One of These Site and Page Building Tools is Meant for You

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Searching for precisely the right website builder to suit your needs can be a daunting chore. There are good ones and not-so-good ones on the market. The problem is that there are so many good website builders. Also, more than a few of them can legitimately claim to be top-of-the-line. Therefore, it can be awfully difficult to make a choice.

Is one of your requirements that the product must be free? Then, your search should narrow considerably. However, it still won’t necessarily be easy to find what you’re looking for.

The good news is — we’ve just made it an easy task. We’re delighted to be able to present the best of the best free website builders heading into 2018. You’ll find builders for creatives, for small businesses, and for personal use. All these builders will enable you to create awesome portfolios and galleries.

Take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!

1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

     Since the Mobirise Website Builder is free for both commercial and personal use, it would only make sense to download it to check it out. Mobirise isn’t just another copycat builder either. It takes somewhat of a different approach to creating a website (one that you’ll like) and you’re free to use any host you choose once your site is ready to launch.

Mobirise’s cool combination of a drag and drop builder and its cool selection of trendy pre-made building blocks really speeds up the building process and your workflow as well. A comprehensive set of design elements, together with Mobirise’s Bootstrap 4 templates also come with the package. The net result is your ability to easily add functionality to your sites that might otherwise require lots of time, effort, and coding. Coding is not necessary with the Mobirise Builder. It’s simply a matter of dropping blocks onto a page and adding, rearranging, and editing content as necessary. Once done, you’re ready to publish.

Download the Mobirise Website Builder for Mac OS or Windows and check it out!

2. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer website builder

     The Visual Composer Builder is the creation of WPBakery’s VC team. 5+ years of design and development experience have gone into this completely new type of WordPress builder. It is not to be confused with the WPBakery Builder.

The two builders are independent and completely different from one another, and we believe this would be a good time to give the Visual Composer Builder a try. Both free and Premium versions are available.

This website builder features a live drag and drop frontend editor, a backend editor, a host of advanced design options, WordPress shortcodes and widgets support, and much more. VC-created sites will be responsive, they can be tied into Social Media, and you can accomplish all of this without any need to write code.

We suggest checking out the free version and putting it through its paces and looking into the Premium version’s features later.

3. Portfoliobox


     Because it makes it so easy to build websites and professional-looking galleries and portfolios that are unique in all respects, Portfoliobox is an excellent choice for creatives, be they photographers, artists or designers of all types.

Portfoliobox is not theme-based, so you’re not constrained to using a standard theme. You can use any style you want for any page and do it from the comfort of your web browser. Web hosting comes with the package, and there’s never a need for coding.

Since this web building tool is responsive you can control the look of your website pages, portfolios, and galleries on mobile devices.

Hosting is included when you sign up for a free account. Portfoliobox’s Pro plan offers extended hosting capabilities and a free personalized domain. Another cool option to check – a student account offer from Portfoliobox. If your school supports this opportunity, do not miss it!

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