Teelaunch vs Teespring (2023): Which Platform is Best?

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Teelaunch vs Teespring, which platform should you use for your print on demand business?

At a glance, these solutions seem pretty similar. They’re both designed to support entrepreneurs and creatives in the print-on-demand market, with a range of customizable products to choose from, and excellent fulfilment services. Both tools also allow you to sell your products on a range of platforms.

Even the names of the two platforms were nearly exactly the same, until Teespring officially updated its name to just “Spring”.

However, there are some slight differences between the two services you’ll need to be aware of as a budding business owner.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice between Teelaunch and Teespring.

What is Teelaunch?

teelaunch homepage - teelaunch vs teespring

Let’s start with the basics. Teelaunch is a print on demand solution provider, which uses technology to connect your ecommerce store to third-party fulfilment and production companies worldwide.

The platform allows business owners to add their own designs to a host of different products, from wall art and drinkware, to apparel, and home goods.

Teelaunch works with worldwide fulfilment centers, so you can easily sell products to customers anywhere in the world. Plus, it integrates with a handful of marketplaces and ecommerce platforms, ranging from WooCommerce and Shopify, to Etsy and BigCommerce.

What is Teespring?

teespring homepage - teelaunch vs teespring

Teespring (Spring) is similar in a lot of ways to Teelaunch. The platform allows any creator to sign up for an account, and add their own unique designs to about 50 different types of products. Options range from phone cases and tote bags, to stickers, and home décor.

Spring’s fulfillment teams handle the creation of quality products on your behalf, and ship items directly to your customers, so you don’t have to worry about any logistics yourself.

Teespring also offers access to a range of tools to improve your chances of sales, such as a Boosted Network for advertising, and a dedicated customer support team for your buyers.

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Teespring: Features and Functionality

Both Teelaunch and Teespring take a relatively straightforward approach to online selling.

When you create an account with Teespring, you’ll get access to various design tools you can use to customize the white label products in Teespring’s collection. You can add your own designs, adjust text and images, and experiment with colors in a mockup generator.

Once you’re happy with your designs, you can then list your products on your ecommerce website, or create your own storefront on the Teespring platform. Teespring storefronts come with access to easy-to-use product listings, promotional tools, analytics, and integrations.

Teespring handles all of the production and shipping process for you, so all you need to do is focus on promoting and growing your store. Key features of the platform include:

Comprehensive dashboard: Teespring includes a comprehensive dashboard where you can check your sales performance, see hot streak challenges, manage your product listings, and create storefronts, all in one place.

Order management and analytics: You can monitor all of your personal orders in the “orders” section of your dashboard, and gain valuable insights with sales analytics. Teespring offers useful insights into your most profitable products and sales channels.

Integrations: With Teespring, you can connect your storefront directly to YouTube, Twitch, and Streamlabs, to boost your promotional strategy. There’s also the handy “Boosted Network” option, which allows you to showcase products on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Walmart, and various other online marketplaces.

Marketing tools: Teespring allows users to connect with buyers through email and message-based marketing. You can also use the promotions tool to create custom promo codes and gift cards for buyers, to increase your chances of sales. Plus, you can add tracking pixels for platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Design resources: Teespring comes with a host of design resources and tutorials, to help you make the most impressive products possible. The company also offers a wide range of specialty items to customize, such as pop sockets, backpacks, and pins.

TeespringGo also provides access to a variety of other services. For instance, you can purchase inventory outside of the POD world and ship it to Teespring’s warehouse, to take advantage of their fulfillment services. You can also access product sourcing support from Teespring directly.

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Teelaunch: Features and Functionality

One of the major differences between Teelaunch and Teespring, is that while “Spring” gives you the option to create your own storefront directly, Teelaunch is an app designed to integrate with other sales platforms and tools.

The print-on-demand app gives users instant access to a variety of products you can customize and sell. Once you integrate Teelaunch with your chosen ecommerce platform (or Etsy), you can create a product using the simple mock-up generator tools included within the app.

When you’re ready to start designing a product, you can click on an item, and start adding your own customizations to color, sizing, print sizes, and designs. Teelaunch will show you the potential production and shipping costs for each product as you work.

When you’re happy with your design, you can simply add it to your store, and Teelaunch will handle fulfilment whenever a customer places an order. Key features of the platform include:

Simple design tools: Teelaunch makes it easy to create custom-designed products and add them straight to your store. The user-friendly solution allows entrepreneurs to experiment with all kinds of designs and patterns, using an integrated mockup generator.

Integrations: As a POD app, Teelaunch integrates directly with a variety of ecommerce platforms, including Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. There’s also a custom API option for creating your own automated workflows.

Shipping services: Teelaunch ships products through a variety of well-known shipment companies, and provides access to shipping costs throughout the creation process. You can also access tracking features with Teelaunch to keep customers up to date on their orders.

Unfortunately, Teelaunch does lack a lot of the “bonus” features you can access with Spring, such as marketing tools, the Boosted Network (for marketplace integrations), and comprehensive analytics.

You’ll need to rely on the tools of your ecommerce platform to handle these aspects of your POD business. Fortunately, since Teelaunch can integrate directly with your Shopify store, it should be relatively easy to create your own email marketing and social media campaigns.

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Teelaunch vs Teespring: Pricing

Pricing can be a little difficult to get your head around with print-on-demand companies. Both Teespring and Teelaunch allow users to start using their services for free, with no monthly subscription costs. However, there are other fees to consider, such as:

Ecommerce store subscriptions: If you want to integrate your POD tools with an online store, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for solutions like Shopify or Wix. You don’t necessarily need to create your own store with Spring, but having multiple platforms for sales can be a good way to increase your sales.

Production costs: The cost of each item you create with Teespring and Teelaunch can vary, depending on your choice of product, and your customization needs. You’ll be able to see the base cost of your DTG, and custom products as you create each item on either platform’s mockup generator tools. Remember, a high-quality print on a premium product, such as all-over print leggings can cost a little more.

Shipping costs: With most POD services, you’re responsible for paying for the cost of shipping your items to customers. You should be able to see the shipping costs offered by each print-on-demand platform when creating your items. Just remember your costs can vary based on the shipping options and shipping times you choose, and the location of your customers.

There may be other fees to consider with each solution too. For instance, if you want to use the TeespringGo service to sell a wide range of products with the help of the Teespring fulfillment company, you’ll need to pay for warehousing and storage costs.

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Teelaunch vs Teespring: The Main Differences

There are a lot of similarities between Teelaunch and Teespring. Both options will allow you to sell a range of items, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to tank tops and other unique products.

Both options also offer excellent printing options for their product selection, such as direct-to-garment and screen printing. Plus, you should be able to expect excellent print quality from both vendors. Teespring and Teelaunch have both earned some excellent reviews over the years.

However, there are some core differences to consider:

Integrations: Teelaunch integrates with a range of ecommerce platforms, so you can add your print-on-demand products to your existing store. Spring, on the other hand, allows you to create your own storefront within the Spring platform. You can also use the company’s Boosted Network solution to sell your merch on online marketplaces.

Marketing tools: Teelaunch doesn’t have any integrated tools available to help you with marketing. Although there are branding options to make your products stand out. Alternatively, Spring can help you boost your profit margins with integrated marketing tools.

Unique products: Teespring has more unique products available in their product selection than Teelaunch. However, some of these items can be a little more expensive than the common print-on-demand products available from Teelaunch.

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Teelaunch vs Teespring: Pros and Cons

For influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs looking to start their own online business, both Teelaunch and Teespring are excellent tools. These solutions allow you to outsource your in-house fulfilment and garment printing needs to a third-party network of dedicated suppliers.

You can use each platform to sell to customers all over the world, from the USA, to Europe and Australia, and you’ll even be able to choose your own product pricing strategy.

However, Teespring is a slightly more comprehensive solution for print on demand sites than Teelaunch. With Spring, beginners can create a storefront, sell through social media, and connect to a wide network of marketplaces.

Plus, there are tons of value-added services on offer from the Teespring brand, helping you to manage customer service, increase turnaround time, and minimize the upfront costs of running your business.

Alternatively, Teelaunch is a slightly more beginner-friendly solution, designed for people who already have their own ecommerce store. While the product catalog is a little basic in comparison to Teespring, you’ll still find plenty of great items to sell.

Remember, if neither Teelaunch nor Teespring is right for you, you can always consider a handful of other POD options, such as:







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