OptinMonster Black Friday / Cyber Monday – 35% OFF all plans

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Here’s a quick one. Guess what digital marketers consider to be the most difficult part of their job.

Ok, the fact is 65% of businesses believe that generating site visitors and subsequently leads is exceptionally difficult. It’s undoubtedly that one task you don’t want to be assigned to you.

But then again, generating leads is oddly satisfying. Especially when you systematically source them from your site’s organic traffic.

And you know what? Believe it or not, the most challenging bit is arguably attracting a consistent flow of traffic. That’s why it would be extremely painful if you end up losing your visitors without converting a substantial fraction of them.

Interestingly, however, many marketers consider that a real possibility because of the simple fact that 96% of a website’s visitors are usually not ready to purchase yet.

And then there’s a special group of marketers who’ve managed to overcome that by strategically leveraging lead generation tools. I’m talking about the elite squad that powers onsite lead generation with effective opt-in lead generation solutions- like OptinMonster and the likes.

Astonishing, isn’t it? I guess that’s why I’m particularly fond of seeking ways to beat the system. And this time around, I’ll let you in on a juicy one I stumbled upon. It just so happens that OptinMonster is offering an exclusive 35% discount on all its plans this Black Friday and Cyber Monday- from November the 19th to 26th.

To top it off, it turns out the discount is applicable for more than one month. So, let’s find out more about this, starting with the features;

Feature Highlights of OptinMonster Lead Generation
Drag-and-Drop Builder

OptinMonster, for starters, provides a dynamic drag-and-drop builder for creating your own uniquely striking customized optin forms.

Then get this. It’s entirely manipulated without any form of programming.  The tool basically allows users to build from scratch using the canvas, or proceed with pre-designed templates that can be customized further. In the end, you’re able to combine various eye-catching forms with a wide selection of sound effects and animations.

Multiple Campaign Types

Businesses often use varying approaches when it comes to lead generation and marketing. OptinMonster makes a good attempt at facilitating all the possible strategies through an extensively flexible optin framework. In essence, it comes with the following campaigns:

·         Content Locker- For changing articles into gated elements to facilitate opt-ins.

·         Inline Forms- For attaching forms to your webpage’s content.

·         Sidebar Forms- For placing forms on either side of your site’s pages.

·         Countdown Timer- For encouraging visitors to urgently submit their optin information.

·         Floating Bar- For flexible forms that follow visitors around as they surf through a page.

·         Slide-In Scroll Box- For special forms that shoot up from one of the screen’s corners.

·         Fullscreen Welcome Mat- For momentarily displaying forms that take up the entire screen.

·         Lightbox Popup- For standard forms that pop up on the screen.

Campaign Triggers

OptinMonster heavily uses artificial intelligence to analyze visitor behavior, and subsequently display forms at the right time- based on pre-set trigger parameters. The triggering systems are:

·         Campaign Scheduling- Establish periods for showing selected campaigns.

·         Timed Display Control- Define specific times for displaying campaigns.

·         InactivitySensor- Use special campaigns that specifically show up when visitors are inactive.

·         MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins- Use ideal images and links as pathways to optin forms.

·         Scroll Trigger- Unleash selected optin forms as soon as visitors scroll to a certain point on the web page.

·         Exit-Intent Technology- Drop campaign forms on surfers exiting your web page.

Targeted Campaigns

The AI also comes in handy for when you need to engage a defined set of visitors based on their exact demographics. The systems used to target them include:

·         AdBlock Detection- For engaging visitors who are locking out potential ad income with their AdBlockers.

·         Device-Based Targeting- For reaching out to surfers based on their respective devices.

·         Cookie Retargeting- For unleashing forms aligned to visitors’ cookies.

·         Geo-location Targeting- For showing forms according to visitors’ geographical positions.

·         Onsite Retargeting- For engaging traffic that has visited your site before.

·         Onsite Follow Up Campaigns- For launching systematic messages aligned with actions taken by visitors.

·         Page-Level Targeting- For determining forms as they apply to special site zones accessed by visitors.

·         Referrer Detection- For displaying forms based on the traffic source.

Seamless Integrations

Lead generation is only the first stage of the conversion pipeline. There’s still a long way to go to successfully trigger purchases. And the bulk of it involves a thorough conversion process, complete with the relevant engagement tools. But since OptinMonster is not capable of facilitating all that, it chooses to conveniently integrate with a wide array of third-party email marketing services plus website and ecommerce platforms.

Actionable Insights

All things considered, lead generation is a holistic operation with multiple interconnected variables. Their collective impact depends on the complex set of decisions made at every stage, regarding each distinct parameter. And to help you with that, OptinMonster will keep you informed through its system of actionable insights- involving conversion analytics, A/B testing, and real-time behavior automation.

Normal OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster user subscription plans usually cost:

·         $19 per month or alternatively $108 per year for the Basic Plan.

·         $39 per month or alternatively $228 per year for the Plus Plan.

·         $59 per month or alternatively $348 per year for the Pro Plan.

·         $99 per month or alternatively, $588 per year for the Growth Plan.

Special OptinMonster Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount Pricing

This good news? Well, at a 35% all-year discount, you get to pay:

·         $70.20 instead of $108 for Basic

·         $148.20 instead of $228 for Plus

·         $226.20 instead of $348 for Pro

·         $382.20 instead of $588 for Growth

That essentially translates to 12 discounted months. Quite a hack, right?

What To Do

And now for the revelation…

Just proceed to OptinMonster’s main site and enter BF2018 as the discount code.  Then have all the fun generating leads at a substantially reduced price.

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