Hook Adjustable Light – Industrial Design

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Hook Adjustable Light – Industrial Design
Hook Adjustable Light - Industrial Design


Huisu Jo shared an industrial design project that would solve one of the biggest issues I have today with working from home, light or the correct lighting for video-conference. ‘Hook’ allows people to adjust the position of the lights they need according to the situation. 

The idea got inspiration from ‘Dongmyo’ which is a traditional Korean market where everything is used as the ‘most convenient way’. The project began, observing people’s behavior in ‘Dongmyo’ and looking for new uses for things. “Among them, I was inspired by the fact that hangers are used as the easiest way to place things where users wanted them.” — added Huisu. 

Below you can see a bit more behind how Mr. Jo went from the idea to execution. 

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All parts are made by pipe banding, lathe processing, and metal spinning

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