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Everyone likes a good deal, and if you're after some great deals that can help you in your design career then there's a new free platform that can sort you right out.

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Glug Club is a brand new initiative from Glug, one of the most popular creative events around. It started out as a handful of friends talking shop and showing off their work in an East London pub in 2007, and since then has grown into an international movement with events all round the world and talks from some of the biggest names in the business.

With over 40,000 global members, Glug has found itself in the perfect position to negotiate a stack of killer deals with 45 industry-leading suppliers. Glug Club has been specially curated so that there's something for everyone from young creatives to industry veterans, and members can unlock exclusive offers and perks that they might not be able to access as individuals.

"We've curated the list of products and services based on the experience of a select group of Glug Ambassadors," explains Glug's Malin Persson. "They know what's worked and what hasn't, so we can pass these insights down to the next generation of agency owners and young creatives."

Membership of Glug Club is free, and since its announcement last week, it's already attracted another 3,000 members keen to take advantage of its benefits. And with a who's who of top companies involved, including Adobe, Getty Images, Pantone, Slack, Fontsmith and Microsoft, it's easy to see why.

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"We've been working on Glug Club for some time, trying to negotiate a range of great deals for our community,"  says Glug founder and CEO Ian Hambleton. "With over 40,000 global members, we're now able to push brands to give our community better rates and services."

Hambleton expects that as Glug Club grows, the range of services and offers it's able to share with its members will grow with it. "Glug Club embodies everything we've tried to build with Glug," he continues. "To help young creatives on their career journey and provide them with useful tips and tools to get ahead. In this case, it's not a speaker talk at an event, but rather an amazing list of tools they should use to get ahead."

Want to get involved and give your career a free helping hand? Head over to the Glug Club sign-up page today.

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