Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review: Recording Online Videos is a Breeze

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You wake up for work. The first item on your to-do list is to open up that social media webinar you’ve been looking forward to.

You’re fifteen minutes early and ready to learn about how you can turn your small business into a presence on Facebook. But then, the phone rings. Your kid got sick at school and now you need to come and pick him up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick way to record that webinar for future viewing?

Quite a few versions of screen capture software exist. Some cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Others come as browser extensions or default software installed into your operating system. These tend to work for limited use, but you often run into problems like the amount of time you can capture, resolution difficulties and watered-down features in general.

The main disadvantage to not having a fully-functional screen capture tool is that you often would like to save these full videos for later, without the regular limitations.

For instance, a college professor or business professional might want to show off some relevant YouTube videos but they don’t get internet access in the classroom or at a conference. A company might want to share training courses online, but they’d rather have local files to give to new employees in one batch.

In addition, every single one of these people may want to take a video, grab a screen capture of it, then cut it down to a certain size. This helps with placing a quick video in a presentation, where the actual video online is far too long.

In fact, many university students are known for inserting shortened YouTube videos in their PowerPoint presentations.

In order to take advantage of this functionality, you need a tool like Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It offers a compact program with Windows and Mac versions. You can record online videos and save them to your computer after making edits.

Furthermore, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio doesn’t limit the type of video you record. It seems to open up possibilities for capturing and saving everything from Conan O’Brien clips to videos on the ESPN website.

Seeing as how quite a few people would find this tool helpful, I wanted to give it a spin to see how it performed.

What Can You Record with the Help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

TV Programs.
Live Streams.
Videos from YouTube.
Online video courses.
Video marketing materials.
Videos on social media.

Really, screen capture is entirely up to your imagination. Taking a video of a Netflix video is entirely possible for the entertainment junkies out there. There’s also no reason you can’t use Movavi for more professional videos. And, the most obvious use of a screen capture software is to develop your own videos for things like YouTube videos, courses and webinars.

But enough of that. Let’s take a look at my own experience.

Recording With Movavi – Ease of Use

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio downloads directly to your PC or Mac from the Movavi website. There’s no personal information you have to type in. It’s also not a demo version, so the basic functionality of Movavi Screen Capture Studio is there for you to enjoy.

Upon installing an opening Movavi Screen Capture, you see a box with options. It asks whether you’d like to do one of the following:

Record screen.
Take a screenshot.
Repeat last recording.
Look at the quick capture shortcuts.
Edit your captured files.

You can also find a compact mode for keeping the clutter down.

This review is only on the recording capabilities, but as you can see, Movavi provides several other functions for screenshots and editing.

But now it’s time to find a video I want to record and capture with Movavi. I decided to do so with a few types of videos so that I understand how well it performs. At first, I wanted to see how Netflix worked out. I started a TV show, began the screen capture, then waited for about five minutes. After stopping the capture, it brought me to a basic editing area.

Here are some of the options in this module:

Adjust the playback volume.
Save the current frame.
Save As.
Adjust the language.
Open the video in the more advanced Movavi Video Editor.
Share to YouTube.
Cut the video in its current position.

One of the main features involves cutting the video down. As mentioned above, a business person, student, teacher or a regular person might have a strong need for cutting out the rest of the video. Therefore, the user drags the cutting tool to the spots they want to save. Hit the Cut button, then everything else gets removed.

I also enjoy the Save to YouTube feature, since it’s a pain in the rear to download the video to your computer and go through the regular YouTube upload module. On the Upload to YouTube screen, you can change the title, description, tags and the Save To location. It even provides options to adjust the resolution, category and privacy.

I could definitely imagine using Movavi Screen Capture Studio in my professional life as well. Therefore, I went to a popular WordPress training module on Udemy and joined the course. This was a free course, but I imagine you’d have the same screen capture experience if you paid for videos on Udemy or Lynda. Regardless, the WordPress course recorded nicely and I was able to cut it down whenever I found something that dragged on.

My final test was with a simple YouTube video. What’s cool about Movavi Screen Capture Studio is that you can capture regardless of the size of the video. So, I completed the capture on the smaller YouTube screen, but the fullscreen view worked fine as well.

Get Started With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Capturing videos like this is both legal and productive. Companies have been doing this for quite some time, and the average TV and movie buff would find this interesting as well. If you have any questions about this Movavi Screen Capture Studio review, or if you’ve tried out the software in the past, let us know in the comments section below.

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