How to draw: the best drawing tutorials and tips

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Whether you want to learn how to draw animals, or you’re pondering how to draw people, faces, scenery, landscapes or more, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate collection of drawing tutorials. 

You’ll find pro techniques and tips on how to draw anything you can imagine in this article, so bookmark it and come back whenever you get stuck, or want to sharpen your drawing skills in another area.

Some of the drawing tutorials here use digital tools, while others focus on traditional methods – but there's plenty of core skills to learn from both. So no matter what you want to learn how to draw, you'll find something helpful here. 

On this page we focus on how to draw animals. If you’re looking for tips on how to draw something else, you can use the page drop-down or links below to navigate to any of the following sections: 

How to draw people How to draw faces How to draw landscapesHow to draw mythical creatures 

Read on for these insider tips on how to draw animals… 

01. How to draw dogs
02. How to draw cats
03. How to draw horses
04. How to draw birds
05. How to draw bears
06. How to draw feathers, fur and scales
PAGE 1 How to draw people
How to draw faces
How to draw people: Basic tutorials
How to draw people: Advanced tutorials
PAGE 4 How to draw mythical creatures

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