iPad Pro 2020: All the latest rumours and leaks

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There has been much speculation about the arrival of the new iPad Pro 2020. The iPad Pro was pretty much neglected in 2019, so fans are keen to see if 2020 marks the year the powerful tablet gets some attention. While Apple's spring event was slated for March, it now looks as if it is going to be cancelled due to coronavirus fears. However, that doesn't mean that new products won't be announced, so we are still expecting news about the iPad Pro 2020 to be just around the corner. 

Delays and viruses aside, what do we know about the iPad Pro 2020? One thing's for sure, whatever the update looks like, there will be some great iPad Pro apps for designers, artists and illustrators to work with. Here we take a look at all the latest iPad Pro 2020 leaks and rumours. And spoiler alert: it looks like the iPad Pro really may become a MacBook killer this time round.

iPad Pro 2020: Design rumours

The most recent rumours are based around the iPad Pro's strides into laptop territory. One recent leak suggests that the iPad Pro could come with an optional keyboard that includes a proper trackpad, so it really could become a machine that creatives can use instead of their MacBook. 

Code seen by 9to5Mac for iOS 14 (expected to be with us in autumn) also suggests that both the iPad and the iPhone could soon work much better with a mouse. This could mean that you can connect your mouse via bluetooth to your device and it will work much in the same way as it does on a computer, with two-finger taps acting like right-clicks, for example. Note that iOS 13 does have mouse support for the iPad, but it's buried within the settings and overall seems pretty unintuitive. 

On top of these rumours, there's a lot of speculation floating around about the iPad Pro 2020's design in general. In the middle of 2019, Apple registered another two tablet models with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulator. And both of these new models didn't match any models that aren't in the current line-up, which has (naturally) led to speculation. 

A previous rumour, posted on Twitter last month, offers an unconfirmed look at the front and back of the new iPad Pro 2020. The most significant feature is addition of two rear cameras. Being that the current iPad Pro only has one, it hints that Apple has put the devices' photo-taking abilities in (ahem) focus.

iPad Pro 2020: Release date and price

Late last year, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggested the release date would be early 2020, which is interesting when you consider Apple usually unveils new tech at its annual October event. Does this mean that Apple skipped a 2019 iPad Pro launch with the intent of releasing two new iPad Pros in 2020? Only time will tell.

There's no current news on the price of the new device, however with over a year between updates, we expect this iPad Pro refresh to be significant, in terms of both cost and capability. 

Below is what we've heard about the latest event being cancelled, with no news yet on how this will affect the iPad Pro. 

iPad Pro 2020: What we'd like to see 

While we wait for official confirmation from Apple, we can only speculate what the new iPad Pro 2020 will actually offer. However there's no doubt that the new iPad Pro will be a top-end, power-packed tablet. The current 12.9-inch model boasts a very powerful A12X Bionic processor, so expect even more processing power for demanding creative tasks like photo or video editing. 

Our biggest wish for the iPad Pro 2020 would be a bigger screen. Seeing as there is no longer a 15-inch MacBook Pro anymore, how about a 15-inch iPad Pro to fill the gap? The extra space would be perfect for designers, illustrators and artists to express themselves with an Apple Pencil. 

We'll update this post as and when more news drops on the new iPad Pro 2020. But if you can't wait that long to get your hands on one of these powerful devices, you can currently get some great deals on the 2018 iPad Pro models. Here are the best prices in your area: 

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