Friday Game Design: Tsuvatt Run of Fury

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Friday Game Design: Tsuvatt Run of Fury
Tsuvatt Run of Fury Game Design

abduzeedoApr 12, 2019

The 80s are definitely back after the amazing Stranger Things Netflix show. For some it never went away and some of the designers that I admire the most are masters at keeping the style of that decade alive. One of the cool things about it is of course the video-games. The pixelated badass action games like Double Dragon. We used to play that like crazy. Tsuvatt Run of Fury mobile game design is a project that brings back the 80s in style.

Tsuvatt Run of Fury was created and shared by Roman Sokolov a design and illustrator from Minsk, Belarus. For more information make sure to check out his Behance profile.

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