Get Cloud Certified with ExamPro’s Smart Learning Platform

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How ExamPro's Smart Learning Helps Developers Get Cloud Certified

ExamPro is a study platform to help people pass cloud certification exams.

Cloud certification exams are challenging, and involve retaining large quantities of technical information. They also open up significant new doors for career advancement and learning potential.

What if there was a platform that reduced your study time and increased your chances of passing? ExamPro helps participants pass by using a smart learning methodology powered by an AI instructor that reviews your study habits.

ExamPro’s founders talk about what they’ve built, and the pain points the product addresses for developers.

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The Cloud Has Changed the Way We Build Applications

Before Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services, you would have to build and maintain your digital infrastructure yourself.

Previously, if you wanted to add a full-text search engine to your web application, you would have to:

install open-source software such as ElasticSearch
maintain that server via upgrade and security patches
configure the open-source software to be highly optimized
scale by adding load balancing and orchestrating multiple servers
and create a schedule for data backups.

Now with AWS, you can use the AWS ElasticSearch Service. It will launch a server that scales and is secure by default, and is already configured to be highly optimized. AWS employs world-class engineers to maintain that service.

Widespread cloud adoption has driven the cost down through cost-sharing of the underlying servers so far that it’s hard to justify paying for an in-house engineer when you can just pay to use the service for a fraction of a penny per hour.

Using the Cloud Has Introduced a New Demand from Tech Companies

AWS is the most popular CSP among startups and technology companies. A CSP is a company with a collection of cloud services that you can use to build applications hosted on the cloud.

AWS is a special kind of CSP because it has hundreds of cloud services for any conceivable use case, and they all seamlessly work together.

Do you need to host a database? Then use AWS RDS.
Do you need a server? Then use AWS EC2.
Do you need a chatbot? Then use AWS Lex.
Do need to generate reports for terabytes of data? Then use AWS Redshift.
Do you need long-term storage for 7 years? Then use AWS Glacier.
Do you need to rent a satellite? Then use AWS Ground Station.

And then the list goes on and on.

AWS allows companies to compete globally and have access to a wide range of cloud services to build complex applications.

For a company to take advantage of the cloud, they need someone who knows how to use AWS. Since there are 200+ services, they will need knowledgeable people in different combinations of cloud services based on their use case and business goals.

What Are AWS Certifications?

AWS has officially created AWS Certifications to help companies identify qualified hiring candidates for cloud roles, and as of writing this article, they have 12 possible AWS certifications:

Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP)
Solutions Architect Associate (SAA)
Developer Associate
SysOps Administrator Associate
DevOps Professional
Solutions Architect Professional
Machine Learning Specialty
Data Analytics Specialty
Databases Specialty
Security Specialty
Advanced Networking Specialty
Alexa Skill Builder Specialty

The two most popular AWS certifications are the CCP and the SAA, because they cover the broadest number of AWS services.

The CCP is the introduction to AWS. The certification costs $100 USD to sit the exam at a test center or online, which can be passed with one to two weeks of study and is valid for three years.
The SAA covers more in-depth services included in the CCP. The certification costs $150 USD to sit the exam at a test center or online, which can be passed with three to five weeks of study and is valid for three years.

When you pass an AWS Certification, you get the next half off, so it’s common for people to take the CCP for $100 USD and then take the SAA at $75 USD.

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