Mind-boggling Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

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Mind-boggling Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

Mind-boggling, Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

Dec 12, 2017

James Gilleard shared a set of beautiful illustrations that he created in 2017. They are all vector illustration  and it definitely sets the bar at another level. The amount of details is nothing but staggering, I was trying to understand some of them like the one of Paris, or the ones with buildings and I couldn’t.  There’s just too much going on which makes me wonder how long it took it for James to create those illustrations. Below you can see some of my favorites.

We also recommend that you check out James website at www.jamesgilleard.com/ – James is a designer, art director and illustrator based in London, UK. He has an incredible portfolio with more amazing vector illustration projects.

Vector Illustration

Fast Magazine – Japanese Cedar House
DB Mobile – Frankfurt redevelopment
Washington Post – Future Restaurants
Videogame Concept Art and Visual Development
Animation Backgrounds


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