Power and portability: The laptop changing the game for 3D artists

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If you are a 3D artist, chances are your studio will include at least a large workstation, multiple monitors and a graphics tablet. The hardware required to create show-stopping 3D art doesn’t exactly lend itself to working on the go. Until now. 

Introducing the blisteringly powerful, dual screen Asus ZenBook Pro Duo laptop. 

The foundation of any workstation is the processing power, and this is where the Zenbook excels. Under the hood of this amazing device you’ll find an Intel Core i9 CPU and NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU, providing all the power to support the most complex of 3D tasks at speed. 

A creative game-changer

But all the processing power in the world is next to useless unless you can harness it properly, and this is where the ZenBook Pro Duo really shines. This laptop has been specifically designed to help 3D and digital artists make the most of the immense power that lies beneath its equally impressive-looking exterior. 

Built into the ZenBook Pro Duo are not one but two 4K screens, both of which are touch sensitive and colour accurate. The glossy main OLED display is beautifully crisp, but it’s the second screen that really makes this device a game-changer for digital and 3D artists. 

Located at the top of the lower half of the device, the second screen boasts a paper-like finish that works wonderfully with the stylus included. A 3D artist’s workflow will often involve working with multiple palettes and keyboard shortcuts. In this case the second screen is ideal for docking these palettes for easy access and to free up the main screen for the perspective viewport.

The extra screen also means the keyboard has moved to the front edge of the laptop’s body and the trackpad to the right. A huge ergonomic improvement over centralised trackpads, the ZenBook Pro Duo puts an end to reaching over the chassis when typing or using keyboard shortcuts, and offers a much more natural workflow. To use the second screen will, however, mean leaning over the keyboard. But Asus has all bases covered with this design, adding an in-built function to simply lock the keys.

Highly portable power

The ZenBook Pro Duo’s unique design and rich feature set makes for a highly intuitive user experience on a truly mobile workstation that doesn’t compromise on power, and, in many cases, excels over that of a desktop experience.

If you are a 3D or digital artist who needs uncompromised power and portability, the Zenbook Pro Duo is the best solution.

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