Forget the Apple iPhone 12, everyone's talking about the iPhone 13

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While the iPhone 12 is still yet to be released, some seem to have forgotten about it already as new leaks today speculate what the iPhone 13 could look like. It might be over a year away from release, but the iPhone 13 is set to feature one camera to rule them all. By which, we mean four. 

According to a regular Apple-leaker by the name of, er, Fudge, the iPhone 13 could contain the first four-camera setup in an iPhone. It could also feature a LiDAR scanner (currently only found in the 2020 iPad Pro), making it a portable AR powerhouse – great for choosing your next sofa.

The iPhone has been a permanent fixture in our round up of the best camera phones, with the 12 looking likely to bump the 11 off the top spot any time now. But if these iPhone 13 camera leaks are anything to go by, its younger sibling won'tlast long in poll position. 

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But, as we mentioned already, the iPhone 12 isn't even out yet, so let's step back for a second. The iPhone 12 rumours suggest significantly improved cameras over the current iPhone 11, including enhanced autofocus and zoom. It will, however, allegedly contain a mere three cameras. Not only could the iPhone 13 contain a feature a whole extra lens, but two of its cameras could rock massive 64MB sensors. Fudge also shared a rough layout for the device:

While it'll come as no surprise to anybody that the iPhone 13 will feature a better camera than the iPhone 12, it could open up huge possibilities for creatives and photographers on the move. With its countless photo editing apps, the iPhone is already a superb device for photographers, but could the iPhone 13 become the first to rival your DSLR? Time will tell, but our best camera guide is safe from smartphones for now.

Fudge reminds us that, as with all leaks, these should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. But with the rate that smartphone photography has advanced over the last few years, it's easy to get carried away by what the next few years could bring. 

While this is all very exciting, the iPhone 11 Pro's camera is still seriously impressive. If you want the best iPhone camera available right now, check out the best deals below.

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