacBooks on offer this year. Get them while they're still available.

To get the best deal, It's worth tracking the price of the model you're interested in from now on, so you'll know when you're getting an Apple Black Friday discount that's truly worth it. See our post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday MacBook deals this year for more info and deals.

iPhone X Black Friday

In 2017, there were discounts on the iPhone X over Black Friday even though it had only just been released, so this year, we expect big discounts on this smartphone. Seeing as the iPhone X is also being discontinued due to the arrival of the new iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, that means retailers will be wanting to shift their stock. 

iPhone X Black Friday US deals

As predicted, we're already seeing deals on the iPhone X and iPhone XR, although Target is following Apple's lead and offering gift cards instead of money off. 

iPhone X Black Friday UK deals
Where to find the best Apple Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

As we said previously, the Apple Store isn't usually the best place to grab a bargain in the Apple Black Friday sale. Keep an eye on retailers such as Currys, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and John Lewis, and don't forget to check back here, as we'll be curating the best deals as they come in.

How to get the best Apple Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

To get the best deal possible, it's best to have a product and a price in mind. This will keep you from being overwhelmed by the options and becoming unable to make a decision (or making the wrong decision). 

Once you've decided on the product you're after, you can start tracking its price on various retailers – or even simpler, bookmark this page and keep checking it. You could also set up a Google Alert for the prices you're after. Here are some more tips here on how to make the most of Black Friday.

3 Apple products to look out for on Black Friday

Not sure what to go for after looking at all of Apple's great products? Our money is on the best discounts being on the MacBook Pro 15-inch, Apple Watch 3 and the iPad Pro 12.9.

And you may also find now's a good time to pick up an older MacBook Air.

Apple Store on Black Friday 2018: opening hours

Will you have to queue up round the block to get the best Apple Black Friday deals? This seems unlikely, because as far as we know, most Apple Stores will operate their usual opening hours across this period. You can check your local Apple Store opening times here.

As mentioned, however, the Apple Store may not be the best place to bag yourself Apple Black Friday deals, so you may be better off going to another retailer or shopping online. Don't forget that we'll be reporting on deals as they come in, so you can keep checking this page to bag yourself an Apple Black Friday bargain.

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