My Thoughts: Apple iPhone 5C Pricing (Canadian)

I’m honestly a bit confused. The point of releasing iPhone 5C was to complete with cheaper Android models. Looking at website the 5C will be sold for $599.00. Essentially are there any cheap Android handsets that cost $600.00? It sounds to me that its priced too high to appeal to the “other” consumer. If you are going to spend $600.00 to begin with, whats an additional $120.00 to get the proper iPhone 5S? (iPhone 5S is listed at $719)

True Apple Fanboys will continue to purchase the high end product, iPhone 5C was supposed to be for “everyone else”. I doubt people will buy it for a mere $600.00.

I wasn’t going to speak about the specifications, but thus far it appears that 5C is a cheaper version of the original iPhone 5. Therefore, you are better off purchasing a brand new (or used) iPhone 5.

My current assumption as you gather by the short notes above is that Apple completely missed the mark on the pricing of the iPhone 5C.

The true price point should have been $399.00.

I know what you are going to say. People won’t buy the expensive version if it was that much cheaper. I disagree, as I previously stated the Apple fans will continue to purchase the high end product and with a price point of $400.00 you would get “everyone” else to buy into it.

Only time will tell, but I don’t foresee iPhone 5C a hot seller.