How you can use a WordPress Form Plugin to improve your online reputation

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The internet is nowadays an extremely influential tool for businesses. After creating a presence online and a strong brand identity, trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors, are there ways you can better manage your business reputation? Is it possible to identify and influence your online reputation in order to improve it?


“Why is it so important to have a good online reputation?” you may ask. Gaining credibility, boosting sales, enhancing the hiring process, these are just a couple of benefits that the right online reputation will bring. So, what can you do to improve it?


Ask for feedback


Whether it’s your employees or your customers, reaching out to them and taking care of their needs is the trick to turning them into your brand advocates. Having your employees as your brand ambassadors will not only help you build trust but will also quicken and improve your hiring process. When applying for a job at a certain company, word of mouth and the company’s online reputation usually weighs a great deal for the applicant. There might be cases when the applicant is also a customer. Thus, it’s pretty clear that you need to make sure your employees as well as your existing clients are happy, motivated and they perceive your company in a positive way.


Feedback tools


In order to meet expectations, collecting insights, finding out how you can improve the working environment for your employees and really knowing your audience is mandatory. A WordPress Form Plugin is a trustful tool you can use to effectively achieve that. With CaptainForm you can build with drag and drop ease from WordPress feedback forms to WordPress surveys and WordPress polls.

To be more specific, you can create a corporate climate survey or a customer satisfaction survey just as easy. You have 30+ easy customizable free form templates to choose from. It’s possible to use a template as it is or to tweak it according to your needs. Don’t worry! You can do it without writing a line of code! Adding basic and advanced form fields to your WordPress forms is super intuitive since the WordPress form plugin has a cool drag and drop editor.

You can preview the result in real time and remove or add fields if necessary. And if you ever need help building forms, CaptainForm provides great customer support for users from all over the world 16 hours a day, 5 days a week, no matter the service plan they are on. You can contact the support team via live chat and email or schedule Skype calls.

So what are you waiting for? Start building a thriving business by fruitfully improving your online reputation.

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