GoDaddy POS Review: A Complete Guide to GoDaddy POS

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In this GoDaddy POS review, we’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at the compelling point of sale solution offered by one of the world’s best-known technology vendors.

GoDaddy POS is the all-in-one payment processing and management solution, that allows retailers to accept payments from customers anywhere, with ease.

Quick verdict:

If you’re looking for a simple way to take your business to the next level, GoDaddy POS could be an excellent choice. Straightforward and versatile, this convenient solution appeals to both small and growing companies alike.

You even have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing the hardware you want to use to accept and process payments.


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Quick verdict:

What is GoDaddy POS?

GoDaddy POS Pros and Cons

GoDaddy POS: Setup and Functionality

GoDaddy POS: Ease of Use

GoDaddy POS Payment Processing & Analytics

The GoDaddy POS Hardware

GoDaddy POS Pricing and Fees

GoDaddy Customer Service and Integrations

GoDaddy POS Review: The Verdict



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Let’s take a closer look at what GoDaddy POS can do.

What is GoDaddy POS?

While you might be most familiar with GoDaddy as a web hosting and domain name provider, the company has expanded significantly in recent years.

Today, GoDaddy doesn’t just host websites, it also offers tools for building your online presence, implementing SSL security, and managing email accounts. You can even access specialist web design services and online store solutions.

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The GoDaddy POS (Point of Sale) solutions allow large and small business owners alike to unlock new sales opportunities in the worlds of physical sales and ecommerce.

Aligned with “GoDaddy Payments”, the payment processing solution from the vendor, the POS system can integrate with your ecommerce store or website builder, as well as offline hardware and technology.

Business owners can choose from a range of two dedicated devices to help with taking payments from debit cards and credit cards in-person. Plus, with the GoDaddy mobile app and dashboard, you can seamlessly track and manage sales from multiple environments with one easy-to-use dashboard.

The POS aligns with GoDaddy’s other ecommerce tools, although it doesn’t integrate directly with third-party payment processors.

The system does support multiple payment methods, though, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and mobile wallets.

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GoDaddy POS Pros and Cons

Like virtually any POS solution on the market today, GoDaddy has both pros and cons to consider. While it’s an excellent tool for processing card payments, it does have some limitations compared to other, more advanced toolkits.

Pros 👍
Cons 👎

Pros 👍

Instant connectivity to GoDaddy’s other tools
Multichannel ecommerce and offline selling
Competitive transaction fees with GoDaddy Payments
Easy-to-use mobile app for instant transactions
Two different hardware options to choose from
Integrations with ecommerce tools and accounting apps
Security built-in for transactions
Simple and straightforward backend

Cons 👎

No advanced features for customer or employee management
Limited insights into customer profiles
No support for third-party payment processors
No monthly pricing options on plans
Prices can increase when you renew your subscription

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GoDaddy POS: Setup and Functionality

GoDaddy POS is excellent for small business owners and beginners in the retail world, as it takes very little effort to implement.

There’s even a “Quick Start Guide” you can use to walk through all of the various steps you need to take. The company can also offer access to human guides if you do encounter any problems with your initial configuration.

Depending on your business structure, you can use GoDaddy POS as a software solution, and take payments directly from your iOS or Android smartphone via the GoDaddy Mobile app. This means there are no extra costs to consider. The app comes with access to all of the features of GoDaddy payments, including access to invoicing tools and payment tracking.

Alternatively, you can integrate the intuitive software with two dedicated hardware options from GoDaddy (which we’ll cover in a moment).

Ultimately, the GoDaddy POS service works best when it’s integrated with the online store and website building tools already available from the hosting provider.

You can use GoDaddy to set up a free mobile-friendly website with built-in security features, appointment booking and marketing. Plus, you can upgrade your site for a fee with a custom domain name, 100s of customizable templates to choose from, and multi-channel selling options.

GoDaddy supports sales across channels like:







It also provides business owners with a comprehensive back-end environment, primming with tools for things like inventory management, and social media marketing.

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GoDaddy POS: Ease of Use

Most of the solutions provided by GoDaddy for today’s business owners are renowned for their simplicity. Whether you’re using the GoDaddy e-commerce platform, website building tools, or virtual terminal, you can expect a relatively straightforward experience.

The domain registrar provides a central, unified dashboard within it’s POS technology. This helps retailers unify the orders received on their GoDaddy website, with in-person payments and offline transactions. Plus, there are even handy analytics and reporting functions, to track customer purchases and buying habits.

When you use GoDaddy POS and the ecommerce platform in unison, you’ll also have access to various options for serving customers. For instance, you can allow customers to buy items online and pick them up in store, or place orders for delivery in-person.

The cloud-based solution is straightforward setup and use, and comes with built-in storage, to ensure you can keep track of all the right data. Plus, business leaders have complete freedom to choose how they want to accept payments. You can use the GoDaddy Smart Terminal to accept payments, or just access your payment gateway through the mobile app.

An added bonus for GoDaddy is the ability to integrate the hardware and software you buy with other third-party platforms. You can connect your tools to hardware accessories, like cash drawers, or receipt printers. Plus, you can link the POS software to accounting tools like QuickBooks.

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GoDaddy POS Payment Processing & Analytics

A big factor in choosing the right POS system for any store is payment processing functionality. Business owners appreciate GoDaddy POS for its straightforward transaction solutions.

The GoDaddy Payments service supports both online and in-person sales, with competitive pricing on transaction fees. Costs start at only 2.3% for in-person transactions, and 2.3% plus 30 cents for online transactions. The only downside is there’s no option to integrate with other payment processors.

This means if you’re using Stripe, Square, or PayPal to handle payments, you might encounter a problem. On the plus side, with GoDaddy Payments, you can get payouts sent to your bank account within as little as 24 hours. Plus, every transaction is PCI secure.

Aside from ensuring you can accept and manage payments effectively; it also helps to have access to insights that can assist in boosting your revenue and profits. Fortunately, GoDaddy does offer some handy solutions here. There are reporting and analytics tools built into the POS software for tracking both in-person and online sales from a central dashboard.

Business owners can view transactions and returns over time, track revenue growth, and even download and customize POS reports. There are even tools to help you monitor buying habits among consumer segments, so you can personalize your sales and marketing strategies.

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The GoDaddy POS Hardware

As mentioned, you don’t necessarily need any hardware to handle online payments and in-person transactions with GoDaddy.

The mobile app for the GoDaddy POS system ensures you can turn any iPhone or Android device into a functional payment terminal.

godaddy tap to pay on iphone - godady pos review

However, if you do want to invest in intuitive hardware, GoDaddy introduced two distinct solutions for business owners in 2021. The first option is the GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal, and the second is the simple GoDaddy Poynt Card Reader.

godaddy smart reader - godady pos review

With a suggested retail price of around $99, the card reader is an excellent option for smaller businesses and pop-up shops. It supports tap, dip, and swipe payments, and comes with an included charging dock, so you can even use the system wirelessly.

What’s more, the card reader can seamlessly connect to the GoDaddy Mobile app, so you can painlessly take payments and track transactions without a separate screen.

Intended for slightly larger businesses, the Smart Terminal is a little more comprehensive. This modern and sleek payment terminal comes with two screens, one for you, and one for your customer. You can even customize the screen your customer sees, to show your brand logo, promotions, and more. On your side, you’ll be able to see orders and amounts in a clean format.

godaddy smart terminal - godady pos review

The all-in-one terminal comes with payment processing tools, a scanner, and a printer, so you don’t need to invest in any other accessories to run your store. With a retail price of around $499, this is a relatively cost-effective solution for growing companies.

Every device also comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide you want to return your system.

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GoDaddy POS Pricing and Fees

As mentioned above, the exact price you’ll pay for your GoDaddy POS service will depend on the functionality and hardware you need. The smart reader costs around $99, while the full terminal will set you back approximately $499.

On top of that, you’ll have the GoDaddy payment processing fees to consider, which start at 2.3% for in-person transactions. There’s another 30 cents added to every transaction fee if you’re processing payments with the same solution online.

To access the full integration options between GoDaddy Payments, your ecommerce website, and your offline store, you’ll need a subscription plan too.

GoDaddy currently doesn’t offer any monthly payment options, instead requiring customers to pay outright for a full year.

Plans include:

Basic: $9.99 per month (annually): Access to GoDaddy’s website builder, marketing tools, and payment processing options.

Premium: $14.99 per month (annually): All the features of the Basic plan, plus online appointment options and enhanced marketing features.

Commerce: $16.99 per month (annually): The features of the Premium plan, plus access to tools for building your own online store, and connecting the POS system.

Commerce Plus: $29.99 per month (annually): All the features included in the Commerce package, with advanced automation features.

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GoDaddy Customer Service and Integrations

One good thing about GoDaddy’s retail solutions is that they can integrate with a wide variety of tools, including:





You can also use some GoDaddy solutions (like domain names) on virtually any site, including Shopify sites.

When it comes to customer service, GoDaddy has had some negative reviews in the past. However, the company has committed to making its services a lot more reliable in recent years.

GoDaddy offers similar customer support to most competitors, with 24/7 guidance available over the phone.

You can also request support from GoDaddy Guides through email, text message, or chat. Most responses are delivered within the same business day. GoDaddy even received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which not every competing brand has achieved.

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GoDaddy POS Review: The Verdict

GoDaddy POS is relatively affordable, and you don’t necessarily need to purchase hardware straight away, so you can always test out the service before making your decision.

Of course, there are plenty of rival services still worth considering.

Business owners in search of more advanced features and scalability may want to consider an alternative solution like:

Square POS

Shopify POS

Clover POS

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