How to Integrate Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk for Your Business

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Combining Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk lets you handle both call and contact center tasks in one place. This integration brings features that boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Once you experience these benefits, you’ll likely not want to look for other solutions.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to link Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk, helping your online business thrive.

But first, for those who are unfamiliar with Zoho Voice and Zoho Desk, let’s give you an idea of what these tools do.

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What’s Zoho Desk?
What’s Zoho Voice?
Integrating Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk
The Benefits

What’s Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based platform for customer support that helps you connect with your customers through various channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media.

It provides a range of tools to help manage and grow your business, including CRM, project management, team collaboration, and eCommerce capabilities.

Zoho Desk is a key part of Zoho One, a collection of business apps designed for small businesses. It simplifies managing customer interactions and includes project and employee management features.

Zoho Desk InterfaceZoho Desk Interface

Automated workflows in Zoho Desk boost your productivity by bringing all customer requests into a single inbox, regardless of how they contact you.

Users can tailor Zoho Desk by changing tab names, adding departments, customizing email templates, setting business hours, and adding help folders. It can also integrate with your existing systems.

Price of Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is free for up to 3 agents, and its paid plans start at $10.30, varying based on the selected plan. Here’s a more detailed list:

Free: $0 (up to 3 agents)
Standard: $10.30/agent/month
Professional: $18.02/agent/month
Enterprise: $30.89/agent/month

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What’s Zoho Voice?

Zoho Voice, on the other hand, is a cloud-based system for web and phone communication offering multiple lines, extensions, call recording, automated attendants, and IVR. It’s an effective tool for enhancing your business’s productivity, especially when mobile.

Zoho Voice enables you to make calls using your computer or mobile device via an internet connection. It uses Zoho’s cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technology to power these capabilities.

Zoho Voice InterfaceZoho Voice Interface

With Zoho Voice, you can easily integrate your CRM and helpdesk systems with your phone system to make communication more efficient. It allows you to set up processes for when agents are unavailable, ensuring that customers are not left waiting.

This system also includes options for directing calls to voicemail, allowing for quicker responses and improved customer service efficiency.

Price of Zoho Voice:

Zoho Voice offers a free starting option, with plans beginning at $100 per month.

Free: $0
Team: $100/month
Office: $300/month
Corporate: $1000/month

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How to Integrate Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk?

Having learned about Zoho Voice and Zoho Desk, let’s explore how to combine them for an effective customer support system.

Start by logging in to your Zoho Voice account.
After logging in, you’ll need to select an editor. You have two options:
Editor Options in Zoho VoiceEditor Options in Zoho Voice

Business Phone – Ideal for startups and sales teams. Features include CRM and Desk integrations, simple IVRs, call queues, call transfers, recording, CDRs, etc.

Enterprise Telephony – Suitable for SMBs, sales, and support teams. Offers advanced CRM and Desk integrations, live call monitoring, complex IVRs, custom greetings, set business hours, and more.

After choosing your editor, you’ll be directed to the main dashboard of Zoho Voice. Here, click on the Integrations tab in the left-hand menu.
Zoho Voice Main DashboardZoho Voice Main Dashboard
In the next step, you’ll see a list of Zoho integrations. Select Zoho Desk from this list.
Selecting Zoho Desk IntegrationSelecting Zoho Desk Integration
On the Integration page, take a moment to read the Zdialer Introduction, which explains the benefits of integrating Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk. Click Next after reading.
Zdialer Introduction PageZdialer Introduction Page
Finally, import your sales and support agents into Zoho Voice and add them as users. This step allows Zoho Voice to access your contacts.

Benefits of Integrating Zoho Voice with Zoho Desk

Identify callers quickly with Zoho Desk’s caller information in screen pop-ups.
Make and receive calls right from Zoho Desk using ZDialer.
Easily call numbers in Zoho Desk with the click-to-call feature.
Effortlessly add Zoho Desk agents as Zoho Voice users in large numbers.
Automatically record all calls made with your numbers.
Conveniently handle calls in Zoho Desk using ZDialer.


Zoho Voice is a dynamic phone system that enhances your business’s productivity. When integrated with Zoho Desk, it forms a comprehensive customer support system. This integration lets you handle calls, whether you’re at your desk or on the move, and includes features like easy call transfers and recording.

By adopting these three business communication tools, you’ll enhance communication and streamline operations for greater efficiency. Consider incorporating these tools into your business strategy today.

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