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Do you have a creative in your life? We’re talking about the artsy types who would rather spend time curled up reading a book in front of the fire. Those friends and family who put deep thought into the gifts they give and would rather not another plain shirt from the department store.

The good news is that creatives are often not that picky, since they can always get inventive with the gifts they receive. However, there’s something great about finding that quirky or useful gift for their profession or everyday life, whether it be a shape-shifting chair that adds some character to their home or a set of musical wine glasses where the notes are set by the amount of liquid.

Overall, gifts for creatives need to be both exciting and useful. You’re not trying to buy a gimmick or gag gift that’s going to be used once then thrown in the trash or re-gifted.


We want to outline some gifts for creatives that standout, make people laugh, and allow you and your friends and family to have a wonderful holiday season.

If You’d Like to Search for Your Own Gifts for Creative People

We’ll outline some awesome and unique gifts below, but if you’re more interested in completing the gift search yourself, or you like the products below, but want more options, consider using the new Sunny expert gift guide from Uncommongoods.

The Uncommongoods website serves as one of the best places online to find presents for your creative loved ones, but Sunny makes the process much easier. For instance, all you have to do is tell Sunny who you’re buying for and what interests that person has. After that, it delivers a wide range of creative items for you to pick from and filter based on price.

The Best Gifts for Creatives
1. A Shape-shifting Ollie Chair

A Shape-shifting Ollie Chair is perfect for people who may have limited space but don’t want to sacrifice on style when it comes to furniture. Not only does it cater to creatives with the design, but it allows them to get creative when furnishing their apartments or smaller homes.

The great part is that the chair can be used outdoors or indoors, and it’s as comfortable as it is attention-grabbing.

2. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Have you ever tried to put on a little symphony with a few wine glasses? It’s one of the most fun party tricks in the book, where you dab a bit of liquid on your finger and run it along the edge of the glass. However, the average person wouldn’t know how much liquid to have in each glass to hit a certain note.

With these musical glasses the notes are marked on the sides, so you can wow your music-oriented friends and give them something to entertain themselves with, even when they’re not playing an instrument.

3. Novel Teas

Writers and readers alike are known to drink tea and coffee. Writers use tea to help relax and spend countless hours penning books. On the other hand, a reader drinks tea to calms the nerves and pairs that with a good book on a cold afternoon.

This Sri Lanken tea set comes packed with 25 tea bags, all of which have a daily quote from one of your favorite authors. For instance, you can start your day with some words of wisdom from CS Lewis.

Of all the gifts for creatives, this is certain to be one of the most useful ones. You can think about which of your bookworm friends also enjoys tea and get this affordable gift that is sure to please them.

4. Deep Sea Sand Art

Creativity comes in many forms, but just about every person who identifies as a creative knows the value of the imagination.

Not all art is for everyone, but the deep seas sand art intrigues people of all ages, as it creates a mystical vision that sits on your coffee table, desk, kitchen counter, or anywhere in the house. The glittery sands shift down with gravity, displaying beautiful art that looks like aspects of nature.

You might see a few clouds one day and a set of mountains the next. Oceans, smoke, and deserts may all appear, making it a great gift for inspiration and allure.

5. Reclaimed Wood Bike Silhouette Art

Some of the most successful creatives in the world now the value of exploring the outdoors. Biking is a great way to keep the mind and body fresh, while also engaging you with the nature and people around you.

Although this isn’t exactly a real bicycle, it’s a beautiful handmade work of art, using reclaimed wood and materials sourced straight from Canada.

6. Dog Egg Mold

Creative folks often have dogs or other pets, since it’s sometimes easier to relate to animals than people.

So, if your friend or family member loves dogs, consider getting them this dog egg mold. It’s like a simple work of art every morning, and it might just remind them of their best canine friend.

7. Music Note Measuring Spoon Set

Here’s another gem for the music lover in your life. Hopefully, they like to cook, too! If not, the music note measuring spoon hangs nicely as a decoration for the kitchen.

8. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Cooking is an art in itself, and since hot sauces have become so popular as of late, why not give your creative friend an experience in their kitchen?

The “make your own hot sauce” kit comes with six bottles and hot sauce packets. You can even customize the labels!

9. Tabletop Cornhole

If your creative loved one enjoys a good party game, the tabletop cornhole gift pairs well with beer, wine, or a night with friends eating food. You get to launch miniature corn hole bags, yet there’s no need to store a large gaming set in your garage.

10. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

Finally, what better way to wow your reading friends than by giving them a bucket list for books to read? They can scratch off the books and try to complete as many of them as they can.

If you have any questions about Sunny from Uncommongoods, or if you’re curious about any of these gifts for creatives, feel free to click through the links above or drop a line in the comments below!

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